I read this in a magazine and thought it summed it up pretty well….
“fame is a parasite which lives happily in any carcass. It has no regard for talent, gender, age colour or creed. It will take all you have to offer – and more – and then move on without hesitation, leaving bewildered and devastated carcasses in it’s ugly wake.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s Josie
    I haven’t posted for a while, but reading every now and then.
    Fame bred Paul’s Corner. You’re famous beyond your work Paul. You’re famous because of the person you are. Depends how you define fame I guess..

  2. Cat says:

    Oooh…that’s quite a quote. Do you remember who said it?
    Also: Hello, you! 🙂

  3. Hanh says:

    Fame as parasite is only side of the coin, the unflattering side. Methinks, fame is also Affirmation, else there is no difference between performing in a closet and performing at Carnegie Hall.
    Fame is what you get when you promise your life away to the Devil in return for Fame.

  4. Michelle says:

    Paul, the parasite may come and go, but the beauty of your gifts and who you are will never leave you devastated for long.
    We came here because of your talent, which resulted in fame for you, but we stayed because of Who You Are. I know that doesn’t pay the bills and I wish there was something I could do to change that situation.
    As I’ve said before, you’re the light at the center of our circle. What a gift you’ve been to all of us!
    Love to you,

  5. Grandma Mil says:

    Dearest Paul,
    Your new topic reminded me immediately of this song…Jimmy Durante sings it much better than I!
    “Make Someone Happy” (and you have made so many happy in all aspects of your life, private and professional.)
    “Make someone happy,
    Make just one someone happy,
    Make just one heart the heart you sing to,
    One smile that cheers you,
    One face that lights when it nears you,
    One girl you’re ev’rything to,
    Fame if you win it,
    Comes and goes in a minute,
    Where’s the real stuff in life to cling to?
    Love is the answer,
    Someone to love is the answer,
    Once you’ve found her, build your world around her,
    Make someone happy,
    Make just one someone happy,
    And you will be happy, too.”
    Betty Comden/Adolph Green
    Love you!
    The Mil

  6. Paul says:

    Gidday Cat!!! A local personality that writes a column in one of our local papers said it – his name is Roland Rocchiccioli.
    It is in respomnse to some rather sad things going on in Oz at the moment regarding our footballers/sporting personalities letting fame get to them and unfortunately indulging in behaviour that is basically criminal. There have been several rape allegations made and footballers will most likely be charged.
    I like the quote as it does describe fame rather accurately. It is however the job of the famous or rather the responsibility if one chooses to use our moments of fame to do something positive – to weild it as a bright sword of truth and honour and provide a path for those who are in need of assistance along the journey of life.

  7. Paul says:

    Yep Grandma Mil – you said it. The real stuff in life. It is what we have here – Love!
    Oh I have an auditiion today in a couple of hours so I must go and get my lines down. First audition I have had since May last year!! But s I have got the gigs from my last three auditions I am definately on a role!! Let you know how I go.
    And by the way fame dont necessaryily help it can hinder just as much. But that is okay cos I dont take it along with me – instead I take my secret weapon – the sword of truth and honour and your love!

  8. KELLY says:

    You’re famous to us because of the roles you have had, but you are special to us because you care about us as much as we care about you.
    Thats the difference, just about anybody in the buisness can have fame, but only the truly special can hold on to it and do something great with it. I can’t tell you how much this corner has meant to me in the last couple of months. Everyone’s support is so crucial to me and yes, I am especially excited when I get a note from YOU. But I have never personally known a celebrity and at first it was cool to read your posts, I thought it was really neat, once in a lifetime. I would never have this chance again.
    But it’s not what keeps me coming back. I still thinks it’s neat talking to you and all, but the whole circle is my true love right now. All of you are my strength and light. I have accepted more strength and kindness from everyone in this circle than I think I have ever in my life. I could not have made it this far lately, whithout all of you. Paul, if your being famous brought that to me. Then so be it. I’m glad I was excited to meet you and I am glad I kept coming back.
    I hope you are not down on fame right now because you are in between jobs. You are very talented and special and you’lle be back on top soon. I know you will. I look forward to all your upcoming projects, whenever they come. They will come when the time is right, when it was meant to be.
    Love to all

  9. KELLY says:

    Paul! we posted at the same time!! I was praying for an audition for you……. boy that was quick!!
    I am more powerful than I thought!

  10. Sally C. says:

    Great news about your audition, Paul! Didn’t I tell you the corner was getting closer? Looks like you caught up with it sooner than you thought! I will be crossing fingers, lighting candles, praying and anything else I can think of to send you good luck. Knock ’em dead, Kiddo!
    Kelly, YES!! Keep that power and energy flowing for our guy and for yourself. I have a good feeling about this…
    Gotta run – love to all.

  11. Lori says:

    Wow! I have heard the saying “cursed by fame” but I never pictured the desolation this statement describes! It is quite a jolt to see fame described as such. We, the non-famous, only see the glamour and don’t give a thought to what happens during the times when work is scarce or a career is over.
    I came to this site as a fan of SB. I found, as I spent days reading through your posts, that I became more a fan of you as a person than of you as an performer–does that make any sense?? I know that is what you do–but I think of you more as a loving husband, a wonderful father, a mother’s son, and a grieving brother. You are willing to share your despair and your joy and you have allowed all of us to do the same in a loving and comforting atmosphere. I for one thank you. And by the way, I can tell by your caring attitude and your sense of humor that you are long way from becoming a devastated carcass!
    I hope you feel the power of our love and prayers as you go to this audition!! Let us know the outcome!!
    Hello to all!!

  12. Mary says:

    I think for me the most wonderful thing about this circle of love that Paul has initiated is the fact that the energy flows in all directions -back and forth, among, between, inwards and outwards. Paul is the light at the centre of the circle (I love your idea Michelle), but he doesn’t just light the way. I think he also instills in each of us the belief that we bring our own light here to share and that in doing that, our light grows stronger.
    Paul, the fame that has come through your hands has been transformed into something truthful, positive and honourable. This place is one witness to that. Here you have certainly provided paths of assistance for fellow travellers. Thank you. And good luck with the audition!!
    Kelly, it is an honour to be part of the energy and love encircling you here. Through the challenges you are facing at the moment, your light is clear to see.
    Diane, you’re in my thoughts.
    Love to everyone here tonight,

  13. michelle says:

    hey paul my name is michele do you watch actors like johnny deep and sean penn and do you listen to music like beyonce christina aguilara 50 cent and sean paul.

  14. Paul says:

    Welcome Michelle, thanks for posting. My answer to you is YES. Watch and listen to them all!! oops except for Sean Paul??? I will have to ask my kids about that one.

  15. Hanh says:

    Non Sequitur
    I had a dentist appointment today. The dentist office was between a Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealership and a funeral home. Is that poetic or what? between the thrill ride of life, and death, there is pain.
    (Gotz, is that profound, or do I need to switch medication?)

  16. Hanh says:

    Sending good vibes for your audition mate (beep-beep-beep beep-beep). Anything we can do? Anybody we can bribe? You just say the word.

  17. Janice Duke says:

    Hi PC,
    Another night of snow is expected. Did I mention how I hate winter time??
    Hanh: As a history major, I’m liking the sound of your Kaiser Bill headgear with a pickelhaube I suspect. But, I’d rather wear my Madonna bullett bra and flak camo knickers.
    I’d rethink Paul’s need to come out of the closet. 🙂 🙂
    PJM: There are numerous sports figures/personalities here also who act and feel that they are above the law. The criminal act of rape is an act of violence, dominance/total control, one to instill overwhelming fear into the victim/survivor, and to humiliate and degrade. Sex is the weapon that is used. A total coward perpetrates such a crime.
    It should be a death penalty crime. First, I torture the SOB then kill them. It’s far too humane to let them go to sleep via a lethal injection. Anything the survivor wants done to the perp is justice in my eyes. It is such an physically invasive crime that in my mind compares to no other, and is never forgivable!! My son says “you’d be the hanging judge, Mom.” He’s right!!
    O.K. enough from my soapbox. Till next time PC:
    elbows up, head high, and feet moving forward. Good vibes to PJM on his audition.

  18. Hanh says:

    Fame re-visited
    I think it

  19. Hanh says:

    Kaiser Bill mit pickelhaube und Madonna bullet bra und flak camo knickers. Gotz! Yawol! You GIT yourself over here RIGHT NOW! This fashion statement cannot be denied!

  20. Paul says:

    Back from the audition – went great as always! I have worked with theses producers beforeso our history is good. I have had two seperate conversations with both producers and both have said thaqt the part is mine as they are not audtioning anyone else – thats the good news. What I must do now is wait until they offer me the role before I can actually confirm that it is indeed mine. Why audition if what they say is true? You got to jump through the hoops and the suits at the network need to feel as if they are having some say in the matter. Thus I audition, the producers take it to the suit and say whaddyathink and the suit says yea I like him then they offer me the role they only have eyes on me for any way. Lets hope the suit likes me, lets hope they dont let the suit know how much they want me!
    as for fame it is like a gun or a car – they dont kill people, people do. Famous people are people none the less – capable of being good or bad. Fame doesnt make them good or bad but it can contribute to what they become. It is the person whom decides that they wish to be benefactors and positive role models using fame as a burning torch or they may beleive in the fame trip and its associated traps of thinking they are better than the rest – often encouraged by the hangers on – and use fames burning torch to burn, pillage, rape and destroy that which they touch.
    My point however and reason for posting this post is the insidious nature and falseness that is this thing called fame. Yes it has a positive side and a negative side but ultimately I see it as a useless thing for the good will be good anyway but I am not so sure the bad may have been able to be as bad? Sometimes the more attention you get the more of an asshole you become.

  21. Lori says:

    Just popped on for a minute to see if there was any news from your audition. Sounds promising–keeping my fingers crossed that the suit likes you and this role is yours!! :?)

  22. Hanh says:

    Paul, put Andrea on will ya? Need her to settle something about Paul

  23. Hanh says:

    I’m getting good vibes Paul, that role is yours mate. I told you that little bribe would work. … heh? what? Oh, I wasn’t supposed to let that out? eh … ahem … uh … You certainly are right in NOT bribing the producers, Paul. I repeat, NOT bribing the producers.

  24. Hanh says:

    Paul wrote re Fame: “Yes it has a positive side and a negative side but ultimately I see it as a useless thing for the good will be good anyway but I am not so sure the bad may have been able to be as bad? Sometimes the more attention you get the more of an asshole you become.”
    Ooh noo Paul, Fame can be useful! Very useful. Like you said it is an instrument (gun, car) and not the user. And as instrument it can be extremely powerful. You yourself have done much good with yours, many people are a lot happier from having known you. They would not have known you if it weren’t for your fame, right?
    Certainly, the phrase “absolute power corrupts absolutely” holds true for many. I think the problem lies in that most people are creatures of vanity and self-indulgence, and to give power to them (through Fame) is to strip away all the bounds that limit those weaknesses. That’s why the exceptions (like you) are so precious.

  25. Marge says:

    Along with everyone else, I wish you good luck on your acceptance with the ‘suit’ Is this for a movie, the theater or what. It’s wonderful to see your spirits rising. I feel as though you are getting out of your ‘comfort zone’ again and meeting new challenges. It’s great!! I will be thinkg positive thoughts for your future.
    How is your ‘teenager’ (Elise?)doing. Is she still coming out of her cocoon?
    I believe Andrea is a very private person, that totaly supports Paul in his endeavors, but stays in the background. Right Paul?
    Love to all here on PC
    Take care

  26. Peter says:

    Fame is an illusion, as is control or power.
    “Fame” can be confused with “being well known”.
    Lots of people who are “famous”, are really only “well known”.
    Some may deserve the fame because they have earnt it, others not so.
    With fame comes responsibility.
    Some choose to abuse it, some exploit it, some may put it to good use, whilst others simply ignore their fame. In the end it doesn’t matter. It’s what they do and why they do it, that counts, and has nothing to do with how many people find out about it simply because they are famous (whatever that is).
    In reality, anything that we do which has the potential to affect others will have implications, whether we are famous or not.
    Paul, I’ve never really thought of you as being famous and I don’t particularly care if you’re famous or otherwise, and that my friend is most definitely not meant to be an insult.
    I think most people would foremost think of you as a bloke who is extremely well known simply because he is so talented and has brought such joy to others through his many performances.
    I don’t write here because you are famous.
    But if you are famous, then that’s bloody fine with me. I really don’t care because I’ll just take you as you are, as with anyone else.
    I reckon that any bloke who would be down to earth enough to take a few minutes out of his day to have a genuine conversation with a non-famous person such as myself would have to rate pretty highly, famous or not.
    And the fact that you share your thoughts, joys and inspirations with all the people here at Paul’s Corner makes you a very special individual,….famous or not.
    Now that I’ve thought about it,…. Yes Paul, you ARE famous, for good things, for good reasons…. and you bloody well deserve it, in my humble opinion.
    PS: It must be pain in the arse being famous, in fact, quite a burden at times, I imagine,…but you can handle it.
    I’m glad I’m not! (nothing to worry about there!)

  27. Mary says:

    That’s great news about the audition going well Paul! Keeping fingers crossed for you.
    Hi Peter. Have a good Friday everyone!

  28. Paul says:

    Sadly Andrea is tied up at the moment (and maybe for a while) so she cant get to the computer at the moment but I will pass on your request to satisfy your abnormal infatuation with the noteriotious nature of my said behind.
    Funny isnt it how none of these romours surfaced until a possible romour monger discovered this site quite recently???? MMMmmmm???????
    It is a funny notion to be “well known” when in fact people who call you that and think of you as that do not in fact know you well at all. That is why I started Paul’s Corner – so I may be in fact truly – “well known” or at least a little bit better known than what my fame may have suggested. I much prefer to be thought of as notorious – which actually is defined in the dictionary as being well known for something bad. So what is the correct word for being well known for something good? Nobel prize winner?
    oh! Got to go Andrea is getting loose!

  29. Amber says:

    BAD BOY, Paul! Tying up your lovely wife like that.
    I can name 4 films in which you were tied up, shackled, chained or otherwise imprisoned. Is this Life imitating Art, imitating Life??
    Peace out.

  30. KELLY says:

    I know 3, Another 9 1/2 weeks, Dark Planet, Exit to Eden, whats the 4th?

  31. Amber says:

    Hi Kelly!
    I counted JOSEPH, since he was enslaved, even though it was a TV miniseries. It DOES count, doesn’t it? And if you want to get technical, in BACK OF BEYOND he was “imprisoned”/”stuck in time” here on earth.

  32. Kelly says:

    Amber, youre good. I wasn’t counting Joseph becasue I don’t remember him being “shackled” or “chained”. I wasn’t counting “imprisoned”.
    I have yet to see Back of Beyond. I can’t find it on dvd.

  33. Whitney says:

    Hey Paul. Glad to hear of your audition. Soon you’ll be back in the spotlight. Someday we’ll see your life on an E True Hollywood story or they’ll do an “It’s Good to be Paul Mercurio” segment. I watch these shows and I see the ups and downs of a performer’s career. I’m glad you have friends and family to help keep the ride fun.
    It seems everyone in Hollywood is trying to have a home in Australia too. That could mean more movies in your neck of the woods and subsequently more opportunities to perform. I didn’t get to watch it, but there was a segment on the “I Robot” movie. I didn’t know Will Smith was in it. Another feather in your cap! Soon it’ll look like a chicken is perched on your head 😉
    Love to everyone and Happy Anniversary to dear Millie and sweet Elie. How could I forget? We met on that wonderful date only a year ago. I have my Wynmoor Theatre ticket stub here on my desk: 3/12/03. I hope I can come and see you again soon.
    A good day to everyone on The Corner.

  34. Hanh says:

    In order to gain the reputation of being notorious (per dictionary definition) the public must see some evidence, nay it DEMANDS evidence, of said notoriety. One cannot simply ASSUME notoriety without some hard work. Notoriety is not an easy row to hoe.
    Now, let’s say it suddenly leaks out to the press that you tie up your wife. That would gain you a few points.
    If it’s known that you sport around Melbourne in the yellow sequinned suit of from SB’s opening scene, I’d say that’s at least 20 points.
    Having any costume in the closet from “Exit to Eden” especially the leather whip, chalk up 300 points.
    Only with evidence such as these can your notoriety be assured. The public are not idiots, they will demand proof. So, post up that picture of you in that yellow getup propped on the motorbike with Andrea tied to the back whip in hand, and THEN we’ll talk notoriety.
    Until then, I’m afraid you are merely famous, or well-known depending on audience.

  35. Amber says:

    AND, while I think of it, he was also “imprisoned” in WELCOME TO WHOOP WHOOP. He couldn’t leave there, either, without consequence.

  36. Marge says:

    My daughter sent me the following and I had to share it with you. I laugh every time I read it.
    Should children witness childbirth?
    Due to a power outage at the time, only one paramedic responded to the call of a woman in labor.
    The house was very, very dark, so the paramedic asked Katelyn, a 3-year-old girl, to hold a flashlight high over her mommy so he could see while he helped deliver the baby. Very diligently, Katelyn did as she was asked.
    Heidi pushed and pushed and after a little while Connor was born.
    The paramedic lifted him by his little feet and spanked him on his bottom. Connor began to cry.
    The paramedic then thanked Katelyn for her help and asked the wide-eyed 3-year old what she thought about what she had just witnessed. Katelyn quickly responded, “He shouldn’t have crawled in there in the first place. Smack him again.

  37. mercedes says:

    Paul- hoping you get the role you auditioned for and it is good to hear you happy.
    Mil- How are you? Sorry I have not posted have been so swamped lately but it is good busy.
    As for fame, that was a great quote that is definitely going in my journal. I think the affirmation that you have done something good feels great but lately it seems that fame can come even if your an idiot for example here in the states we have Paris Hilton to demonstrate what a famous idiot is. ugh ok off my soapbox.
    To all have a great day.

  38. Hanh says:

    Paul and all,
    I received the email below today, and as the result I will be bowing out of this group as I truly do not want to offend any of you good people. The open expressions via my quirky (but inappropriate) humor I think have offended many, and I am thankful that someone did take the time to point it out to me, rather than just let me walk around with toilet paper trailing behind on my shoes.
    It saddens me that I my postings, aimed to lighten the moments of your day, as it seemed to me there your struggles are many, have been interpreted as a negative comment on Paul and therefore offense seemed to have been taken — please do accept that is not the way the writings were intended in anyway. Unfortunately, it is a preference of style that I’m afraid cannot be reconciled.
    You are truly all very wonderful people, but perhaps this site is not the forum for me to share.
    Paul, good luck in all your endeavors. I will follow your work with great interest. Hope you get the role!
    “Funny isn’t it how none of these roomers surfaced until a possible rumor monger discovered this site quite recently???? MMMmmmm???????”
    Even though he put it nicely, I knew WHO he was talking about. Paul mentioned it nicely, as he is that kind of guy. He would never trash someone on PC.
    I think everyone else feels the same way, but do not want to get into a PC argument. We love Paul, but we don’t really need all the negative joking around with his life.
    With regard to his derri

  39. Janice Duke says:

    The source of the email should make no assumption that “everyone feels the same.” No one speaks for me, but me.
    With people of divergent views that make us uniquely different, and varying styles of expression of ideas, know that we’ve had disagreements on PC before. Not the first, and surely not the last.
    Only Paul can share “what Paul needs.” He has the gift of eloquent speech, so I’ll leave it to Paul to speak for himself. I’m thinking it would be presumptious of me to think differently.

  40. Paul says:

    Dear Hanh, I have enjoyed the breath of fresh air that you deliver. If I was to take offence at anything you said I would say so up front. If you push any of my buttons then I thank you for I do not a:want to take myself too seriously and b: I would be disappointed if I were not given the opportunity to find my discomfort zones and explore them. Yes it is great that this site supports me and often sympathizes with me but I do not want or need a “YES” site dedicated to telling me yes I am terrific. Nor do I want a place to go where all I hear is negative comments. This as I have said before is a place of sharing and caring and humour.
    I have said that no one should be offended here. Please I ask that no one take offence on my behalf for I am a grown man and quite capable of doing that myself. But before I take offence I look at why I may chose that option and explore that. Then if I deem it to be offensive I will say something or find out where you live. But first let me grow.
    Support and encouragement are fantastic but not if it is blind to truth or facts or shy’s away from honesty.
    “Funny isn’t it how none of these roomers surfaced until a possible rumor monger discovered this site quite recently???? MMMmmmm???????” This was said injest and fun with a snigger at my cleverness and subtle dry sense of humour.
    I do solomnly promise if ever I am offened to say so but will try not to be first – I ask others to do the same if you can and if you cant then talk about it out in the open.
    So Hanh I would be happy if you chose to continue coming here and sharing your thoughts your humour and your writings with us. Do it freely and do it without expectations. I hope this site will offer you the support it has shared and shown to all the others, I hope from this site it may give you an opportunity to grow and explore you. But I must ask that you say nothing about my apparent thinning (my wife says balding – which I really really really hate) spot on the back of my noggin. :)) My butt is a fair target and besides it is pretty hard to miss! Ha!

  41. Paul says:

    Oh the other thing no one is allowed to pick on me for is my spelling! I am an emotional guy and I spell with my heart not with my head – plus my wife thinks it’s cute – mostly.

  42. Paul's Butt says:

    Paul is sitting on his face at the moment so I can type this. I have to be quick as I think he is turning blue, any way… what I want to know is how could anyone be offended by me? I mean I have just had my own show where I was featured!! Yep Paul had to drop his pants and reveal me in all my ghostly glory to a packed audience of some 1800 people (on a good night)and then just stand there whilst people marvelled, gasped and applauded! Yes sirree bob I still got it! Humour, timing, the looks!!
    If you go over my filmography you’ll note that I usually get my own scene and or solo in almost every movie I have done with Paul. There is a good reason for that. Without me Paul couldnt fly by the seat of his pants (as he is well known for) because quite simply he wouldnt have one!And where do you think he rests when he is on his laurels???? Yep on me! And lastly ( Paul has turned a nasty purpley colour so I should wrap it up) whilst Paul may mind being the butt of other peoples jokes I dont mind being the butt in other peoples jokes cos what the world needs is a sense humour and more of it – just keep it clean! Mmmmm
    Got to go, I have a public appearance to make, it’s only a quick flash butt it is lots of fun and trying not to get caught keeps Paul fit:)!

  43. Michelle says:

    Hanh, I truly thought Paul was having a good time going back and forth with you. His post about the rumors seemed to be a bit of a tease in my book, that’s all. And he said Andrea liked your sense of humor, so that was the gold stamp of approval! Whoever sent the e-mail must feel very protective of Paul and his feelings. Maybe it’s just a misunderstanding. Perhaps they didn’t get what you were saying and the manner in which it was being said?
    At any rate, I for one am not worried about Paul. Anyone who can whip off all their clothes in front of a theater full of people most likely has a good sense of himself. No worries there!
    I hope you’ll reconsider leaving PC. Paul seems to me to be an “all inclusive” kind of host who enjoys various personalities as well as points of view. If we were all the same and never showed our differences this site would become a little less interesting in my opinion.
    I’m now going to put in my DVD of SB and check out that yellow one-piece. It’s been on my mind for some reason today:)
    Love to all of you here, and Happy Weekend!

  44. Michelle says:

    Wow, I just had the honor of posting at the same time as Paul AND Paul’s Butt! And we had room to spare!!;)

  45. Mary says:

    Hanh, as far as I’m concerned, this Corner would not be what it is if it wasn’t inclusive. Our individuality is one of the gifts we each brought here when we first posted. I don’t think anyone can expect us to be anything other than what we are. It took me a while to settle in and feel really comfortable here. Please don’t leave before you get to that stage too.
    As for Paul, I’ve never been in any doubt about his ability to express/stand up for himself if needs be. You can let him out, as they say in these parts. Just for the record, I have always interpreted Paul’s ‘MMMmmmmm’s’ as an indication of humour!
    Love to everyone,

  46. Janice Duke says:

    Dear Paul’s Butt,
    Thank you for making an appearance to chat with us at long last. You must be very proud of your “behind” the scene participation in making Paul as memorable,loveable, and appreciated as he is.
    One last “crack”: without you, Paul would be would be just another pretty face. He wouldn’t be (w)hole without you!! JEEZ, you really are talented!! Paul, first claimed you could talk, but who knew you could type!! No more making you the “butt” of my jokes, I promise. Here’s to hoping you have 20/20 “hind” sight.
    Without you where would we verbally kick Paul when he needs a jump start??? Well, bottoms up.

  47. Grandma Mil says:

    Dear Mercedes,
    We’re fine, thank you, busy, and glad to have you back! Peter, good to hear from you…we’ve missed you!
    Michelle, on a 9 ft. screen, Paul shaking his booty in the samba in that one piece yellow jump suit was awesome! I didn’t hear a sound from the audience because I think the senior ladies had fainted!
    Hanh, you CAN’T quit the Corner…we were looking forward to meeting you at the Paul Convention next February! Paul recognized your unique humor, and we agree! Stay, stay, and keep us smiling!
    Live, love, and laugh,
    The Mil

  48. KELLY says:

    janice, you are soooooooo bad !
    : )

  49. Janice Duke says:

    Hi Kel,
    God knows I try!! Here’s looking up your address!!

  50. Lori says:

    Gee, alot can happen when I don’t get a chance to check out the blog all day! Because I am a newby too, I quickly checked my e-mail to make sure I didn’t have the same kind of e-mail sitting in my inbox.
    I was reading along still laughing at the comment about the “rumor monger” discovering the site, continued on down and oh, my goodness, it wasn’t funny anymore. I thought maybe I had missed something (as I have a tendency to do). When I read Hahn’s posts, that I considered “tongue in cheek”, I could almost feel her standing beside me nudging me in the ribs letting me know it was all a big joke. If you noticed she usually followed one of her deep and thought provoking posts with something totally off the wall. It was just her way to lighten the mood. I thought it was all in good fun because Paul seemed to be giving as good as he was getting.
    May I say I now have a whole new appreciation for your butt, Paul. It has looks and brains–what more can a girl want?? :?)
    Okay, I gotta join the others and go put in SB–got to see that talented butt in that wonderful yellow jumpsuit!! Please tell me that wasn’t one the souvinirs you kept from the movie!! :?)
    Hope everyone is well and happy!!

  51. Sally C. says:

    Hanh, Please don’t abandon this great place because of the actions of the one or the few. You will find that I, for one, and I’m sure many others, enjoy your fresh sense of humor and your thoughts. You have certainly brightened my days in the short time you have been posting here. So, Sister, put on that helmut and spikey collar and meet me at the Wal-mart! You can’t miss me – my bike (with the sidecar) will be parked in a handicapped spot and I’ll be trying to figure out where to hang the placard…
    Paul’s Butt!! About time he let you do an interview! It was good to hear your take on things, especially after that terrible toilet paper incident a ‘ways back. And not to mention what happens every month during the Full Moon. Have you ever finished that photo shoot for your calendar? Plumbers everywhere can’t wait to see how chi-chi cracks are! Oh my, I see by Paul’s gasping for air that you must take your leave. It was great to hear from you. Don’t be a stranger, now.
    Love to all,

  52. Diane says:

    Hanh, I’m with Janice and Paul. No one speaks for me. I know you were just sharing your particular brand of humor and I hope you’ll come back.
    Paul, I hope good news arrives very soon!
    Good wishes to all.

  53. Janice Duke says:

    Hi Paul’s Butt,
    I’m thinking you need a theme song of your own:
    Blue Moon
    Moon Shadow
    Bad Moon Rising
    It’s Only a Paper Moon
    Moonlight Sonata
    My personal favorite might be:
    Moon Dance. Paul if yours can do this, I’ll pay a buck to watch.
    Grand Mil: I’m asking again for you to hire Paul’s beam to be at FIF. It talks, it types, it can dance. Who could ask for anything more?? If it can make dinner and clean house, I’m taking it home with me.

  54. Mary says:

    Oh my God Millie! Here I was just heading to bed and you have to put the image of Paul on a 9ft screen in one of my most favourite moments in SB!! How can I sleep now???
    Dear Paul’s butt, those moves in the opening bars of the Samba – definitely one of your most glorious moments so far!!

  55. Paulette says:

    I really enjoy your commentaries. I get them and they are witty and on the money. Please consider

  56. Sherrlyn says:

    Hanh: I don’t post often, don’t expect replys directly from Paul or anyone else. If I have something to say that I feel will benefit someone on the Corner, I speak up, otherwise, I read, learn, laugh, and generally enjoy the reparte that goes tooly and froly here.
    As Paul stated, he’s a grown man, he can take care of himself and most likely anyone else that comes along. However, I will take issue with him if I see future pics of him with a comb over or some other ridiculous hairdo to camoflage the heliport on his gorgeous head. Afterall, we have seen the pictures of him with it shaved and it was still Paul.
    Weather in Texas has turned warm, low 80’s today.
    Will have to turn on the A/c soon, Boss was actually hot today. We attributed it to the pain killers he’s taking for the broken leg.
    Would love to make the Paul Convention, but can’t make it to Florida twice next winter. Will be in Tampa after Christmas, may just drive over to meet Mil and Ellie while in their neighborhood.
    To the rest of PC family, hope all is well with each of you, and remember you were once a “Newbie” too.
    Hugs to all of you(((())))

  57. Paulette says:

    I saw a sign outside the local hardware store
    proclaiming “Aussie” grill. What is an “Aussie” grill?

  58. Lori says:

    Sherrlyn, you lucky girl–80 degrees?? I’d be in the pool at that temperature!! At least the sun was out here today and most the snow has melted!!
    Janice, you go girl–you are cracking me up!!

  59. Marge says:

    Hanh stay with us. Paleeeze!!
    Thinning hair? Think of Yul Brenner, Telly Sevalis etc. I just got through watching 9-1/2 weeks. Could not find you anywhere. Boorriinngg!
    Do you still do any surfing or roller blading?
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Gran Mil
    Hope things are going well with rehearsels.
    How are you doing? I have seen “Back of Beyond” I don’t know how Paul feels about it, but I was disapointed. I guess I expected too much after SB.
    Love to everyone.
    Take Care

  60. Marge says:

    Hanh stay with us. Paleeeze!!
    Thinning hair? Think of Yul Brenner, Telly Sevalis etc. I just got through watching 9-1/2 weeks. Could not find you anywhere. Boorriinngg!
    Do you still do any surfing or roller blading?
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Gran Mil
    Hope things are going well with rehearsels. Sounds as though you are very busy.
    How are you doing? I have seen “Back of Beyond” I don’t know how Paul feels about it, but I was disapointed. I guess I expected too much after SB.
    Gotta go make Dartin’s BD cake for tomorrow (Saturday)
    Love to everyone.
    Take Care

  61. Marge says:

    OOPPSS!! Didn’t mean to post twice. Marge

  62. Paul says:

    Oh great thanks guys – the thinning hair bit was supposed to be off limits!! Last time I tell you guys any secrets!
    Marge, I was in “the first 9 1/2 weeeks” and my butt wants to let you know he had a good part too…. in the film !!!
    I agree with you re Back of Beyond. It was not a great film and also didnt do too well. The directors dream was to make a great looking film – which he certainly achieved but to the detriment of what is actually the most important thing – the story!
    Sherrlyn how did a wee bit of thinning turn in to a heliport???? Boy what and imagination you have! Thanks for the idea of a comb over. Now if I stop waxing my back I could probably comb that over?
    Thank you all for embracing my butt with such dedicated enthusiasm, his cheeks are swelling with pride (and maybe a sausage roll or two and a beer)
    Paulette, I am assuming an Aussie grill would probably be a barbeque or a hotplate set up with a gas burner for cooking your snags on.
    Janice you are bad! And Kelly your up there too.
    To whom ever e-mailed Hanh – I thank you for your concern but stand by my earlier post. If you might be feeling badly for it then please dont. This site is a living organism and that is the beauty of it – we live and we learn.

  63. Sherrlyn says:

    Okay, so maybe heliport was a bit dramatic! I’m watching the same thining spot on my DH and our stylist has threatened him if he even thinks about a comb over. DH is not that vain. He will grow old and look just like his dad. His Dad was a very nice looking man. I only got to talk to him a couple of times before he past away and that was before DH and I were married.
    I guess I’m just weird, but I like Back of Beyond and Dark Planet, I found Exit to Eden funny, the first 9 1/2 weeks dark, and Welcome Back to Whoop Whoop just plain weird. I guess tho my all time favorites are SB and Joseph. I was not impressed with the TV movie with what’s his name from JAG. (David James Elliott) Of course I don’t watch JAG anymore either, it just gets boring after awhile. DH still tapes every episode and watches them on his day off provided his honey-do list isn’t too long.
    Well the dryer went off again, trying to get the laundry done tonight so I can go back to the office tomorrow and work on more Income Taxes! WooHoo!!!!!
    Nite to all,
    Hugs again (((()))

  64. Mercedes says:

    Dear Pauls tush,
    Thank you for your kind appearance in the Full Monty, unfortunately being in the states we only have the imagination to work with. As Grandma Mil mentioned, the yellow costume most wonderfully accentuated your curvy form and many old ladies fainted in happiness, heck even the youngs ones.
    Humor is a great thing but what is great about humor is that there is all kinds. I thouroughly enjoyed the butt rumor mongering it was rather funny.
    And Paul’s tush, your curviness will stay around I have evidence, there is a gentleman on my fencing team who happens to be 58 and has an amazing tush believe me he has a fan club. Its actually funny to see these ladies always go to where he is fencing just to watch the derriere. 🙂
    Thus simply Pauls tush, enjoy your curvaceousness (spelling error I think).

  65. Grandma Mil says:

    J., then there’s
    Moonlight Becomes You
    Fly Me to the Moon (now, THAT one has promise!)
    La Luna (Opera aria)
    Moonstruck (a movie, but it explains everything)
    The Moon Was Yellow (in that jumpsuit)
    Moon River
    Mary, that scene of Paul in his yellow jumpsuit on a 9 ft. screen should be designated the 8th Wonder of the World!
    Sherrlyn, I would love to meet you in December!
    Live, Love, Laugh, and Be Happy,
    The Mil

  66. Janice Duke says:

    Hi Gran Mil,
    For me, the matador pants were far better eye candy than the yellow jumpsuit. Not that I’m complaining mind you. His “BAck of Beyond” in those painted on trousers had me humming “Cheek to Cheek.” “I’m in heaven, hum hum hum hum.”
    Just this girl’s thoughts.

  67. Mary says:

    Millie, thanks for giving me beautiful thoughts going to bed!
    Janice, thanks for giving me awesome image to start my day! Those matador pants and the exquisite Paul’s butt (beauty AND intelligence!)…… As Millie would say ‘Be still my heart!’
    Love to everyone,

  68. Janice Duke says:

    Morning Miss Mary,
    Welcome to spring. I visually surveyed more than once PJM’s tightly muscled and compact butt with my high powered binoculars, or was it my night vision goggles? Most likely both I suspect.
    I took me more the “9 1/2 weeks” to get his dancing derriere out of my mind’s eye. So, a BIG thank you so much to Paul’s duff for getting off itself long enough for me to scope it out. YEA, BABY!!!!
    Were you poured into those toreodor’s?? Did they ever split (God Forbid!!) while filming the last dance sequence. If they didn’t, I’m thinking they must have been made out of Titanium or Kevlar or some such fabric in order to withstand the stressors of your body movements.
    Till next time PC.

  69. KELLY says:

    Hahn, I think you need to disregard the email, whoever it was from, and come back to us. Janice has gone mad!!! I think she really misses you!!! I think alot of people really miss you.
    Since Paul seems to think I am now a “bad girl”, I need someone to take over the reputation! (however, it’s kinda nice that Paul thinks I ‘m a bad girl 😉 Just kidding, I am not a stalker, just bit of a flirt when prevoked (janice, youre a bad influence!)
    Sherrlyn, I am trying to collect all of Paul’s dvd’s. My family collects dvd’s of the artists we really like. It doesn’t matter how stupendous the movie was made, for me. I will get something out of all of them. We currently have about 200 dvd’s and it’s growing! It’s just so hard to find them of Paul here in the states.
    I am trying to find a “legal” downloading site so I can try to find some downloads of Paul’s Aussie tv stuff and the films I just can’t find.
    Paul feel loved, the only other actor I have made a point to purchase all of his dvd’s is
    Sylvester Stallone. I grew up with Rocky and Rambo.
    Janice, if ya want my address email me and I will give it to you.
    Marge, thanks for asking, but I am ok. I am just avoiding all negativity and no one is allowed to discuss my conditon and I forget about it. I am doing FABULOUS. My biopsy is this Tuesday and I should know by Friday. Then all can be well again in the over exciting life of Kelly Haggard. hehe
    Tim, hows all going with the dacing? Hope to hear from you soon!
    love to all, that includes you , Hahn. Hope you are still reading.

  70. KELLY says:

    I forgot to ask, how can I see this photo of Paul with a shaved head? In fact, Paul how can we see any recent photos of you other than the Full Monty ones? How about a family photo? I am sure you have some head shot you take to auditions with you? How long before you hear about the audition, and what type of part is it? Movie, t.v., Boy, I am questioned out! I feel like one of my kids!
    xoxoxo to all

  71. Janice Duke says:

    Mornin’ to Ya, Miss Kel,
    If I’m elected the RBGOPC, resident bad girl O’ PC, then I’ll wear the diamond tiara that surely comes with the title with pride. It’s far more interesting a life NOT being good. I suspect your were BAD long before I came along.
    Yes, I miss Hanh, with her Kaiser Bill und mitt pickelhaube helmet & spike collar. I was savoring the moment when I could meet her and greet her in my Madonna bullett bra and flak camo knickers so she’d know me on sight. Oh, well, Sally could give me a ride in her sidecar I guess.
    Seems that in spite of being nuaghty all year Santa still manages to find my house! Maybe my red neon reindeer knickers flying and flapping in the cold breeze from my T. V. antenna on the roof may have something to do with it. The blinding strobe lights are possibly attracting the fat old boy’s eyes as well.

  72. Sherrlyn says:

    Kelly: I don’t have the movies on DVD, don’t even own a DVD machine. I’m doing well to get the VCR to work. Most of the movies I bought thru either e-Bay or Half.com. at really good prices. I don’t have all of them but I did rent Exit to Eden, Welcome back to Whoop Whoop, and first 9 1/2 weeks. Tho they do have our resident star featured, I only buy what I know I will watch over and over and over again and as long as the VCR doesn’t decide it likes them as much as I do, I’m okay with tape. Also, Kelly, glad to hear that positive vibes are helping.
    Mil: The closer we get to our trip to Tampa, I’ll e-mail you for directions and we will set up a get together.
    Hanh: I know you are still lurking out there so get yourself back on line here with the rest of us.
    Well it’s back to the office on a gorgeous Sat. Morn to work on more income taxes. Tim Where are you. With the bosses broken leg we could sure use the help right now.
    Hugs to all,

  73. Evelyn says:

    Good God you guys have been busy

  74. Mary says:

    Hanh, if you’re still out there (and I hope you are), I’d like to share some thoughts I had while driving home just now. I was thinking back to when I was new to PC and how, initially after joining in, I considered stepping back and just enjoying the energy from a distance. My reason was that I was conscious of the fact that I might bring a ‘heaviness’ to the group. Up until recently, one of my wishes would have been to have a less developed ‘serious’ side and a more developed ‘light’ side. I have a light side but it has always needed toning up. This, coupled with the fact that events in my life meant that the serious/responsible side had to dominate, resulted in, I suppose, a sort of dissatisfaction with who I was. I am so glad now that I decided not to leave. For I honestly believe that I am a better person for staying. Paul once wrote here that this meeting place is like a table filled with food at which we all come to sit and eat. We each bring our own dish to share. We don’t have to eat anything that doesn’t appeal to us, but that doesn’t mean that someone else wouldn’t find it appetising (or words to that effect). I took this on board and decided to stay and contribute.
    I have to tell you that your posts had a vibrancy and energy that appealed to me, probably because I lack that particular kind of vibrancy myself. Not only did they make me laugh, they made me think. I consider people like yourself – and you Dhiana if you’re reading – a wonderful balance for the person that I am, almost like a vitamin supplement! And I enjoyed what I perceived to be Paul’s enjoyment in response to what you wrote.
    I’m not sure whether I am expressing myself the way I want to, but I suppose in summing up, I’ll just say that I hope you will reconsider leaving the group and come back and join us. I honestly believe we have not all been drawn here randomly. There seems to be some kind of purpose to us all connecting. I have made some incredible friends and contacts here. They are as real and important to me as any of the people who are in the circle of my life here every day. I’m sure you will do the same if you decide to stay with us and continue being just yourself. Who knows which one or more of us would benefit if you do?
    Wishing you the best,

  75. Lori says:

    Dear Paul’s Butt, my butt has asked that I convey this message to you as it has not developed quite as nicely as you. (I, as the brains in of this duo tried to use the word “evolved” instead of “developed” but my butt insisted!) As we were watching you “cheek”ily make your way across the dance floor again last night in SB my butt developed a rather bad case of–dare I say it?–“butt envy”. You seem to have it all–looks, brains, sex appeal, plus an uncanny ability to type! To top it all off–you look great in yellow!! Where is that fair?? We will survive this case of “butt envy” and become stronger for it but, alas, we will never look as good as you in yellow!! :?) P.S. We really like the black matador pants best!!
    Kelly, it is great to see you in such a good mood. From one “bad” girl to another…it’s hard to get rid of the rep because you don’t really have to work to keep it…the most innocent thing can be totally misread–so just enjoy it!! :?) I won’t bore you with how I got mine, needless to say it was thru no fault of my own!!! :?)
    Janice, I wish I had a motorcycle!! If I did, even tho I am not sure I could keep up with your fashion statement, I would be there!!
    To everyone else, hello and HAPPY SPRING!!

  76. Julie says:

    My goodness I can’t believe the messages that I missed in the past few days. The blog is really jamming now!
    Hahn, I agree with the rest. And if I may say what you expressed in your post was outrageous, and completly APPROPRIATE and I thought it was GREAT! Hey, I’m sure Paul and Andrea would agree, we’re not a bunch of stiffs in this room we come here to get advice, direction, and a good laugh to once in a while. To give you a little scoop my husband is a serious scientist and very serious man and it was my bad, tasteless, and innappropriate jokes that made him decide to ask me out in the first place.If you weren’t posting something humorous once in a while I’d worry.
    I was over my neighbors last week for dinner while my husband was out on conference. She had seperated from her husband a year ago and I was feeling a bit low that day thinking of where my future was heading. We started talking about our issues and then in the middle of dinner I said, “We can’t let ourselves be depressed anymore this evening”. So then we got on the topic of who her next door neighbor was recently dating and the sounds that came out of her bedroom window at 3 am. And then after a glass of wine and more gossip we felt much better and had a better outlook on life.
    What would life be like without being a little bit careless and silly once in a while. I’d hate to know. I’d really really hate to know.
    And how could I miss the conversation over Paul’s A**. (I have to admit it’s hard to post messages about it knowing Andrea is reading this but I’m sure she finds it mostly hilarious anyway oh hello Adrea by the way **Grin**).
    But all the women in here agree that it’s not the A** itself but the incredible acting behind it.
    Let’s all hope we see Hanh post again and when she does let’s have a blog party to Welcome Hanh Back!

  77. Marge says:

    No candles, just ballons streamers, and a party hat. Dartin’s cake is in the freezer. Lots of molassas, oats, carrots, bran bash and sweet feed, dusted with powdered sugar. I am making an apple peal rose with a grape for a garnigh. He can only have a slice because it is so rich, and has to share it with his barn buddies. He is a very suspicous horse who will snort and whiffle when he is presented with something new.
    I have made an apple pie coffee cake for us humans. It’s a very simple recipe, only three ingredients, with a brown sugar topping. If anyone wants it I will be glad to send it.
    On a sad note, last year,we had a 31st birthday for Bahba, a gray arab. He had been in bad health and had to finally had to be put down about a month after his BD. We sure miss him.
    He was Dartin’s pasture buddy and they used to groom each other. Now there is a brown horse next to him in the barn and he keeps telling him that “that is Bahba’s stall. I have tried to explain to him what happened.
    The horses are going out on green grass for a short time each day. You have to let them build up to it, otherwise they will get grass colic.
    Sooo glad you are on a positive plain. I think I found Paul’s bald head photo somewhere in his photo site. First time I looked at it thought “who dat?” It’s in my PM photo album.
    I will have to find the “other” version of 9-1/2 weeks I guess. I did find your bald picture. Almost didn’t recognize you.
    Hanh, where are you?
    Off to the barn for the party.
    Take care,

  78. Hanh's Attorney and Agent says:

    As Hanh

  79. Hanh says:

    Sally and Diane, I am certain we will meet off-line outside this party and become friends. It is in the stars.

  80. Hanh says:

    Janice, oh the puns, the puns of your post, they are exquisite. 20/20 hindsight, one last crack! Gotz! Genius! Our minds must be equally twisted, your posts are gut-busting funny.

  81. Hanh says:

    Grandma Mil, I suppose I will need to brush polish up the Kaiser Wilhelm helmet for the PC convention after all. Madonna-bra Janice and I will be easy to recognize. I will be the one with the spike pointing upwards. Janice will be the one with the spikes pointing outwards. Be extra careful walking in front of her, she wears that garment almost with as much attitude as Sally wears the purple hat. Many a persons have had to visit the Emergency Room from unfortunate encounters with such attitude.

  82. Hanh says:


  83. Hanh says:

    Michelle, I am beginning to see the inclusiveness of this site which you mentioned. I think it is safe to assume that we have transcended the notion of Paul, as he wished, have we not? That here is now a community where the whole is more than the sum of its parts, and from the strength of the whole, the parts gain sustenance.

  84. Hanh says:

    Kelly, that Paul thinks you

  85. Hanh says:

    Paulette, I believe the definition of an

  86. Hanh says:

    Sherlynn, how did you know I was still lurking? Got ESP? Actually, I was cogently persuaded through email. And on return, yeegads! Such warmth of reception. How can one give up the promises of joyful fellowship held in such open arms?

  87. Hanh says:

    Evelyn, ah yes, Humor Savants such as ourselves are often mis-understood in this cruel world! We must get together and compare notes and techniques.

  88. Hanh says:

    Mary, your words touch my heart. You are so right — there does seem to be a purpose to things, to chance meetings of minds in this seemingly chaotic world, doesn

  89. Lori says:

    Hahn!! Welcome back!! I was just about going thru “Hahn Humor” withdraw!! Thanks for coming back!

  90. Lori says:

    Hanh, blonde moment–sorry I mispelled you name!!

  91. Lori says:

    Hanh, Looks like I can’t spell today–“you name” and “mispelled”?? If it is any consolation–I spelled Lori, Loir on the first one!! Caught that one but missed the misspelling of your name.
    Have a good rest of the day, everyone!!

  92. Hanh says:

    Gotz, with all these blond moments, you must be a gorgeous babe with guys hanging on like flies! 😉 You may need that “Aussie” hat I mentioned (the one with the bobbing corks) to flick them off. This hat, if you must know, really DOES exist as an indispensible artifact of Australiana. Honest. Check with any Aussie you know. Hmmm … Do we know any Aussies around here?)
    What do they say, negative attention is better than no attention, heh? Feel free to misspell my name and correct it as often as you want. 🙂 Love your blond moments. Keep ’em coming.

  93. Hanh says:

    Lori, one more note. Don’t fret the misspellings. I believe the 2 commandments of this site forbids the deprecation of such things so no one will be deriding you for it.
    Commandment #1: Thou shalt not make fun of the misspelling of words
    Commandment #2: Thou shalt not make fun of the thinning of hair

  94. Lori says:

    Egads, girl, how did you find out about the guys hanging on me like flies?? :?) (Note to self: must look for the hat Hanh mentioned) Maybe when I get this hat I can join you, Janice and Sally on your wild ride!! We will definitely need it–4 wild babes out on the town!! :?)
    Believe me, I only make fun of the way I spell!! Especially when I can’t spell my own name correctly 3/4 of the time!! My darn fingers just refuse to hit the right keys!!
    As for commandment #2–I learned that lesson about 4 years ago when my nephew (did I mention this nephew plays college football??) started “thinning”!! I think I still have bruises!! :?)
    Hanh, I am sooooo glad you are back!! I missed you!!!

  95. Hanh says:

    I know what you mean regarding scientists and their notorious sense of humor, or perceived lack thereof. I don’t think it’s that they HAVE no sense of humor, it’s that there is a 15 degree phase shift from their humor frequency from that of the general public. This makes it impossible for them to come in sync with what the public finds funny. Hence you often see them looking at data on their computer screens and chuckling but sitting stone-faced watching Seinfeld. Had your humor also been 15 degree shifted in a similar manner, you would find that inverse proof using the Pollaczek Kinchin formula hilarious!

  96. Marge says:

    Just got back from Dartin’s BD party. It was a huge success. Dartin wore his party hat with no problem. When He first saw his cake, he im-mediately ate all the garnishes off. Fortunately my friend Sharon got all the pictures before they were gone. All his buddies enjoyed their slice too. One even licked their plate. One disaster though. With trying to get out the door with more than one thing in my hand, I dropped the coffee cake for us. It was good anyway.
    Great day today, sun shinning, a little breeze,
    Besides you being in one & not the other of “9-1/2 weeks” how do I determine which one to see?
    Great to hear that you are going to start riding. Have you done much riding before? I have been riding since 1975.
    Found the perfect thong for FIF. Told my daughter and she said she did not want to go there. She is used to me in granny underware.
    Love to all
    Take care

  97. Diane says:

    Kelly, I awoke this morning envisioning white healing light around you and following you through the week. Stay positive. Hugs to you!
    Hanh, thanks for your email response. I had to jump right on to PC to read you in all your glory. Hallelujiah! Welcome back. I look to you, Janice and Dhiana for wild and wacky humor and I’m in enough discomfort right now without having to go through comedy withdrawal.
    Still, I may need some remedial laughter therapy… I’m not a Seinfeld fan and I can only barely tolerate Curb Your Enthusiasm. I know. I know. Treatment can be expensive, but after I win the lottery and pay to import Paul and Andrea and their girls for Millie’s extravaganza, I should have a few bucks left.
    With all this bad-girl talk, I’m going to have to lose a few more pounds, get my leather skirt and biker jacket cleaned, and buy some chains or whips or something. (Truth is, I think I’d look as superficially naughty as did Dana Delaney in Exit to Eden.)
    Marge, the Dartin’s treat sounds pretty good to me although I’m sure your apple pie coffee cake would be less demanding on my digestive track right now. If you don’t mind, when I’m feeling a bit drained and confused, I’m going to close my eyes and put myself in the pasture with Dartin. He sounds like a sweetie. Sorry about Bahba’s passing.
    Evelyn (and all) thanks for your continued good thoughts and prayers. I have to confess that I’m not exactly the cheerful patient I thought I was. Up until two days ago, I was chugging along thinking I had gotten past the worst of the symptoms. Between yesterday and today, though, it has dawned on me that I will have some not-so-good days and a good dose of frustration over my inability to move about as I wish until the surgery and recovery are complete.
    Well, gotta run. Boys going in different directions and of course money is needed.

  98. Mary says:

    Welcome back Hanh!!!! I’m so glad that you chose to come back. I’ve a feeling there will be a harmony between us. Maybe a balance of sorts?
    I think you’ve put your finger on something re:frustration and anger. There is a yearning to share our thoughts/experiences in all of us. It’s what makes the journey an enjoyable one and at times, a bearable one. I’m looking forward to sharing with you. BTW thanks for clarifying the first two commandments of the Corner!
    Janice, you have made me laugh so many times today! Thanks!
    Kelly and Diane, I will be taking you both with me wherever I go over the coming weeks. Stay positive and look beyond to complete recovery.
    Lori, the penny is finally dropping with the blonde moments! Is there an equivalent for us brunettes??
    Marge, that’s great about the party going well! I have never really had any close contact with a horse, but I always felt that I would take to them if I did. Cats have always held a special place in my heart. Our last could almost have qualified as a person, he was so intelligent and wise. Unfortunately, this didn’t transfer to his road sense. He was killed outside our house by a car. I always knew it could happen. He believed he had the right of way on all thoroughfares,so much so that he would often choose the middle of the road to sit, relax and observe the world going by. He was killed two years ago and I still miss him.
    Evelyn, it’s good to hear from you!
    Millie, any sequel to last night’s wonderful vision for me??
    Peter, best wishes.
    I mananged to get a copy of Conversations with God today. I know already that it’s going to make an impact on me. Thanks for recommending it Michelle!
    Hello to Paul, Tim, Inn, Whit, Julie, Cara (where are you?), Sherrlyn, Paulette and everyone else too.
    Welcome Amber!
    Lots of love to all of you,

  99. Marge says:

    How do I disquinguish one 9-1/2 weeks video from the other?
    Dartin would love your company. Somethimes in the summer I go out there and just sit and watch him graze. He’ll somtimes come over and say Hello to his “Mom”.
    Take cre all

  100. Marge says:

    I have had many cats. I think my favorite was Sam. Found him as a kitten by the roadside eating some french fries. Took him home and he would curl up in my neck and purr me to sleep. He was also a talker. At 16 he went into a seisure and never came out of it and had to be put down. When the vet found out that all my animals were in double digits, he said if he were a dog, he would want to live at my house. I still get teary eyed when I think about Sam. I just put another cat down last year His name was Oliver and he was 20.
    I now have one cat named Smokey. He sleeps on the bed with me and when he wants attention, he pats my face. I have a “touch” lamp on my night stand and he found out how to turn it on. Scared the sh** out of me the first time he did it.
    It’s hard to let go of your family pets, expecially when they live so long. I will always have pets around. You can talk to them and they will listen. They will argue with you now and then. My Peke named Lucy will come and start to bother me when she needs to go out or that I am late for their dinner.
    Again, Take Care

  101. Linda Thomas says:

    WOW! Such activity on the Corner for one day! Has this broken some kind of record?
    Paul…Good to read your sense of humor is right on the money!! Laughter is the best medicine.
    Darling Mil…How could I have missed your and Ellie’s anniversary? So sorry!! I hope did something outrageous to mark the day.
    Diane…Glad to see you are up and around. It takes time but the healing does happen. Thinking of you!
    Who mentioned Moon Dance? One of my favorites for sure!
    Rock on, everyone!

  102. Marge says:

    I just noticed TFM website is gone and in it’s place is Barnados, an organization for children. Is this a charity that you and Andrea are involved with or support? If you do, it must be a wonderful program.
    Any new pictures on your photo website?
    Take Care

  103. KELLY says:

    There is no comparison between 9 1/2 weeks with Kim Bassinger and Micky Rourke, And “The first 9 1/2 weeks” Thats the title. It stars Paul , Malcolm Mcdowell and Clara Bellar. It’s so much hotter than the Basinger version. The story lines are completely different and the two movies are not related in any way. I think they named it that because of the aroticism linked with the Basinger version. This one is even hotter!

  104. Marge says:

    Kelly, Thanks for the info. Marge

  105. Tim Hord says:

    Jesus…you guys…a guy takes a couple days away from the key board and there’s a new post when I haven’t even finished the last one and it has over a hundred new entries.
    Where do Ibegin???
    Dance is going superbly as well as my diet. I’m on the treadmill everyday.
    It’s my wife and I’s 17th anniversary on the 21 tomorrow for us in Atlanta at this moment.
    We celebrated tonight with dinner at a restaurant that was as great as Chayas in Beverly Hills. It was magnificent. I treated her to a day at my salon for a spa pedicure and a full body massage. She pudding in my hands tonight. Ahh love does not fade after 17 years.
    Hanh..welcome back. I too enjoyed reading and now will still have the pleasure of reading your posts. They are so well versed and interesting.
    Hmmm what else? Ahh damn how could I forget Paul..
    Slap me mate…Congratulations on the audition and potential job. I think someone else asked previously..theatre? film? tv? And I’ve asked this before..give CAT a new pic of the family. Everyone is growing up now. As for the thinning thing, well..hmmm…try a product called NIOXIN…if they have it down there. They have a follicle booster that does infact work if the papilla (the root nerve in the follicle) is not dead. I have seen it work. I use it my hair on top is just a little thin. God I hope it doesn’t get any worse.
    Aunt Mil…I think you and I should do the dance to Perhaps perhaps perhaps at the follies in dedication to our dear mate here. I promise I won’t drop you as I will be quite fit AND thin.
    Pauls butt…hey we all have that relative. So all I can say is hang in there.
    Kelly…positive energy to you always.
    Whit..love ya sweety..haven’t been working on my writing. I really miss it though. Like I mentioned a while back I’m going to take an acting class..what a hoot that’ll be. Can you just see it now me in a local theatre production??
    Well I guess that’s long enough from the Timmer
    as always Peter a distinct pleasure to hear from you. Same to Marge, Mary…everyone. I have a terrible memory these days with names. I’m hoping this new medication I’m on will help. By the way it is helping with the bipolar in a most tremendous way. I have really chilled on the cycling so much.
    Hey you guys…love ya much…take care…and most of all to our host..Paul..best of luck mate.
    Oh re: fame…disregard it and just live.
    peace and love

  106. Hanh says:

    Hang in there. Remember, THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

  107. Hanh says:

    You’ve been riding since 1975, hmmm that would make it a little bit longer than me, like 27 years!!
    I’ve only been riding for 2 years. I’ve always been a city girl. Only after we moved out here to the boondocks and bought our ranch did I start taking lessons. It was love at first sight — I fell in love with horses. I feel peaceful being around them. I can brush them for hours.
    Then things got hectic with work, I had to do a lot of traveling, my schedule got out of whack, so I stopped riding. My Australian saddle is sitting in the corner gathering dust.
    Now, the traveling has died down so I’m going to a new trainer who will be teaching English saddle (eegads! I’m used to those Aussie leg wings in my saddle keeping me from tumbling off the seat). But, I have full confidence in my trainer, who says she has full confidence in me, so we’ll be seeing soon if I’m up to snuff.
    So now you understand why my hubby gets a bit nervous when I gallop on Arabians. But it’s not that I WANT to gallop them. Believe me, I’m more than happy if they would just canter along like they’re supposed to. But when they just want to haul and I’m sitting on them, what can I do but hang on? I don’t present that as counter-argument to hubby though because I suspect it wouldn’t hold much by way of persuasion. Oh but those Arabians, the way their nostrils flare and the majesty of their build — they are magnificent!

  108. Hanh says:

    Thank you for the warm welcome. Happy Anniversary! As a woman, I can testify to the genius of your choice in giving your wife a spa treatment as an anniversary gift. You will be enjoying the fruits of that labor for many months to come, my friend. Genius, man! Genius!
    As much as I adore my hubby, he’s not the kind of guy who goes out for “occasion” gift-giving. He would go along forgetting my birthday, Valentine’s Day, our anniversary, then I come home one day and there’s a new piano with a bow on it!
    Over the years though, I think I’ve run enough of the Guilt 3.0 program to occasion a few flowers for Valentine’s day.
    I’m learning ballroom dancing at the moment (am at rumba and tango), and will be starting modern dance in a few weeks when my instructor gets back from Spring Break. Mostly it’s to keep fit and to learn to control my body — am under no illusion of any talent in this regard, believe you me.
    How long have you been dancing and what style?

  109. Grandma Mil says:

    Timmer, Happy 17th Anniversary to you and your wife…the best is yet to come! Those gifts you gave her were well calculated, you lucky guy! Love Is In The Air, right?
    Me thinks that you and Hanh will make a
    FABULOUS dance couple for “Follies” at the Paul Convention! You, with your new thinner form and your tap, and she with with the rumba and tango…there’s time, the show isn’t until next Febr., so practice, practice!
    My cast had a first full rehearsal yesterday. It was so exhilarating, for everyone is so psyched, especially the dancers! I’ve put in some comedy into the various acts, instead of having someone just standing and telling jokes, like in vaudeville.
    One dance number was done to Teresa Brewers’s Lindy rendition of “Daddy” and “I’m Beginning to See The Light”, with everyone doing their own steps (where have we heard that before???) and then ending with a kick line, like the Rockettes…all of these gals are 65+, going up, up, past 80! It was the first time they tried this routine, and it got a big applause from the rest of the cast…and me!
    I’m lipsynching to Queen Latifa’s rendition of “When You’re Good To Momma” from “Chicago.” I
    can’t “move” like she did, (especially with that large, red kerchief) but I get a real reaction with:
    “The folks atop the ladder
    Are the ones the world adores,
    So boost me up my ladder kid,
    And I’ll boost you UP YOURS!”
    Linda, wonderful to hear from you! I hope spring has sprung in Michigan, and you’re feeling good!
    Love and Peace,
    The Mil

  110. Janice Duke says:

    Hi PC,
    Timster: Congrats on you 17th!! You’re a good husband to do all the lovely things you did for your bride!! We girls like to be romanced.
    Paul’s Bum Alert: SB will be on the WE channel tonight @ 11, and 12 noon tomorrow. Symbol for Paul’s bum: ( ! )
    Julie: It’s all about the bum, and nothing but the bum so help me God. For me the sign of a good actor is that I don’t catch them acting at all. Paul was a natural in SB & that is what I enjoyed him the most. OK, so I lied. It’s the 2nd thing I enjoyed most. ( ! ) 😉
    Kelly: Good thoughts for Tuesday. It will be a great day for you as it is also my son, John Thomas’ birthday!! How could the happiest day of my life not be an overly positive one for you??
    Ev: Hope you and your sister and doing well. And for those who have no sense of humor??? Here’s a good old American expression for you:
    F**K ‘EM!!
    Hanh: My Madonna bullet bra looks like the Chrysler fins of old. I’m polishing “the girls” as we speak, so wear your Raybans!! They’ll have a high gloss finish that’ll blind ya baby!!
    Extra love & hugs to all who need it today. Till next time PC: elbows up, head high, and feet moving forward. I carry you all in my heart in a safe and serene place that belongs to only you.

  111. Paulette says:

    Janice, I also see that SB will be on the We channel. I will count all the shots of Paul’s bum and see if perhaps Paul’s bum should have top billing over Paul.
    Mary, thank you for welcoming me, I enjoy being part of this group at Paul’s Corner. I am a bit shy about writing but I read and enjoy all the comments.
    Kelly, Good luck on Tues.
    Lori, Don,t be upset because of my “Snow Day” I teach at Hormone Central” and each day can be difficult.
    Paul, Are any of your girls teenagers yet?

  112. Marge says:

    Good choice on English lessions. I love dressage. It makes you think what your to do and keeps your mind alert. I don’t even have a western saddle. I have a Dressage saddle and a cross country jumping saddle. I am glad that you are going to take lessons. I have seen many a “30 day wonder”. They buy a horse and all the stuff that goes with it then after riding 30 minutes, they know everything. Horseback riding is a sport that you never stop learning from. I have taken clinics where I have been more knowlegable than the instructor, but I always go into it with an open mind, and usually learn something new from that instructor. When someone says, I can’t learn anything new, they should quit riding. I hsve learned so much in past years, that I have forgotten some of it, which comes back to me from time to time.
    I love the warm up sessions on Dartin and just walk around the arena, take deep breaths and feel his muscles move. In the back of the place there is a perimater trail that we take after we have done our arena work. This is our reward.
    OH! I just got word that my Son-in-Law Jeff who is in the Navy has gotten into the PCC as a regular. (President’s Communication Corp) He has been in the comunications branch as an alternate, but has been bumped up as perminate.
    He will be traveling with Pres. Bush on his travels going ahead setting up all the com-munication stuff. So if you see a big black van in the entourage , that will probably be Jeff.
    Take Care

  113. Anonymous says:

    Paul’s daughter Elise is 14, Erin is 7 and I can’t remember the middle girls name, but she is 11.

  114. Sally C. says:

    Hello to all this nice Sunday afternoon.
    Hanh, so good to have you back. ;o)
    Janice, I’m afraid you’ll have to drive if you insist on wearing your Madonna bullet bra! I’ll let Hanh ride behid you and I’ll take the sidecar. That way, I can take in all the sights and wave to all the guys who whistle at us as we roar out of the Wal-mart parking lot on our hog…
    Tim, Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you and the Missus had a nice day celebrating. Glad to hear your meds are working – Good job!
    Mary, I envy you and Hanh with your horses. I used to ride when I was younger. A big, beautiful bay aptly named Big Red. He was my favorite – so gentle. He was so tall I had to stand on an overturned milk crate just to get my leg in the sturrup and pull myself up! Ah, those were the days…
    Welcome to Amber and the other Newbies! I’m glad you brought up some of Paul’s films. I’d really like to hear what others here have to say about them and I’d really like to hear Paul’s take on what he considers his best one and what he thinks about the others. Maybe he could make this topic his next thread?
    Till next time, take care.

  115. Peter says:

    You’ve finished your journey and sit down to rest for a bit. Before you can catch your breath, you realise that it was just another step, and then you set off again. Sometimes it feels as though the longest journeys don’t necessarily hold great rewards, but every step counts.
    Mary, I hope you are well.
    Best wishes to all PC’ers from a slighty weary me.
    I think I’ll go off now and try to think of something interesting!

  116. Mary says:

    Peter, you going off to think of something interesting sounds promising! I’m looking forward to whatever you come up with. You sound tired but satisfied. Obviously the journey was challenging but worthwhile. And I really believe, with all the important things, the value is in the journeying.
    I hope you’ll stay for a while and share some of the next stage with us. We’ve missed you!
    Take care,

  117. Michelle says:

    Diane, sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. I hope today is better. Lots of love and good energy from me to you!
    Hanh, glad to see you’re back among us!
    Tim, Happy Anniversary! It’s wonderful that you’re continuing to feel better. You really seem to be enjoying life, and that’s as it should be!
    Mary, I was pleased to read that you bought Conversations with God. It’s such a cool book! I’ve carried many of it’s messages with me since I read it several years ago. Happy reading!
    Happy Belated Birthday to Dartin!!!
    Peter, isn’t that the way it always goes? I’m trying to learn not to have expectations in regards to where or how my journey unfolds. More of the old “trusting the universe” I guess. And learning to trust yourself. But I agree, just when you think you’ve accomplished something the playing field can change right before your eyes and suddenly you’re not sure you’re even playing the right game. A major life lesson for me is learning to flow with that energy. I’m getting better at it as I get older;)
    Love to everyone,

  118. Lori says:

    Tim, Happy Anniversary to you and your wife!! Sounds as if you all are having a great weekend!! I think your idea of you and Mil dancing to Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps at FIF would be a fantastic idea! I know Mil suggested Hanh but either way would be great!!
    Mil, the more I hear of FIF, the more I’m thinking this is something I can’t miss. Hmmmmm….the above mentioned nephew graduates from college in December–maybe I can convince him he needs to take a “road trip” with his favorite aunt in February….might work!!
    Mary, I’m not sure there is such an excuse for brunettes but “blonde moment” sure beats the heck out of “pre-senior moment” (which is what I probably should be blaming them on). As I told Sally on her b-day, everyone else is getting older but I, for some reason, remain forever young!! :?) (Okay, truthfully about the “pre-senior moments”….nah, I’ve always been this way so I guess they actually are “blonde moments”!! Sad but true!!!) :?)
    Paulette, God love ya, I was envying your “snow day” but since I have found out you work at Hormone Central–now I think you deserve even more!! :?) But as I live in Ohio, too, I will pass on more snow!!
    Marge, sounds like Dartin had a great b’day!! The people cake sounds out of this world!! Would you by chance share that recipe?? I haven’t ridden in years but I remember how I used to enjoy the peace and quiet just riding trails!! Did some great thinking (I’m sure it was really deep since I was a teenager!) on the back of a horse!!
    Peter, may you build strength for your continuing journey. I always find your posts interesting!!
    Janice and Sally, I always look forward to reading your posts!! Thanks so much for the smiles they give me!!
    Kelly, as always, my thoughts and prayers are with you this week with extra ones on Tuesday!
    To all others on PC–hope it has been a great day for all!! Smiles for everyone!! :?)

  119. Michelle says:

    Attention Paul’s Butt!!!
    You’re causing problems for me! Last night as my husband and I were drifting off to sleep I had a vision of you talking to me. You were in that yellow samba outfit coming at me from a huge screen (Thanks, Mil!)! Of course when you spoke I laughed out loud, which prompted my husband to ask, “What’s so funny?”
    Look PB, I couldn’t let on that I was thinking about you. Nor could I tell him that you sounded nothing like your friend Paul, but remarkably like Austin Powers! Yes, there you were in all your yellow glory saying, “Do I make you horny, Baby?” Who wouldn’t laugh?
    So please, I beg of you, stop tormenting me with your crazy Butt Speak!

  120. Julie says:

    Boy Michelle, you even made me turn red there. lol
    Hello All!
    Hahn glad to see you back in the groove of Paul’s corner. It’s a great place isn’t it!
    Grandma Millie, this sounds so exciting Follies 05′. Your rehersals and involvement with these projects keeps motivating me to get out there and do more in life. I just hope I can be as creative and focused as you are. You’re last Follies was fabulous and I can’t wait for the next one. **Hug** to you and fabulous Stud Muffin.
    Timmer, You sound like a new man with a new lease on life. It was a pleasure to read your last post. I give a toast to you and your lovely wife wishing both of you many more years of great passion.
    In other news…
    My greyhound is in love with another greyhound in the neighborhood Captain Jack. I can see It’s starting to get really serious with Jack licking her ears and all. Soon they’ll be engaged and then married. These dogs grow up too fast.

  121. GRANDMA MIL says:

    OMG, Michelle, my description of Paul in that yellow jumpsuit on a 9 ft. screen has permeated the bedrooms of people all over the world! What have I wrought! (Should I ask?) Don’t sue me, sue Catherine Martin, the costume designer!
    Lori, I’m putting you down as a “maybe” for Paul’s Convention, FIF. Whenever I tell people around here about the plans for the Convention, they are amazed.
    I tell them we have to be on our best behavior as seniors, but then we love “youngsters” and being around them make us feel very young at heart, (or very cranky…)
    Live, Love, Laugh, and Be Happy,
    The Mil

  122. Mary says:

    Michelle!! I wish I was a fly on the wall for that moment of marital bliss!! Millie has a lot to answer for with that 9ft screen, showing Paul in all his glory. Shame on you Millie! We’re all being led astray by it! (I don’t mean that. I think it was a work of art!)
    Michelle, you already know I’m right with you on the need for self-trust and going with the flow. Oh, if only I were a natural instead of an apprentice with both! I’ll keep you posted with the book!
    Tim, I hope your wife knows how lucky she is to have such a thoughful and clever husband. You arranged that beautifully! I hope you both have a wonderful anniversary!
    Lori, how about post-junior moments?? I’m not sure, it doesn’t quite get the sense of confusion/perplexity. That last one is a word, isn’t it? (Read pre-senior moment!) What age group do you teach BTW?
    Hi Julie! Hope things are good for you!
    Love to Paul and everyone,

  123. Mary says:

    Paulette, sorry!! The question on teaching was for you!
    Lori, sorry to you too for maybe giving you another blonde moment!

  124. Lori says:

    Mary, great idea–post junior moments!! But to save it a bad rap, I better stick with the blonde moments!! I have moments of total “blondeness” (probably not a word) but as I was born this way–I just have learned to live with it and laugh about it!! :?) As for teaching, it is Paulette who has been given that gift. I work as a loan officer in a credit union (scary, but true!!!).
    Mil, thanks for putting me down as a maybe. I am going to try my darndest to get there. I want to experience for myself that butt in all it’s yellow glory (as Michelle said) on a 9 ft screen!! I’ll probably never be the same again!! :?)
    Good evening to all!! :?)

  125. Diane says:

    Hello to Amber and Paulette. Glad you’ve joined us.
    Tim, you da’ man for romancing your wife. Happy 17th and many more!
    Michelle, thank you for your good wishes. Hanh, I know it will pass, but just not soon enough for me. I’m a very impatient kinda gal. Hmmm. I guess I’d better set time aside for meditation.
    Sally congratulations to your son-in-law! How exciting for him.
    Hugs also to Sally, Marge, Mary, Janice, Peter, Lori, Linda, Julie, Grandma Mil, Evelyn, Sherrlyn, Mercedes, Hanh, Mary, and Janice. Extra big hugs and healing vibes to Kelly. (Missing Dhiana and others. Hope to hear from you soon.) Ah yes, a squeeze to all of your animal companions. What a great blessing they are!
    And finally, sending good vibrations to Paul, his lower half (the famous derriere) and his better half Andrea, and the girls. Let this be the week for good news for us all!
    Love yuz,

  126. Paulette says:

    Hello to everyone.
    Mary, I teach 7th and 8th grade; that makes them 13 and 14 year olds.

  127. Evelyn says:

    Hanh, great comeback!!! And yes, let

  128. Mercedes says:

    Hi Grandma Mil, since I have been out of the loop lately, what is Pauls convention? Have you done your follies?
    I have gotten such a laugh reading the reactions to the visual of Paul in his yellow costume, see what you have done. ( its a good thing )
    I have been doing alot of soul searching lately and trying to figure out my path in life. I think I am almost there but you know how those stumbling blocks work, you think you are almost there and then something always pulls you back.
    Anyway had a nice day, worked out I am quite sore but feel good. Just wish Chicago would get warm sometime soon.
    Mil-How is Florida treating you? I am might be going to florida in April.
    Hi Paul,Evelyn and the rest of the PC’ers. 🙂

  129. Marge says:

    The most dangerous time with a horse,is getting on and getting off. I also have had a few moments like that. I have crashed & burned probably a dozen times. The worst was when I was riding, alone, in the rain, in the woods, getting dark, when my horse Irish stumbled (B4 Dartin) and fell to his knees, throwing me over his head. As he got up he put his knee in my side and broke my 7th & 8th rib toward the back. That was 23 years ago. Egad! When people fall or jump off a horse, the horse usually stops. I had to get back on and told Irish that it was up to him to get us home. It was 6 months before I could ride again, with a helmet, and two people on each side of the horse. Same thing after my quad by-pass. Horses get your “number” pretty fast and will test your experience. We don’t call it getting dumped or bucked off or just falling off a horse. We call that an emergency dismount. LOL When I was teaching, I had all my students practice the Emergency dismount.
    Here is the recipe for Apple Coffee Cake
    Mix together: 1 yellow cake mix, 1 can apple pie filling, and 4 beated eggs.
    Spread in 9×11 lightly greased pan.
    For topping, Mix together,
    1C brown sugar
    1 Tbsp flour
    1 Tbsp Butter
    1 Tsp cinnamon
    Mix together with fork or pasty cutter until crumbly. Sprinkel over top of cake batter.
    Bake at 350 Degrees for 45 minutes. ENJOY!
    This recipe can be served without the topping if your are cutting down on calories. I have forgotten to put it on a couple of times. It can also be served warm with ice cream.
    Very simple to do, my kind of recipe.
    I’m sure the brisket is done and gone by now. How did it turn out?
    Head up, ears forward, nostrils flaring & tail high.

  130. Peter says:

    Dear Evelyn, Nothing too cryptic! I have an opportunity to do something good for my family’s future, so I’m knuckling down hard.
    It will all be finished in a few short months, then it will be plain sailing. Phew.
    I guess I’m lucky.
    Damn, do I sound cryptic again?
    There’s an extra bonus to this. I’ve done it all by myself and I actually feel good about it.
    How about that.
    So, Evelyn, …how have you been?
    Hi Mary, Tim, Lori, Michelle & Diane.
    Diane, I wish you some relief, you poor dear.
    I’m sending good energy and plentiful strength your way.
    Cheers to all.

  131. Paul says:

    Elise – 14, Emily – 12, Erin – 8. And all gorgeous and really good people!
    Blue Dog are you still out there lurking from time to time?
    No news yet and I dont expect any until later in the week or even into next week. It is for TV and I will tell you about it when I know about it and when I am signed up for it.
    Timmer – congrats man on 17 years. Congrats to your wife too. There was a time a couple of years ago I wasnt sure if you and your wife would make it. I am very pleased for you guys. You have stuck by each other, toughed out the hard times and can now enjoy the good times. Marriage is full of its triumphs and it’s trials thats what makes it so good. But it is all the more fulfilling to get through them and still say I love you and I want to be with you forever. I wish you much happiness on the road to the next 17 years.
    Peter, a coffee and a Tim Tam before the next magnificent series of steps (read as episode) upon the road of life? I’m actually doing the herbal teas now, it makes for a calmer me.
    My healing light to Diane and to Kelly and love to you all.

  132. Mary says:

    Paul, I wish you the best outcome with your news.
    Diane, I wish you well in every sense.

  133. Mary says:

    Apologies for post coming in two halves!
    Kelly, I’ll be thinking of you especially tomorrow. I will light a candle and have a prayer meditation with the children in my class for you. I promise we will send as much healing thoughts and light as possible your way.
    Evelyn, I’d love it if you joined me reading this book. It’s very special and I’d love to reflect on its message with you. BTW, did you ever get that copy of the Jonathan Livingston Seagull soundtrack? And if you did, was it as good as you expected?
    Paulette, I teach 12 year old girls and I find that wherever they are at seems to suit where I am. I think they are probably in the very early stages of what your students are living through intensely. I find them open, interesting, wise and uplifting. They do me good.
    Peter, I wish you only the best with this endeavour. My thoughts on reading your last post were that your wife and children are very fortunate to have you as their partner/father. I hope your work is blessed and that you will take good care of yourself while it is in progress.
    This is not any big deal, but I would appreciate anyone’s thoughts on it nonetheless. I am about to commit to a year’s study – the final year of a course that I had to defer over the last two years. I had no choice but to do so as my energy and full commitment were needed in more important places in my life. Now that things have improved for me, I thought it better to finish it sooner rather than later. The problem is that I am now getting cold feet. It took a long time to build up the momentum to get to the point where I left off. And now it feels like I have lost all of it and that I am starting off in a vacuum. As the work will be essentially self-directed for this final year, I am really starting to wonder if I have it in me to get back to that point again, where I can launch myself. What I don’t want to do is start the year and then have to opt out. That’s what happened the first year I deferred. I suppose it’s just a case of losing confidence in my ability to do this and I’ll just have to build that up again.
    I hope you are all having a good day/night, wherever you are.
    Love to everyone,

  134. Hannah says:

    Hey all,
    So, was just browsing around n’ came to back to the corner. Have been reading all of the posts up here and love that everyone seems, no scrap that, is so close. Reading them shows the unique qualities of every single person who posts on here. I really think its great that everyone has a different story, style etc and yet one thing in common…need i mention his name?hehe
    Kelly, reading your posts has really touched me. Yours is a situation close to my heart, please accept my wishes and love. The last few months for me have been the toughest i’ve ever had to deal with, and although our stories are not totally the same i truly understand the great difference a kind word can make when you feel lost or lonely, which is why you are so lucky to have a circle here who show their care for you.

  135. Hanh says:

    Hi Mary,
    Yes, I think you should do it! The Nike ad agrees: Just Do It!
    I think the one thing in life that trickles away from us irreversibly is Time. Procastinating things we want to do is an insidious wasting of this most precious of things — it

  136. Lori says:

    Mary, I know where you are coming from. I sometimes think I would like a career change but it would mean going back to school. Then I think about my age and since I would have to work full time and only pick up a class here and there, I think about how old I’ll be when I finish–probably retirement age! Why I didn’t decide to follow this career path when I was young and still in college I have no clue but I didn’t and so I talk myself out of it every time the thought crosses my mind. I guess what I’m saying is don’t put it off!! Think of the sense of accomplishment you will have when you complete the work–plus it will be over and you won’t have to dread it anymore!! I think you’ll do great!!! I’ll be your cheerleader if you need one!! :?)
    Peter, your near future is sounding great. Good for you! I agree that your family is blessed to have you! Just take time to rest along the way so you are not so burned out you can’t enjoy the “plain sailing” that is ahead of you!
    Evelyn, oh my goodness, see I told everyone I was good for a laugh!! German, huh?? I would love to be able to speak a language other than English. I have tried Spanish and French and I don’t have a clue so I doubt I would be any better at German–I have a hard enough time speaking English most of the time!!
    Diane, you are in my thoughts and prayers today! Hope you are feeling some better!
    Marge, thanks for the recipe! I am thinking I may have to make it and bring to work to share. They seem to think I am “cooking illiterate” around here! :?)
    Last but not least, Paul, I am keeping good thoughts about this audition…the waiting would be driving me crazy!!
    To everyone else at PC–hello and smiles! :?)

  137. Hanh says:

    The more the Power of the Will is exercised, the stronger it becomes.
    I wrote this verse for you.
    Rise above your hesitations, my friend.
    Reach the centered balance
    with a calm and steady heart
    Sift out the inconsequential fear
    that is your self-imposed limitations.

  138. Hanh says:

    Meine Deutsche Professorin! Wie geht’s? Ich habe etwa drei Yahren am Universitaet Deutsch studiert. Habe noch meine Bueche davon! Der Shimmelreiter, Knulp, Besuch des Alten Dame, …
    Natuerlich, viel hab ich vergessen. 🙂

  139. Peter says:

    Paul, I freely admit to the odd coffee now and again, especially when I’m low on fuel, but I’ll have to pass on the Tim Tams (temptation in a biscuit), to help keep the kg’s down.
    I enjoy herbal teas too. I hope you are well and happy. You sound positively bouyant.
    Mary, Only look forward. Take the path that you are certain is right for you. Forget anything else. In the end, it’s only your happiness that’s important.
    Lori, No chance of burnout here! I’m aware that I also need rest (although it did take me a while to work out that I wasn’t really Superman). Thanks for your concern and goodwill.
    Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s off to work I go. Anyone seen my miner’s helmet?
    Cheers All.

  140. Sue says:

    I just finished watching Strictly Ballroom on the WE network for the umpteenth time and I became curious as to what became of the Aussie with a golden smile. I am so glad to hear that you will be starring in The Full Monty…cheers to you! I would also like to say how very much I admire you for continuing to “live” life while having some down time in your acting career. I have never understood out of work actors who refuse to work where they can to continue to thrive in the human race. You are a rarity and I applaud you for that. Your family must be very proud. All the best to you and yours…

  141. Paulette says:

    Evelyn and Mary, I teach art at a middle school. I do love my job. I like the high emergy level of the students, even though their emotions are up and down like a yo-yo. They are so social that it sometimes gets in the way of learning, but still I enjoy this age more than any other.
    They are enthusiastic and fun.

  142. Paulette says:

    Evelyn and Mary, I teach art at a middle school. I do love my job. I like the high energy level of the students, even though their emotions are up and down like a yo-yo. They are so social that it sometimes gets in the way of learning, but still I enjoy this age more than any other.
    They are enthusiastic and fun.

  143. Marge says:

    Happy 17th Aniversary. It is sooo wonderful that you have come out of your depression. Looking forward to your performance at FIF.
    We all would like to see some current photos of you and your family on the the “Pics” website. That most current one I have are from TFM of you with a thumbs up and the one lying flat on your back.
    You and Andrea also have a 17th aniversary this year don’t you? I give up, what is a Tim Tam? Something Ozzie?
    Good luck on the Coffee Cake. You can do it and your co-workers will love it.
    Head up, ears forward, nostrils flaring & tail high.

  144. Katalina says:

    Omgoodness..things have gotten lively round here..
    I was laffin about the Paul’s butt chat schtuff.
    very funny.
    You guys are having wayyyyyyy too much fun to be legal!
    Hugs to the PC

  145. Paulette says:

    Sorry, sent a double message. Guess I’m not as computer as I thought.

  146. Janice Duke says:

    Hi Peter,
    Your miners helmet is one the same self as Hanh’s pickelhaube and my Madonna bullett bra & flak camouflage knickers in case you’re looking for it.
    I’m thinking you’d probably look kinda cutsie in my camos. Yours to try on whenever you please. I’ll keep it secret. 🙂
    Conjours up quite an ensemble if we combine the above into one outfit!!

  147. KELLY says:

    Youre girls are BEAUTIFUL!! My son wants Elise’s phone number!! He lost excitement when I told him you all were in Australia. You and Andrea are very lucky. Thanks for sharing with Mil, and allowing her to share with us.
    How but one of the two lovebirds, now???? (thats you and Andrea, ya know)
    Love to all

  148. KELLY says:

    p.s. thanks to all for your kind thought and well wishes for tommorrow. I know everyhting will be fine. Please don’t worry.
    Love love and more love,
    Mil, you are the largest blessing of all on this site!! I will hold you in my heart forever.

  149. Janice Duke says:

    Hi PJM,
    I think you need to build a barb wire electrified fence to keep the boys away from your little beauties!!
    My Dad, the cop, would hold his own version of the inquisition if anyone dared to date me. My Mom forbid me to go out the front door if anyone had the nerve to honk the car horn for me. I’d tell my dates that my Mom was crazy, and if they beeped the horn, she’d run out and jump in the front seat of their car. She’d do it too!! She felt it showed disrespect not only to me, but to my Dad and her as well.
    Dad would never go to bed as long as I was out, and that was way into my 20’s. And that’s how it was at my house.

  150. Marge says:

    Gran Mil
    Thank you very much for the photos of Pauls, Girls.
    Your girls are gorgeous. When will Emily become a teenager? Pull your seatbelt a little tighter. You haven’t gotten the the top of the roller coaster yet. And Erin’s getting closer. One of my favorite photos is of you and Erin just after she was born. It shows your love for her. I love the one of Andrea and Erin also.also. When I first joined PC, I started a 3-ring binder of all your comments, and the Photos. I am going to have to get another binder to put just the photos in. Erin sure looks like you, she has your smile.
    Still want to know what a “Tim Tam” is.
    Head high, ears forward, nostrils flaring, tail up.

  151. Tim Hord says:

    Aunt Mil…
    I want to see the pic of the girls. They must be beautiful…who could expect less? You connected woman you!!!
    Things are going well. No incredible complaints so hey I keep on keepin on.
    Hey Paul…good luck…TV can be a wonderful thing. Just think about those actors from Friends. They made an incredible “TON” of money just from a sitcom. Even though money isn’t everything, (is would be a hell oflot to me right now), but it shure can make living a hell of a lot easier and offer a lot of fun.
    peace and love to everyone.

  152. Sherrlyn says:

    Mil: thanks for the pictures of Paul’s beauties.
    Paul and Andrea: I do not envy you with the male populace and those three beautiful girls. Somehow I feel they can handle just about anyone that comes along, just like their dad.
    Congrats on the audition, lovely ladies, another birthday and an upcoming anniversary. What else do you have to celebrate in the next few months? A new show perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.
    Nothing new here, just same old, same old. More taxes, more crisis with clients, amazing how so many seem to be living in crisis mode ALL THE TIME!!!!! Boss is doing better with the broken leg, put in a full day for most folks, only 3/4 of his usual day. Not quite so grumpy today.
    I think he may have finally realized his limitations.
    It’s past my bedtime, hope all is well with one and all. Special thoughts going to Kelly with the biopsy thingy tomorrow. ((())) for you.
    Hugs for everyone.

  153. Peter says:

    Janice, I’ll have to pass on the camos. You see, I was only joking about the miner’s helmut (at least that’s what I’m claiming) and besides, it just wouldn’t go with my purle suit.
    One has to keep up one’s image, even if it is only a figment of one’s own splendid imagination,…doesn’t one?
    Having said that, you’re still most welcome to borrow the helmet, complete with halogen light.
    Marge, A Tim Tam is a type of chocolate biscuit.
    They are very sweet and extremely rich. I myself have never tried one (do you believe me?).
    Paul was simply trying to lure me into submission to the dark side (I know his tricks). I must resist, I must resist, I must……

  154. Janice Duke says:

    Hi Peter,
    I do have a pair of satin purle neon knickers that would match perfectly with your suit. No one would suspect a thing unless you chose to tell them. I’m thinking the neon may take on a life of its own and shine right through your suit into unsuspecting eyes though. 😉
    You mentioned my most favorite thing in the world: CHOCOLATE!! The Tim Tam sounds truly decadent, and just the thing to overindulge myself on for my b’day in October.
    Today has always been the happiest day of my life because my son was born. At 12:37 pm, I became a mom. Happy B’day, John Thomas. His name John is from the Hebrew meaning “Gods Gracious Gift”, and he is. I’m loving you forever and then some.
    Kelly: Special healing thoughts for you this week. Feel better Diane & Inn.
    Till next time PC: head up, elbows high, and feet moving forward.

  155. Julie says:

    Thanks Paul for sharing those pictures of your three angels.
    All my best to your family,

  156. Rachel says:

    hi my name is Rachel i love this website it is a great way of making new friends its such a lovly thing that you do Paul you are a true inspiration. I too am a dancer in uk i may be fat but dancing is my life its what i was born to do you are a dancer yourself amd i just wandered if you had any tips for me as a young fat dancer do i have a chance?

  157. ana chung says:

    i just thought id drop by and say hello to everyone im always on this site but ive never written anything i never knew wot to say!!! but i just wanted to say hi to yu paul because i am a big fan of yours and Rachel, you shouldn’t feel that you can’t persue your dreams because of the way you look im sure you dance beautifully beauty is skin deep. To be able to dance must be a wonderful thing and im glad that you want to make friends because you have got a friend in me i wont give out my email adress because its dangerous but ill be on here tomorrow if you want we can talk about Paul and dancing xxxx see you soon Anaxxxxxxxxx

  158. Grandma Mil says:

    Janice, Happy Birthday to your John Thomas! Tell him Great Grandma Mil sends him big ((((HUGS))))
    and a big kiss for each year!
    I’m very gratified that all my chickies got the gorgeous pictures, and everyone agreed that they are certainly “eye candy for the masses.” (Thanks, Janice!)
    For those that did not get the pictures, it’s because I did not have your email address. Inn, Peter…
    Love and Peace,
    The Mil

  159. Whitney says:

    Hi Everyone! I’m going to post a quickie here as I’m so behind! How quickly that happens.
    I’ve been meaning to say that I I love Hanh’s posts. Hanh you’re a hoot and “…a breath of fresh air.” as Paul said. Was that your poetry I read? That was lovely.
    Kelly, you’re in my prayers and thoughts as well. The Cosmos wants you to be well and I’m believing for your complete recovery. It will happen.
    Mary, you better get your booty back in there and finish this school thing. It isn’t getting any cheaper and not doing so would negate all the hard work you’ve already accomplished. In a post below (I sometimes start from the bottom) someone said they looked back and were surprised at what they’d accomplished academicaly. I feel the same way about my undergrad and graduate degrees. If I can do it anyone can! You’ve done the hard stuff. This last phase of work is when you get to explore your discipline in the specific area you’ve been working toward. Now, if that isn’t something to get excited about, I don’t know what is. Work is totally meaningful. No one looking over your shoulder. More freedom with your schedule. You can do this and I’m guessing you’ll never forgive yourself if you don’t. Get on it girlfriend!!!
    Mil, thanks for sharing those pix of Paul’s family. I hope you have a wonderful day today.
    Paul and Andrea, it’s no surprise that your girls are gorgeous! Do any of them have an interest in film? Starting young would definitely be an advantage and they have the stability of your love to keep things in balance.
    Peter you sound great! Tim you do too!
    Hi Katalina, Evelynn, Sue and Everyone.

  160. Anonymous says:

    I’m reading more…
    Welcome Ana.
    Rachel you sound passionate about dancing and that’s so important. I hope you follow your dreams.
    Janice, my family didn’t appreciate a honk from the drive either. They didn’t stay up for me though and they allowed me to stay out too late. I would have rather had your situation. And Happy B’day to John Thomas.
    Sherrlyn, I’m glad your boss is better. I sure don’t envy you at this time of the year. I’m sending thoughts of patience and calm your way.
    Paulette, you obviously enjoy your job. We need more teachers like you.
    I better get to work. I miss coming here as often as I did initially, but I had to focus on my own situation more closely and I was spending way too much time on The Corner to do so.

  161. Mercedes says:

    Janice- I read your post on your dating scene during your teen and 20’s and I think your parents were totally right about the honking of horn and respect. I am in my late 20’s and people coming over know I will not answer to a horn.
    I was not allowed to date during high school it really was a stink too but now that I look back I was really spared from stupid crap.
    hi to all, Janice, Mil, Kat, whit, evelyn and …….
    Good day,

  162. Mzrge says:

    Sometimes people want to do something and keep putting if off and then regret is later in their lives. You can to it? Go for it!
    Thank you letting me know what a Tim Tam is. In the states, this would probably be called a cookie. It sounds very decadent. Like a potato chip, you probable can’t eat just one. Calories, Calories, Calories. Every once in a while, I get a chocolate attack. Because I am a diabetic I am not allowed more than one attack a month. Doctor’s orders!
    Don’t jealous, but we have an 18×24″ poster of a hunk of a rodeo rider, bare chested, wash board abbs, great muscles, cowboy hat, tight jeans, (can’t see his butt) with a large rodeo belt buckel, standing hip shot, holding a saddle. We keep it behind one of the sliding barn doors so the fellas won’t get upset.
    Gran Mil
    You remind me of my own Grandmother. She was my hero. There is not a day goes by when I remember something she said or did. I can still hear her voise. She lived to be 93. My daughter was fortunate enough to know her. Every year, I go to Vashon Island to visit her grave site and have a picnic with her of tunafish sandwiches, cold milk, and her plain cookies. My mother was never for me.
    Positive thoughts are going your way. Sounds like you are getting back on track.
    Head up, ears forward, nostrils flared, tail high.

  163. KELLY says:

    Hey all!!!!
    I went for my biopsy and they could not do it. Two of the tumers are next to blood vessels and they could nt biopsy them. They do not think they are cancer, they think they are jsut severly infected lymphnodes. The original lymphnode was inflammed 6 centimeters originally and it’s down to 4 centimetrs now. ( as I said before, one side of my neck was VISABBLY HUGE, now we know why) It’s still visably biggger but not as noticable. the other main tumor is only about 3 centimetrs so they are not too worried about that one, the others are less than 2 cm and they don’t really care about those. The are going to watch them and I will have another ultrasound of the area in a couple of weeks to see if there is more shrinkage. They said if it was cancer it would not have shrunk at all If so, no more appointments for a while!!! Till I get my shoulder surgery back on track. My husband and I were so happy!! WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!
    Isn’t it funny how I shared with you all what was going on a couple of weeks ago and you all sent positive energy my way. That’s when it started shrinking, thanks guys!!!! I needed the help !! I will always be here for all of you as you have been here for me. love you love you love you !! I do,, I LOVE YOU !!

  164. Tim Hord says:

    A quick note. Aunt Mil sent me the pics of your girls Paul and Andrea. WOW. You are in for it. They are all simply beautiful. The young men are going to be pounding at your door.
    Hope everyone is doing well. Stop and go here, but I don’t expect too much anymore that way I don’t get let down and enjoy what I do.
    peace and love to everyone.

  165. Mary says:

    Paul & Andrea, thanks for sharing the pictures of your beautiful girls. Their faces are just radiant!
    Millie, thanks for passing them on to us all!!
    Kelly, I hope you got through today okay. Thinking of you, as always.
    Diane, I hope you are feeling better. Continued healing prayers and thoughts for you too.
    Happy Birthday John Thomas!!!! I hope you have an amazing day!!
    Thanks to everyone who helped with thoughts and advice on my course. A low moment allowed old ways of thinking to creep back in for a while, but you’ve all helped me banish them again! The rush of positive energy from here was exactly what I needed! This is something I’ve always wanted to achieve and no way am I giving up now. I’m going for it!!
    Hanh, you write like you’ve known me for much longer than you have. Thanks for your wise words of encouragement, I’m taking them on board. I appreciate you sharing the story about your uncle. Very appropriate.
    The poem is beautiful. I can’t believe you wrote it for me! I’m very touched. I will write it down and treasure it, your first gift to me here.
    Lori, I don’t think I’ll be able to get the image of you cheerleading me on out of my mind! Thanks for the offer! I may need to take you up on it!!
    Peter, I love the way your mind works. Such clarity of thought really hits home. Thanks.
    Hi Katalina! Good to hear from you.
    Tim, it’s great to hear you in such good form. Wishing you good energy!
    Inn, how are you doing? I hope things are good for you.
    Whit, thanks for saying it like it is! You’re absolutely right about this year looking very fulfilling. I’m totally into my topic and will be writing from the heart as well as from the mind!
    Marge, thanks for the encouragement!
    Hi Michelle! Any more night visions???
    Welcome to Sue, Rachel and Ana!
    Hello to Janice, Paulette, Sherrlyn, Evelyn, Cara, Hannah, Mercedes, Julie and everyone else in PC. Take good care, one and all.
    Lots of love,

  166. Peter says:

    Kelly, What fantastic news! you must be incredibly relieved. I wish more positive energy your way.
    Diane & Inn: how are you both doing?
    Janice, Oh my you are a wicked one! But I dare not chance wearing anything else with the purle suit. It has a life of it’s own and may be offended. Besides, neon would be much too distracting in the semi-darkness of my secret cave. Oh bugger, I told someone. My cave is no longer secret!
    Happy birthday to John Thomas. My middle name is also John.
    Hi Whitney. How are you doing?
    Mary, I try to keep things simple. That way, it’s much easier for a simple man such as myself to understand them.
    Dear Mzrge, Do you know a lady named Marge? She sounds a lot like you. Grin.

  167. Mary says:

    Kelly!! You have made my day, my week, my month!!! May the good news continue!! I totally believe in the power of prayer and healing thoughts. I’ve had experience in my own life of how effective it can be. Keep thinking of all the love and positive energy that surrounds you here. There is an abundance of it for you. Whenever I turn my thoughts to you, I always get the image of you with your arms around your Dad’s neck , willing him to say he loves you!! It’s such a beautiful picture! I hope you feel embraced in the love of the Corner today!
    Take care,

  168. Peter says:

    Marge, I’ll keep a spare Tim Tam for you, just in case. I was going to get my tape measure out and send you the specifications, but just take my word for it that they are delicious, and yes, truly decadent!

  169. Mary says:

    Peter, when I think of you, many qualities come to mind. Simple ain’t one of them!
    Hope you have a good day!

  170. Lori says:

    Kelly, today has been a crazy day but I kept taking time to check to see if you had any news!! How wonderful!! I just knew if we surrounded you with positive healing thoughts and prayers you would get a good report!! Now if we can just get you through the surgery!!
    Thank you, Mil, for the pictures. I agree with everyone else here…Paul and Andrea, you have your work cut out for you in the future!! They are all beautiful! Such beautiful smiles!!
    Janice, happy birthday to John Thomas. I always like to read what you have written about your son….your love and pride shines thru every word you write!
    Mary, I’m there if you need me!! I’m just glad I can give you a smile when you think about me in the outfit!!
    Hello to everyone on PC–hope you all are having a great day!! :?)

  171. Michelle says:

    Kelly, I’m so happy to hear your good news! I’ll keep you in my thoughts as time goes on and your shoulder surgery comes around. That will be a breeze!
    Diane, love and light to you. At least you have politics to remind you how absurd life can be at times! I watched some of the 9/ll Commission hearings today which made me more frustrated than ever regarding our government.:( Have you been keeping up with your local political scene?
    Happy Birthday from Chicago John Thomas!!! And roses to your lovely Mom for bringing you into this world with love!
    Mary, no more visions as of yet. I’ve been trying to be good!
    Well, I went for my mammogram today. Let me just say, (with apologies to Paul, Peter and Tim), that I’m sure some man invented that machine with the complete knowledge and security that nothing attached to him would ever be compressed in it. There! I feel better now.
    Love to all of you,

  172. Cara says:

    Hello guys!!
    So sorry…I haven’t written in forever! I’ve had sooo many dance competitions and classes and my writing competitions and my niece was just born so I’ve been doing a lot of babysitting! But I just wanted to drop in to say hi and that even though i haven’t been typing I’ve been thinking about everybody! So Hi to Paul and the whole gang and I’m gonna go cacth up!
    love….Cara 🙂

  173. Paul says:

    Kelly that is absolutely wonderful news!

  174. Margie says:

    Hi Paul and all!!
    Been absent quite awhile lately. Check in every once in a while. Seems I’ve missed tons of new folks and lots of happenings. The only things I remember right now are Kelly’s cancer scare and Tim’s medicinal recovery! Happy anniversary Tim. Mark and I will be 17 years in October.
    Kelly, I was praying for you. I’m glad that everything worked out. I know that the “vibes” in this group are pretty magic!
    Like Tim, I’ve been dealing with the issue of Bi-Polar.. Only it’s my eldest daughter, 13. I’ve been diaganosed with ADD at almost 40!!! I’ve been on some meds for about three weeks now and can honestly say I haven’t raised my voice in anger but one time!!!!
    Had some unexpected guests recently. My best friends husband got a day job. He was a stay-at-home dad. Guess who inherited all the kids??????? hahahha
    Anyway, will try to dig my way free for a few once in awhle and catch up!!!
    LOve to you all,
    P>S> Paul, Millie sent me some pictures of your girls. They are truely lovely. Isn’t it amazing how they look like us, yet also look just like themselves!!!

  175. helen says:

    Dear Paul,
    When I should have been meditating, I was sitting and composing this message to you. During the past month I have skimmed some of the messages from your very ardent and loyal followers. Often feeling like an interloper, I hesitated posting a message. But, here goes.
    While you may not wish to be stereotyped or remembered for a past work, I must begin this post by saying I discovered you when I saw, by happenstance, a few scenes from Strictly Ballroom, on television (Actually I did not know the name of the movie at first. But, after searching the internet, I discovered the tile and then ordered the DVD. I thought I was enamored with the movie because of Bas L

  176. Sherrlyn says:

    Yeah!!! Kelly.
    So Thrilled to hear the good news.
    Where treatments are concerned I could use some good news today.
    We lost another client today to cancer. She was 83 and had really suffered this month. Her husband of 50+ years is legally blind, wears hearing aids and is going to be lost without her.
    Fortunately they do have a daughter living here that will be able to help him. Very sad, they were a very sweet couple.
    Boss was still at work when I left, said the leg was paining him today, but he did at least eat before he took his pain meds at lunch so he wasn’t light headed this afternoon.
    Must get ready for bed, I’ve been going in between 7:30 and 8 to try to stay on top of my work, seems I spend all day fetching this, copying that, filing this, hunting down this file or something else. Of course it is easier for me to do than the boss trying to get around on his crutches. Anyway it makes for a long day and I feel like very little has been accomplished.
    Hugs to all in PC land.

  177. Paul says:

    Dear Rachel, thanks for your post. It is a little hard to know how to answer your question with out some more info. For instance how old are you, do you want to be a professional dancer, what style of dance do you do, why do you dance, how over weight are you, can you say why you are overweight etc
    Nothing can stop you dancing if that is what you want to do. If however you really want to have a career as a dancer then you have to make that choice and that also means making some desicions about your body shape. I recently was asked to lose weight for a role I was acting, singing and dancing in, I agreed to the request and lost about 9 kilos. Sadly most classical ballet dancers are rake thin (unhealthly so) but the fact is if you are over weight it is unlikely you or I would get a job with a company that has all of it’s dancers like that. Contemporary and commercial dance companies certainly have normal looking people in them and by that I mean in a normal or healthy weight range and often even bigger people because it is about what is inside of them and how it comes out when they move and not about being skinny like in a ballet company.
    Importantly Rachel it is about you feeling good about you. Dancing is a great expression that can lift you to great heights – enjoy it. Dont make it about being bigger or smaller than the person next to you. Go to a nutritionalist and check out if indeed you are over your recommended weight and then if you are and you want to be a professional dancer then get professional help and advice to develop a program that will help you to achieve the healthy weight range for your body type in a healthy and positive manner – this is a long term decision and life style choice. Many people in the arts do this to maintain not just their over all look and fitness but for a healthy lifestyle.
    Rachel if you are smart, if you are dedicated and if you have a positive attitude you always have a chance.
    ps whenever I say to myself I am fat, strangely I seem to get fatter!! When I say to myself “your looking good Paul” yep I certainly start looking better!! Confidence in your self is really important, seeing yourself in a positive light is very very important. Body, mind and soul – work these three areas equally in your life and you will be unstoppable!

  178. Janice Duke says:

    Hi PC,
    Rachel: See a physician before you start any type of weight loss program. My son, John Thomas, the birthday boy lost 70 pounds on Weight Watchers. He lost 10 pounds a month for 7 months. He has been at his goal weight for almost 3 years now.
    His health has been better after his weight loss. He has not had any asthma/breathing diffulties, has much more energy and stamina, and his blood work is improved. He says he needed to make wiser food choices and to incorporate exercise into his daily regimen. When he was overweight, he provided himself with the lifestyle to support it. That is, he had junk food in the house, and ate fast food.
    He provides himself with a positive lifestyle that supports his weight loss. He redefinded his relationship with food, what it meant to him, and the emotional feedback it provided for him. Food issues need to be addressed through food choices. Emotional issues can be addressed through counseling. My son was “medicating” his emotional issues with food.
    Good luck!!

  179. Julie says:

    Good morning all!
    Kelly, this is wonderful news. Now you can move on, enjoy life and not worry. What a great feeling! And I assume I will be seeing you at the PC convention here is sunny Fort Lauderdale.
    Grandma Millie, hope all is well with you and Elliot and hope the rehearsals and auditions are bringing in some good talent.
    In other news…
    I was able to get approval my loan for school now I have to decide if I want to take the plunge and actually enroll. AHHHHH!
    Take care All make it a beautiful day or night where ever you may be,

  180. Kelly says:

    Congrats on the financing. I think you should go for it. I always wanted to go to collage but the folks could not afford it. I am very proud of you. YOU GO GIRL. aS FOR GOING AHEAD WITH MY LIFE, YOU BETTER BELIVE IT. I still have to go for ultrasounds every 2 weeks till they are gone. As long as they keep shrinking, we are o.k..
    The upside to my shoulder surgery haveing to wait is, now I will be off work during baseball season and I won’t have to take so much vacation time this summer, and can save it for the fall. (football !) (I get 100% paid leave for up to 12 weeks when I am off with my surgery).
    My son will be a freshman in high school next year! eeeeech I am old!
    Diane, you are always in my thoughts and prayers,
    Love to all

  181. Mary Ellen says:

    Great news, Kelly! I must admit that I was quite worried because I have a friend who had some similar things going on and was diagnosed with cancer of the tonsil. She’s fine now, but it was rough.
    It’s a grey, windy, old day here, and we will have some rain later. The trees are budding and early flowers are gorgeous. Of course, there are those of us who walk around with our noses running all of the time.
    My darling daughter, age 12, made all “A’s” on her
    report card this quarter. She usually makes 1 “B” in math so she is quite excited. Next week her school has their standarized tests and she is planning what to wear. I know this sounds funny, but she will only wear comfy clothes while testing. She wants to concentrate on the tests. This may be why she does so well on them. It may mean that we would all do well at whatever if we can wear comfy clothes.
    Paul, isn’t it amazing that we can convince ourselves that we are looking fat or that we are looking good?
    I have always thought that one needs one or two
    great-looking and fitting outfits, and whatever else is going on, you’ll look good, and perhaps the spirit will be a little brighter. My mom and the women of her generation said the same thing about hats and a new lipstick. My husband feels that way about a good bike ride.
    Love to the gang!
    Mary Ellen

  182. Grandma Mil says:

    Just want to say hello to everyone, and thanks to Paul and Andrea for allowing us all to enjoy those pictures of their beautiful daughters.
    When one reaches 71, special favors go along with the honor of being “a senior”. I was thrilled to be able to send the pictures on for everyone’s enjoyment, with the blessing of Paul
    and Andrea. Stay tuned!
    Kelly, we are all thankful for your news! All that prayin’ and hopin’ and lovin’ paid off! Now we’ll work on Diane!
    Julie, congratulations, you’re doing the right thing! Mary, just follow your heart and do it! No regrets someday!
    I was 40 when I went back to get my teaching degree, taught for 21 years, and am retired with my Stud Muffin for 13 years, and glad I took that step so long ago.
    Marge, I hope that at 93 I will still be lipsyncing and producing my shows! I am honored that I remind you of your dear Grandmother.
    Right now, the rehearsals for “Follies, 2005” are going so well, and the list of names for FIF has reached 15!
    I will soon be calling the hotel reservation clerk to set aside rooms for us. I assume that many of you would want to share a room with 4 in a room, or maybe just a single with one double bed.
    The charge for 4 in a room is $109 a night, and a single room about $98.00 a night. That $109 will be divided by 4, so that’s a good deal! I have to order soon, for Febr. in Florida is the height of the season, but believe it or not, the weekend rates are cheaper than during the week!
    I would expect the weekend to be a Saturday, (Febr. 5th) check-in, and checkout on Monday, Febr. 7.
    The morning matinee of “Follies” is on that Monday, from 10 a.m. to 12 noon.
    That would give everyone a chance to make reservations late Monday afternoon to fly home.
    The airport, (Ft. Lauderdale International) is only 20 minutes from the hotel, and only 30 minutes from our big Theatre.
    Of course, if anyone wants to stay longer, Tuesday night and Wednesday night are the ticketed performances!
    The Monday Morning Matinee is for the cast’s family and friends from out-of-town only, and that’s when Tim will be doing his tap routine!
    Peace and Love,
    The Mil

  183. Anonymous says:

    Aaachoooooo, sniffle, sniffle. Pollen count is way up. Dandelions are competing with my grass and flowers. I have used my new mower again. It’s great to have a “key start” mower.
    Gran Mil.
    My Grandmother would stop whatever she was doing and play with us. When she in the nursing home, she would occasionally escape. (they had alarms on all the doors) One morning the home got a call from the police saying that think they had captured one of their “inmates”. It was Gramma, They found her walking down the middle of an arterial in her nightgown with her IV stand. It was quite a ways from the nursing home. Being a Norwegian she had a stubborn streak.

  184. Anonymous says:

    Gran Mil.
    My Grandmother would stop whatever she was doing and play with us. When she in the nursing home, she would occasionally escape. (they had alarms on all the doors) One morning the home got a call from the police saying that think they had captured one of their “inmates”. It was Gramma, They found her walking down the middle of an arterial in her nightgown with her IV stand. It was quite a ways from the nursing home. Being a Norwegian she had a stubborn streak.
    Aaachoooooo, sniffle, sniffle. Pollen count is way up. Dandelions are competing with my grass and flowers. I have used my new mower again. It’s great to have a “key start” mower.

  185. Marge says:

    Gran Mil.
    My Grandmother would stop whatever she was doing and play with us. When she in the nursing home, she would occasionally escape. (they had alarms on all the doors) One morning the home got a call from the police saying that think they had captured one of their “inmates”. It was Gramma, They found her walking down the middle of an arterial in her nightgown with her IV stand. It was quite a ways from the nursing home. Being a Norwegian she had a stubborn streak.
    Aaachoooooo, sniffle, sniffle. Pollen count is way up. Dandelions are competing with my grass and flowers. I have used my new mower again. It’s great to have a “key start” mower.

  186. Marge says:

    Sorry there was a server clitch! Marge

  187. Katalina says:

    quickflyby hi to the lovely PC gang.
    Miss you guys.
    Hi back to mary, whit and hey to Inn and everyone….
    good news Kelly. big (((hugs)))
    yay for Paul’s image coaching! work from the inside ye???!! that’s so naaaaawce! i think i’m of the same mindset of the “I’m looking good theory…as opposed to the I’m getting fatter dialogue..”
    I’ve been buying clothes lately that are much too small at first, and then watching as I creep into them and then end up going down some sizes…it’s working! (finally) *smile* ok..the water drinking and other veggie attention and moving de body more thang helps too! hahahah
    besos to the corner
    latte luv,

  188. Janice Duke says:

    Hi Gran Mil,
    I went back to college at age 41, and I think I appreciated education so much more at that age that when younger.
    I used to moan “look how old I’ll be when I finish school!!” A friend said to me “you’ll be the same age if you don’t finish school, so you may as well go back.” I’m glad I did. I was usually the oldest in every class I took, and really appreciated the enthusiasm of the young kids. On the other hand, they appreciated how hard I worked to finish with usually the highest grades in the class while working full time to support myself. I’m living proof that it can be done having maintained a 4.0 average throughout it all!!
    I once mentioned to my Dad that I was “lucky” to have done well in a particular course. His response was “you worked so hard for it.” You would be “lucky” to do well only if doing did nothing to earn or deserve it.”
    Healing thoughts to all in need. My John Thomas thanks you for your b’day wishes. I love him for being my son, but truly like him for the man he is. It doesn’t get better than that. I’m a blessed girl.
    Till next time PC. Elbows up, head high, and feet moving forward. Has anyone figuered out who tuaght me this??? No, not my son.

  189. Sherrlyn says:

    Well another crisis has befallen my sister and her obstinate son. Seems he was working for or with a kid that was buying stolen Motorcycles, bringing them into his shop, refurbishing them and selling them. How much of this buying and selling was being done on e-bay, I’m not sure, but seems sis has known about all this for at least 2 months, tried to tell the dummy and he wouldn’t believe her. Now he has no job, no money, no place to live and no transportation.
    Rather than get out and find a job, he called our parents and asked if he could come back to the farm. “Its the only place he can work and actually get paid and save any money, and he really wants to save some money so he can go back to school.” HORSEFEATHERS!!!!! He wants to go back to the farm so he won’t have to report to a job 6 days a week for minimum wages. And when the weather is bad, he can sit at home and watch TV or sleep all day. I saw that coming long before I heard the train. His poor pitiful me doesn’t fly here anymore but once again commond sense has been overruled by familial love.
    Must go do some thing usefull, really didn’t seem to get much accomplished to day, but stayed busy. Feel awful, didn’t sleep well last night, may unplug my phone and go to bed.
    Hugs to all on PC ((())).

  190. Mary says:

    Hi Janice. Your Dad, right?? John Thomas sounds like a fine young man. You’ve obviously done a great job.
    Diane, wishing you healing tonight. I hope you are feeling better.
    Julie, that’s great news! You sound like you are ready for a new challenge.
    Kelly, it’s great reading your post! You sound in great form. Someone is going to have to explain to me the deal with baseball and American football. I don’t really get either but I’d love to! We don’t have anything like them here. Continued good wishes to you.
    Mary Ellen, your daughter sounds very clued in.
    Millie, co-ordination of FIF couldn’t be in better hands! Thanks for that.
    Marge, sorry you’ve been feeling low. It’s amazing how that can creep up on you. I hope the meds continue to work for you. Take care.
    Hanh and Lori, hope you are both well.
    Welcome to Helen and best wishes to Paul, Katalina, Michelle, Inn, Peter, Sherrlyn, Whit, Julie, Tim, Margie, Paulette, Rachel, Ana, Sue and all the familiar faces. Cara, it’s good to see you back!
    Love to everyone,

  191. Mercedes says:

    Hi to all on PC,
    I guess I am looking for words of wisdom, see my boyfriend is quite upset that his job has been off-shored to India. Well like I mentioned he is rather cranky and I would like to cheer him up but I dont know what to say to him. Maybe I should not try at all? help….

  192. Julie says:

    Hi All!
    Mary and Janice thanks for the encouragement and a special thanks to Grandma Millie for her encouragment over the phone yesterday. I’m going to go for it.
    The PC convention Fort Lauderdale…I was talking Grandma Millie yesterday about this super dooper event. She’s excited and looking foward to everyone comming (at least everyone who can). The hotel she’s picked out for the event is fantastic and very Florida.
    As I told Granma Millie this will be a team effort, me being a part of the team. For those who would like to stay a day or two longer after Follies and after the showing of SB on the big screen for that week-end, I would like to make arrangemts to give a tour of the heart of Fort Lauderdale (with Millie’s permission), the Beaches on the AIA, the Museum of Art, historical Bonnett House (which can be found online at Bonnetthouse.com), and a stroll down the famous Las Olas Blvd where you can browz the poshy shops and have lunch at one of the number of cafe’s that are along the blvd. And of course a stop at the famous Waxy O Conners for a real Irish pub experience that tourists and boat people come to enjoy especially their famous beer battered fish and Chips.
    Remember you all can do a search on the fort lauderdale chamber of commerce or tourism info to get an idea of what our area is like. February is the perfect time to come down here right before spring break and the weather is still in the mid to upper 70’s.
    Take care!

  193. Grandma Mil says:

    Hey, Julie, how about you taking me and Stud Muffin on that tour of Ft. Lauderdale, and leaving the guys and gals in the movies, watching Strictly Ballroom????? (Just kidding, of course, folks!)
    Julie and I talked about that weekend, and with her input, it should be extra wonderful…we think it could turn out to be a Tour Grande Extraordinaire!
    Peace and Love,
    The Mil

  194. Janice Duke says:

    Hi PC,
    Mary: no, not my Dad.
    Sherrilyn: Negative behavior requires strong negative feedback. Seems your young man has yet to learn that there are consequences to his choices. If not now, when???? Family needed to decline the impulse to enable him, and make him stand or fall on his own.

  195. Mary says:

    Had a lovely reminder today of all things Australian. A group from Sydney – Destination Education – sends a representative every year to primary schools in Ireland to give a talk/presentation on something scientific. The standard is excellent and the children in our school look forward to the visit every year. Today’s talk was on Antarctica and was given by an enthuasiastic young guy who had them enthralled. It was so lovely to spend the afternoon listening to the wonderful Aussie accent!
    Julie, the tour sounds fantastic! Looking forward to visiting Waxy’s place and checking out its authenticity!!
    Hope everyone in PC is well tonight.
    Love to all,

  196. Tim Hord says:

    Jeez this thread is getting so large.
    Kelly what outstanding news. I’m so very happy for you. AWESOME.
    I am one of those that has regretted not going back to school. When I first graduated from college I thought about a masters and then decided against it. Then I considered law school and again decided against it. Stupid student loans over my head so I felt the NEED to work. I’m able to do what I love now, which is hair, and I did have to go to “beauty college” to enable me to sit for the state exam, however, looking back…I wish I had gone ahead and gone to law school. I’ve even thought about it now…b/c of all the financial issues I’ve had. Hell at least a lawyer gets a great starting salary here.
    Personally I can’t wait for the follies. I’m dreaming up ideas for what I’m going to do. I’m building up my confidence now through the show we’re going to do in May. The Chicago piece is going to be a blast. I have to lip sync and do a solo dance. And this is only my second year in tap. But I wouldn’t trade it for ANYTHING. It’s another one of those things I always wanted to do as a child. I remember watching TBS when I was a kid and would see Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire do their thing and say man I want to do that. Of course I wanted to be in movies too. At least I get to dance. Plus I’m signed up to take an acting class. So you see, don’t put off things that you want to do. JUST DO THEM! You’ll look back in a couple of years and go WOW..look at me now.
    So Paul any updates? Still sending positive energy your way. And again you and Andrea are blessed with three beautiful daughters. And I’m sure they are just as beautiful inside as well.
    Big hug to everyone. It’s getting warmer in Atlanta thank god. I just don’t like cold weather. One of my neighbors is moving to San Diego. I just cried. I want to go too.
    Oh well…
    peace and love

  197. Diane says:

    Paul and Andrea, your daughters are beautiful and they look like a spunky bunch. You do indeed have your work cut out for you!
    Peter, Mary, Kelly, Paul, Michelle and all…
    I’m feeling a bit better these past three days. Hoping it will last.
    Kelly, I’m so happy for you. I continue to wish you full and swift healing. And no, you are not getting old as your son starts high school. You are moving into your prime in preparation for becoming a “wise-woman”.
    Healing wishes to Linda and Inn and others who are grappling with health issues.
    Janice, belated birthday wishes to John Thomas. I can feel the intensity of your love for him when you write and I know he must be a wonderful young man. Big squeeze to him.
    Mary, you’ve heard it from the best here

  198. Melinda says:

    Hello everyone,
    I used to read posts all the time, but some how life has taken so much time I have not been able to revisit until recently. Not yet read all the posts (actually only the first three), but I wanted to add to what Lori said about Paul’s kindness, because surprising to me when I read those posts I became teary eyed. The reason was not sadness, but what they were saying really touched me, because I felt it. I came on board long ago to say I wanted to dance, Paul and everyone here was so suportive I took my first dance class. Which took a lot of courage–me being over weight, well right now I am ten pounds lighter and this is only the start. So Paul, what can I say, but wow, your my hero, from my heart to everyone.

  199. Sara W says:

    Hi everyone. Has any of you who post on Paul’s Corner seen the PASSION OF THE CHRIST yet? I have and let me tell you that it’s a good movie. Although, some of the scenes might stay with you for a few days.
    Paul, have the movie reached Australia yet? If you do see it, let me warn you. Some of the scenes are intense. Also, the movie is subtitled, Hebrew and Aramic.
    How is your I, Robot project going?
    Sara W

  200. Mary says:

    Tim, I love the way you’ve rediscovered the part of you that was meant to dance. And now acting? You are an inspiration to me to go chase my heart’s desire. Thank you.
    Diane, it’s good to hear from you! I’m glad to hear you are feeling better. Quality time with hubby sounds like a good prescription to build on that! Enjoy! Love and healing to you.
    Thanks for the good wishes. I feel so much more positive about the path to take now. I have come to realise lately that I am approaching a crossroads in my life in many ways and along with the excitement that brings, I have been experiencing a certain amount of self-doubt. But deep down, I feel sure and happy. I love what you said to Kelly re:destination ‘wise-woman’! I just want to reach out and embrace the future, older me! No way would I give up my growing sense of who I am for the younger me. Kelly, trust me…it just gets better and better!!
    Melinda, I wasn’t around when you posted before, but I remember reading Paul’s reply and the replies of others here to you when I was catching up on old posts. They were certainly inspiring. I’m so happy for you that you fulfilled your dream to dance. I wish you the very best for the future!
    I think this might be post two hundred! Two hundred posts in seven days – is that some kind of record for the Corner???
    Love to Paul and all,

  201. Anonymous says:

    Sara W,
    I have seen it and I am with you , it’s excellent!
    I felt inspired and motivated and very appreciative of Jesus, and life in general.
    I will get the dvd for sure!

  202. Dhiana says:

    Hellooooo Everyone!
    Ok, wait…now let me get this straight:
    Paul’s shaving his back instead of his butt, Tim’s horse is celebrating 51 yrs of being cancer-free, Millie and Ellie 17yrs of dressage lessons, and Janice is feeling secure because she’s polishing Peter’s future, right?
    How’d I do?
    GOD I’m good!

  203. Janice Duke says:

    Hi Dhi,
    Sounds right to me!! 😉

  204. Dhi says:

    Ok, seriously…glad to see everyone’s moving through their lives as planned. Peter, darling, you are STILL not being blatant, but that is perfectly allright. We look forward to seeing you reap the benefits of all this work.
    Things have been wild on this end–St. Patty’s Day celebrations everywhere (our band has been asked to go to Ireland–eek!), kids’ hockey, went on a spiritual retreat with my sis-in-law (omg, omg, omg…life affirming/changing stuff there) and lots going on with the farm plan and the house. (I’m getting my sheep soon! YAY! No more knitting with fake fiber! happy dance…) and work has picked up considerably. Never mind the two feet of snow we had last week. Bleck! Spring showers are here today, 55 F degrees and the daffies and hyacinth have popped up and are ALMOST brave enough to open. (omg, the guys in the next office are singing “Who do Fools Fall In Love…” they’re SOFTWARE developers…they, as a breed, aren’t known for their harmonic concordances. GAWD!)
    Have missed you guys. (KATALINA…double caramel latte, 20oz, on the double girl!!! I tip well!) Merc, glad you stopped in. Kelly, hon, YES there is a really good reason that your tumors have decreased…it’s called L*O*V*E and it came your way, girlfriend! “Goodonya” for catching it! 😉
    Paul’s Butt – smooch 😉 heeheehee
    Janice – good luck with “the girls”. I’ve recently “upped” my wardrobe (read = “she tossed her 15yr old undies and poor excuses for brassieres!”) and life just has a whole new look to it from up here (so they say…the girls that is!). 😉
    Allright, best go before Cat decides to ban me. Not that she would, the dear girl, but seriously…Peter’s blushing. I can tell. 😉

  205. Mary says:

    Energy levels UP!! She’s back!!!
    Dhiana, thanks for the LOLs!!

  206. Michelle says:

    Dhiana, you did get NEW underwear, didn’t you? You haven’t started going commando? Just checking. Free spirit that you are, it wouldn’t surprise me!!:)
    Happy Weekend to the Corner!
    Love from Chicago,

  207. Peter says:

    Dhiana, Oh dear one,..what do you mean: “still not being blatant”? Have I miss something? Please explain. I am a bit slow sometimes.
    What do you see in my writings that I can’t?
    Lovely to see you in such fine spirit, or was that spirits (some past saint, an angel, gin, vodka, whatever).
    Blush?..surely you jest, woman!
    Oh, BTW, welcome back. You really must tell us more in regards to the life changing experience! This smells of mystery and warrants further discussion.
    On a entirely different note, life has once again reminded me of my place in the world.
    My uncle (birth mother’s brother) and his wife have graciously offered me an invitation to their eldest son’s wedding. This is quite an honour, and all of my birth family will be there, including a number of relatives that I am still yet to meet.
    Of course, my BM will also be there. I have not seen her for 3 years and have no plans for that to change.
    I declined the invitation, because I did not want the happy event to degenerate into a circus as a consequence of my presence. I guess it’s just the legacy of being me. My uncle was deeply saddened but he understood.
    Oh well, I’ll send a card!
    To all PC’ers – have a lovely weekend, from downunder.
    Bluedog, are you still out there? I’m still wearing my 45.4 litre hat in your honour, with chaps and spikes up the wahoo!

  208. GRANDMA MIL says:

    Hello, my darlings, wherever you are, north, south, east or west, England and Ireland, and Down Under, and all the ships at sea…
    “I, Robot” is opening in July here in Florida. The only reason Ellie and I would want to see it, would be to see Paul’s name in the credits.
    It doesn’t seem like a grannie movie to me, more for our teenagers, but then what do I know?
    Re: Paul’s Convention
    (1) I have come to the conclusion that single rooms, with a double bed for two, is the better option, than cramming 4 in a room, with one bathroom! If there is any dissent, please let me know!
    (2) My first choice of motel-hotel was the “Marriott Courtyard”, but it only serves breakfast, not complimentary, and a van would have to be rented in order to get everyone around for the other meals, some sightseeing, and my show, and the airport going home.
    Ellie and I found a “Quinta Inn” that is surrounded by fast food places, and has a complimentary breakfast, and is a bit closer to the airport and our village.
    My choice? Pricewise, the Marriott, per room, is a bit cheaper, because breakfast is not included,
    and I love it the most, because it is so YOU, my dear chickies, so beautiful, so the best of Florida! The distance between the La Quinta and the Marriott is at most 7 minutes up the street.
    The cost: Your airfare, the cab back and forth to the airport (about 10 miles each way) the shared cost of the hotel room,(about $94.00 per night for a double,) and the shared cost of a rented van or a driver, plus your meals, wherever you choose to eat.
    Ellie and I will try to reduce the driving costs by using our car, and Julie has offered her service also, but right now I have a list of 14 people that have professed interest in attending the Convention.
    I know that number will probably change, but I am working on the assumption that it will not!
    Any suggestions? You know where to find me!
    Peace and Love,
    The Mil

  209. Julie says:

    Hello All!
    Dhiane, nice to hear you’re in good spirits and send some of that energy to Florida!
    Anyhoo, I encourage all who can come next year to the PC convention to do so. It’s going to be unforgettable fabulous time here in in sunny Fort Lauderdale. Hopefully next time Grandma Millie and I get together we will discuss the itenerary in more detail and come up with the most fabulous vacation experience for all!
    Got to go to the gym now. I hate the gym! Especially on Sat mornings. I’d rather kiss Paul’s butt.
    Sorry I couldn’t resist making a yoke.
    Dhiane I’m sure I’ll be following close behind if you get banned by cat.
    Peter I know you’re blushing.
    Have a great week-end!

  210. Mary says:

    Peter, re:your cousin’s wedding – I can understand why you have decided not to attend, but please don’t think that your inability to do so is based on any legacy of yours. It is your BM’s denial of the truth that has created a potentially awkward situation, and in your graciousness, you are choosing not to expose your family to that. I can understand why your uncle is deeply saddened by the fact that you will not be there to share the occasion with his family. He obviously recognises your ‘place in the world’ – a place of truth, value and worth, a place you have built up for yourself without the basic input from the woman who gave birth to you and is blind to what a fine human being she has brought into this world. I am sorry for any pain this has caused you in the past, but I am also sorry for her, for when she at last realises what she has missed out on – in this life or the next – I imagine her regret will be difficult to deal with. Remember, her blindness does not alter the truth of the situation – your family want you to be there. The fact that you can’t be is sad but in no way a reflection on you.
    Millie, you are building up the atmosphere very nicely! Thanks for all the effort you are putting in to make FIF an amazing reality!
    Julie, thanks to you too!
    My love to Paul and everyone in PC,
    Have a great weekend!

  211. KELLY says:

    Why not go to the wedding, and not the reception.
    I am sure the bride and groom want you there or they would not have invited you. At least at the wedding, you can go in and be seated and you r bm won’t have the opportunity to approach you as everyone will be seated till after the ceramony. After the ceramony pay your respects to the bride and groom quickly , if possible, say hi toyour uncle, and leave. That way you are paying your respects and you’re showing them you care enough to overcome the uncomfortableness your bm is causeing, just for them. They will know you really care. You never know, you may have a chance to meet those in your birth family you have not yet met, wihtiut hanging around long enough for your birth mother to get up the nerve to talk to you. Just a suggestion, I have no experience in this kind of situation so I believe me, I don’t pretend to be an expert.
    Love to all….
    P.S. My son had a baseball scrimmage to day and he pitched great! We won 18 to 5. yahooooo!! I v’e been waiting for this season to start, and it’s finally here!

  212. Peter says:

    Mary, thankyou for your understanding and words of truth.
    We all have to make some sacrifice. For the moment, it appears that it is mine. I’m OK with that (or at least, I will accept it).
    Kelly, clever suggestion. I must admit that I hadn’t thought of that option. It seems that our minds can cloud up when emotion takes over, no matter how much we try to kid ourselves that we’re OK with it.
    In this situation, I don’t know that it would work. There’s just too much complication and potential spillover. But, I’ll think about it. Thanks again.

  213. Helen says:

    Hi Paul and to you All,
    I have just returned from San Antonio, home of the Alamo, where I had a conference to attend. I want to say “THanks!” to all of you who sent welcomes to me–as a new reader/responder.
    And, especially, for you Paul, I will chant for you.

  214. Amy says:

    I’m new to PC and don’t know your history, but it seems to me that this is the bride and grooms day, not your birth mother’s. If they want to see you on that day, please don’t let her to continue affecting you (and having control/power over you) and your life. Enjoy the celebration!

  215. Peter says:

    Amy, Thanks for the words of support. Unfortunately, it’s far from a simple issue and is an unusual and rather extreme situation.
    There’s too much risk that the day would be spoilt for others. I won’t carry that on my conscience.

  216. Dhiana says:

    Ok, ok, I know there are two more recent posts, but I am one who likes to keep the thread conversations in the same place, physically. Sort of. IS this “physical space”? I’m thinking not…ANYHOOBIES…
    Peter, oh Mysterious One…I just meant by your not being blatant about the heavy stuff in your life and the private matters you are dealing with. They’re PRIVATE, that’s what I was affirming. That of course you shouldn’t feel pressured to spill the entire length of your intestines on this site. Just a few feet. 😉
    Anyway, you’d asked about the life changing stuff from my retreat. FIRST of all, let me say that it is due to my sis-in-law that I even went (she paid for the cabins, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to go) as she’s a Massage Therapist and could write it off as educational. Which it totally was.
    The seminar/workshop was on something called “conscious dreaming”, whereby you work with your dreams to make your life better, to understand events that have happened and that will happen to you and your loved ones, and to ultimately, LIVE your dreams…seeing the “synchronistic” and “coincidental” things (and ya KNOW where I stand on that issue) and incorporating them, hell MAKING them Your Life. Ok, I was jiggy with working with your dreams. So I went.
    My SIL and I were there early, stretching (Shelia was) and crochetting (yep, that’s me, relaxing my mind before a mental work out!) and the moderator/workshop director dude walked in and started setting up. Now, I THOUGHT this was going to be an Eastern, New Agey, kinda thing…imagine my surprise when he set up an Indian (Iroquois, the family groups nearest geographically to me all of my life) “altar” on a blanket, denoted the sacred directions with stuffed animals and shells, then put a freaking huge turtle rattle in the middle. That rattle reminded me to tell Shelia about my experience while in Florida a few weeks’ previously, where I was at Marineland looking into an enormous pool and a huge sea turtle kept swimming over to me beneath the water, then raising his/her head while expelling air through it’s nostrils–spraying me–and looking at me, before it’d swim back the direction it came from. I kept moving away, further down the pool to see if it was just in it’s regular swimming pattern, but no…it was really following me. It was so cool!
    Anyway, the Workshop director dude breaks into my conversation and says, “Funny, I have only brought this rattle to two other circles, and those were Native American circles. Do you know the creation story of the Iroquois?” I did, and we talked about MANY many things, of a pre-cognitive dream he’d had of meeting someone I also know, and others that I had in common with this man, and his experiences…then we laughed and finally, formally, introduced ourselves. He is Robert Moss…a native Australian (godz, I can’t get AWAY from you men! 😉 who has transformed himself from a best selling author into a shaman of GREAT strengths and wisdoms. He shares his wisdom now, as a living, and he lives near Troy, NY, which is very near where we were for our workshop.
    ANYWAY, in the workshop we travelled to and through our Chakra/energy centers and “came back” (journeys through “goaded” meditation as he calls it–very apt!) and then drew what we’d experienced on each “level” so we came away with an Energy Map of our current selves. What a wild ride THAT was! At two different places on the map, a man I know in the physical world came to help me open up said centers…which would have been totally groovy, I could have understood and not been so shocked if the guy weren’t ALIVE and well and living roughly 60 miles from my home! I am totally jiggy with journeying and dreaming about dead people/spirits, but LIVE ones? I have no idea the significance, but I will see this person throughout the summer (not a love interest or anything, just a guy I know in the Native American community who MC’s pow-wows and festivals and sings and dances–he doesn’t know me from a hole in the ground…I don’t think…)so it will be VERY interesting to see where that leads me…
    Not having read any of Robert’s books, I decided to get them and purchased the first one “Conscious Dreaming” which I am halfway through, and it has been so helpful. I am charting/journalling my dreams using his techniques and only after three DAYS of being prodded to write everything in my dreams and then the waking life “synchronicities” I am even at this very early stage, seeing patterns and learning how my brain/heart/soul works and how I can affect that, and how that has an effect on my daily life.
    SO…just another aspect of ME understanding Me and My Purpose.
    Oh, that and another book that I pulled out of my library pile three days after I returned from Robert’s workshop (I’d gotten the book out two weeks prior, but hadn’t even looked at it yet, and quite frankly, was just going through the bookbag to make sure my sons hadn’t put any books that belong to us into the library bag by accident, and came across this one…which I read in 24 hrs…
    “Spiritwalker” by Dr. Hank Wesselman. Peter, READ IT! I was SO skeptical at first, “what does THIS have to do with me?” and the whole story unfolds and it’s just freaking phenomenal (and entertaining).
    SO, this is a long post, and I didn’t even mention the Energy Map and it’s significance, and only touched on the “coincidental” comments that brought Roberts’ story and mine so close together. BUT…I have to start work. It’s so nice to wake up to friends!
    Hugs, and thanks for asking, Peter. SOmetimes I keep my mouth shut because things can be SO personal, you just don’t want to blather on about it ALL, as I know you know. 😉
    Blessed BE my friends,
    Dhiana of Her Dreams

  217. Amy says:

    Do you konw if Robert Moss has a website? I’d be interested in his workshops.

  218. kostos says:

    Can I just say I think it’s great you embrace your massive bottom, and are able to joke about it. Anyone who has seen your films knows you have a huge bubble butt–I think it’s cool that you’re still considered so hot, regardless. How about some new pics from monty.

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