Yes I turned 50 today!

I was in bed ready to just go to sleep and pretend that I didnt turn 50 today but then I really wanted to have a record of this momentous occassion!

I have many comments to make and I have thought long and hard about what I might say about this turn of events but I will leave it for later when I have been 50 for a day or two but lets face it what I will have to say will not really differ from what I feel right now!

But I will say this – I am happy!

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  1. Evelyn says:

    Happy happy half century!

  2. Freya says:

    Happy Birthday from your newest fan! Best wishes for the coming year. I’ve watched lots of movies, but somehow missed Strictly Ballroom until last week. I LOVED it! I hope you continue to do interesting work (I’ve since watched the YouTube clips of Mercurio’s Menu and other stuff) because I really enjoy watching you on-screen.

  3. Kat says:

    Happy Birthday Paul. How ironic that I found myself watching Strictly Ballroom today and decided to do a little “where is he at now” research!

    Next year I hit the big 50 and ya know what! I think we both still ROCK!

  4. Mark says:

    Congrats! Turned 54 today myself. (April fool) You’ll have had some challenges along the way and possibly more to come. Keep enjoying it. If you come to Darwin we can try and catch a fish and cook it up. Cheers

  5. steve says:


  6. Happy birthday Paul- I am glad you are happy.have a good day & many good things for rest of year.

  7. Melody says:

    A very Happy Birthday, Paul. I’ll be in my last year of my 50s in 20 days.

    It’s what’s in your heart–hope it was a grand day for you and your family!

    Sto Lat (let’s hope for another 50–may you have 100!).

  8. ruby says:

    Hope you had a fab birthday. Age is but a number..and all birthdays just feel the same as we get older eh! Your still fab tho paul!!! X x

  9. Congratulations and a belated happy birthday Paul.

  10. Rhonda says:

    Belated Happy Birthday! Just watched “Joseph” again and loved it and was wondering who you are. I’m American and was trying to find what else you may have played in. Now I see you’re an Aussie and very busy! Good luck and God bless!

  11. Rachel Quarrell says:

    I can’t believe you are 50.

  12. Sete says:

    Belated birthday felicitations to you Paul! Enjoy the half century milestone! All the best to you and your whanau!

  13. Dear Paul, I was just reading about your birthday… They do keep marching on, BUT that is a good thing. I will be 59 YIKES; Sept 7th, 59… the last time I actually looked I was in my 30’s, but not any more. This has been a complicated year for me healthwise, recovering from a totally unexpected quadruple coronary by pass… Yes, they saved my life, but too many complications, only now am I convinced to STAY alive, too cheap to void the life insurance with suicide, MY HUSBAND has EARNED every dime lol!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT I think I am finally ready to accept the changes… I am an artist who no longer has use of my hands,they just don’t work, I am a brilliant thinker, now at half speed… and a poor gravity challenged woman who because they took the 4th by-pass artery from my boob has to deal with the left one being 2 full inches bigger than the right one. TOO MUCH PAIN… Ultimately too much bitching, I think I will try Shirley Hastings solution and PUT ON MY HAPPY FACE. take care. Rosemary

    • Maureen Driscoll says:

      Dearest Rosemary,
      Your post touched my heart. Life is so hard; our bodies just give out over time. But God, who created us and loves us, allows us to struggle and to move towards Him. You are in my thoughts and prayers as you struggle with your pain. I must share with you that I always relate my pain to that of our Lord, Jesus on the cross, who suffered so atrociously for the salvation of mankind. May God help you and draw you close to Him in your suffering. MDriscoll

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