Fresh Idea? I think not!

I only just heard Jamie Oliver is the new face of Woolworths! He is a good guy, talented, passionate, successful, a moral food crusader etc He is going to tell Australian how to eat healthier – all good things. He is going to help change the way you and I shop and eat – good for him and Woolies.


I am just a little tired, frustrated and annoyed that Australian companies keep using overseas celebrities to promote Australia???? Coles has signed Heston, target Gok, Big W has Eric Stonestreet, you got Jerri and Dawn and so on and so forth……the list will continue to get longer.


Yes I am envious too because I think – I know I could do a good job of it also. Don’t get me wrong I am not putting myself anywhere near the same step as Jamie or Heston or Curtis….but I have been championing Australian fresh food, produce and producers for the last 7 years.


I have also had extensive discussions with Woolworths to try and get support for my show Mercurio’s Menu so we could continue to tell the stories of the Australian fresh food growers, suppliers, producers, supporters and customers but to no avail. So it does irk me to know that Woolies will more than likely pay Jamie the equivalent (or more) of what I needed to shoot two more 13 part series of Mercuio’s Menu – and that is probably only for the first year and doesn’t include production costs for any of the adds they will shoot with him.


Oh well, that’s the biz! Good luck to them.

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  1. steve says:

    HI Paul , i totally agree with you , you should be better promoting them as they should support Aussies and all fresh fruit and veges should be all from Australia to support our local farms before they disappear. Come on woolworths and coles vote for paul !!!!!!!
    Or even Aldi , that could be a new idea for them ……………

  2. Sylvia says:

    where can we buy the Boston Bay mussels you cooked in Ballarat?

  3. That is the biz, isn’t it? So much of it is marketing and branding. I hardly know a thing about Jamie Oliver, and didn’t even know he was British until I popped over to his website just now. The only things I did know was that he’s a celeb chef and a sort of crusader for healthy food among youth and schools. My guess is that’s what the majority of the population knows about him, too. Woolworths is simply trying to harness his branding to boost their own.

    So the question is, what is your branding? The first thing that comes to my mind for what you do is slow food. Ask others what they think, and if what they say doesn’t match up with how you want to be known and what market you want to corner, you might have to get strategic to change it up. But mostly, you should just do what you love. It would be drudgery otherwise. 🙂


  4. rose mendoza says:

    I just love Paul the way he is, not the way I expect him to be, and that is LOVE!

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