Salami 101

For the couple I bumped into today buying some South Melbourne dim sims – how good are they!!! – here is the link to my salami 101.


The thread is very long and is full of lots and lots of info on salami making so it is well worth a read. Read the first three or four pages and you will get the low down and basics about making salami at home. The one secret I have learnt after doing this for 10 years is to mix the meat really really really well before stuffing it into casings!


Enjoy. Any questions leave them in comments and I will answer them.



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  1. Paul says:

    One more thing you will need to join the forum to view the pics – easy.

  2. andrew and Sharon clarke says:

    Hi Paul… Thanks for posting your salami receipe. Much appreciated. If you ever need your vehicle serviced we would be happy to do so . Andrew and Sharon MotorMastersMechanics. 0414406051. Cheers!

  3. Paul says:

    My 2014 salami

    Pork and Fennel

    20 kilos pork – mix of shoulder and leg – course grind
    560g salt (28g per kilo)
    18g black pepper
    25g chilli flakes (this is an increase from last year)
    28g fennel seeds
    16g fennel powder
    40g garlic powder
    5g chilli powder (this is a new addition to recipe)
    10 cups of capsicum paste (6 cups were a hot paste 4were sweet)

    Stuffed into 50 x 45 single casings (made 8 of these) and stuffed in to 38 mil tubes (made 41 of these of varying lengths)

    Mix all the dry ingredients together and let sit for an hour or so to combine. Put cold pork mince or beef and pork mince into a large container. Sprinkle half the spice over and then fold the meat several times then add the rest of the spice mix. Mix extremely well through the meat so as there are no pockets of spice at all. Add the capsicum paste and mix extremely well so there are no clumps of meat that are not mixed thoroughly with the paste. Cover and let sit in the fridge for an hour or so for flavours to combine. Turn meat out on to clean bench and work meat like an old washer woman working the clothes on the rocks to clean them – rubbing the meat to mix with the palm of your hand and combine starting from the front of the pile of meat rubbing, rolling, pushing and working your way from front to the back. Repeat this process two or three times or until the meat becomes quite sticky. Put back into the bowl and whilst you ready your stuffing equipment. Stuff firmly and prick the skins with a salami pricker – has about 50 sharp needles on a handle.

  4. andrew and Sharon clarke says:

    Thanks Paul much appreciated. Will give it a go and let you know. Top bloke ! Cheers Andrew

  5. Michele Myers says:

    Your father gave a great speech on youtube. I lost my favorite musician at the age of 56
    in 2007 to cancer. I thought he would live forever. That was a real shock. Yes, there are
    some perils to growing old. Your daughter is so intelligent to love parsley. It is like pure vitamin c with no sugar.

    I love the spices that you use. They are so healthy.

    I would be overjoyed if you would really smother your recipes in super healthy local veggies- broccoli – loaded with calcium, romaine, spinach – here and there- purple cabbage- here and there and kale here and there.

    Those veggies are like a human shield. I learned their value the hard way.
    I just loved that Kangaroo Island video- chock full of veggies. And, the recipe with the
    asparagus- so healthy.

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