Nachos Extraordinaire


Some say love is in the air (how many times have I heard that?) but I say spring is in the air. Only by a bit, but the sun does seem a little warmer and that icy wind now has some dulcet tones which encourages one to clean up the backyard and get the barbie ready for party central.

Okay, so you may still be wearing a light vest whilst out the back but I am sure your thoughts, like mine, are turning to slightly lighter styles of beer after winter’s reign of stouts and porters. Food-wise it is a little too early for seafood salad, jelly shots and pilsner — it’s more like good old pale ale or perhaps an amber or hefeweizen and something hearty but with a lighter side.

That said, dammit! Go for a pils, celebrate the arrival of spring and with it I say have some nacho. Not just any nachos though, you deserve my Nachos Extraodinaire for a perfect early Spring afternoon lunch.

Back in the old days when I was a student at the Australian Ballet School I used to work at the local Mexican fast-food restaurant and the trick to good nachos, I discovered, was to set the corn chips in the beans so they stood up like cathedrals, allowing the toppings to fall in between and give you a lovely taste surprise with each mouthful.

…read the rest, plus the recipe, at Australian Brews News.

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  1. Rosalie Clark says:

    Just curious what you will be doing now? I just posted on you’re face book thinking you were still cooking. I hope there will be something for you in the future that you love doing. Untill then public or not, keep creating, praying, meditating, visualizing and believing. Continue to live you’re life with joy and thank you for all that you have put out into the world.

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