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Actor Focus: Paul Mercurio

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  1. David says:

    Interesting interview. It is a sad thing indeed that my favorite Australian actor is not being used as much as he ought to!

    Fun to learn that you are the turkey cooker in your family. I cook turkeys every chance I get – brined 24-48 hours and then slow roasted all night and frequently stuffed with whatever good fruits are veggies are floating around. And everything is an excuse for a turkey – Christmas: turkey! American Thanksgiving: Turkey! American Fourth of July: Turkey! (We get funny comments about that one – that is NOT a traditional fourth of July meal here, but we have actually done it twice.) I haven’t done as many this year but last year I was roasting turkeys every time we turned around. And I have a duck in the freezer that’s been there awhile I’ve been thinking about…

    “I am incredibly fortunate in that I have always engendered a positive and feel-good reaction within people. My varied careers and interaction with fans have been fruitful, because I work from the heart, and I attract a joyous and positive response from them.”

    Well said, Paul – you certainly do. I need to be a better fan and get around to seeing the rest of your work, because if it is as good as Joseph I know I’ll love it. I think my wife and I are going to get Strictly Ballroom soon and check it out.

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