An interview in the Mornington Peninsula Magazine

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  1. Paul Seidel says:

    Hi Paul…

    I’m the producer for Lulu & Michael on Joy 94.9 Melbourne (Wednesday Drive) and would love to have you in the studio on our show to talk about your new food venture (Wings & Slaw) and the beer tour – could you get in touch ? I can’t find any other contact details !

  2. Hi Paul,

    Thank you for your entertaining and most inspiring talk at the Mount Eliza Network Group earlier this week, talking about all things dance, food, the world of film and TV, beer and life.

    My Husband also enjoyed your talk and was most captivated as he has been talking about wanting to open a Micro Brewery on the Peninsula for a while now… and he’s decided he’d like to offer his services as your No.1 Beer Taste Tester before (and after) you open to the public….

    Just thought I’d communicate that in case you were looking for a person to fill such a position!

    If not… we’ll be frequenting your establishment with regular intervals I’m sure, once you’ve opened up.
    Looking forward to it.

    Warm regards, Ariana.

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