I mowed the lawn today

I mowed the lawn today – the back lawn anyway. It took me all day. I am blessed with a rather large back yard with a lot of grass and trees and birds, bees and frogs etc. I love mowing the lawn. I get to smell nature – read as experience life – and to think. Somehow I feel closer to All That Is/God/It….whatever it is you concieve he or she to be. I thought lots about this war. How it would effect my kids, my wife, my life and yours. No answers came.
Guess there arent any.
If we all pray – and it matters not to what god – if we all pray to find that place of faith in our ability to love, we may begin to heal the world by beginning to heal ourselves of our fears. Lets all of us join together, pray together, laugh together and love together. Lets begin the healing process – now. I wish you well and I wish you love.

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