My appologies to those of

My appologies to those of you who read this page and have perhaps missed my little missives. I have been busy gardening. I love planting seeds – seeds of love, seeds of desire, seeds of future. Yes I’ve been busy working the garden plot of my life, getting rid of the weeds and planting the stuff of life. Perhaps the “Garden of Eden” is in fact our own soul? It’s an interesting thought I will contemplate on whilst doing some more weeding.
When I am in my Garden – the smell of the earth, the strength and simplicity of nature fills me with such peace and security that it allows me to travel through various trails in my mind and make some wonderful (and occassionally not so wonderful but equally important) discoveries about myself. An important discovery and a recent one was my attitude to being positive.
I am a great believer in the power of Positivity – positive thinking. But the other day I realised I was using this power of positivity as a tool to try and bend the world to an outcome I wanted – demanded. So I started to think on what being positive meant. Open. Honest. Recieving. Clear. Flexible. LOVING. In my desire to achieve a positive outcome I was being Closed, Unyeilding, Pushy, Tight, Conditional. As I write I have a big smile on my face – I can see what I must have looked like being “postive” in a negative sort of way. It was a great realisation. I guess I thought that if I was positive I would get what I wanted. But that is not necessarily the case. Who was it that said “you get what you need in life not what you want”.
You get what you need in order to become the person you are, you can be and want to be.
So what is being Positive? For me it is about smiling at all things – an inner smile perhaps. Laughing at the world from that great sense of Joy for being a part of it and being able to be thankful and grateful for being a part of all of lifes gifts – even the ones that make you cry with utter saddness. Being Positive is engaging in the dance of life, keeping up with all it’s changing tempos and allowing it to lead you. Taking joy and comfort in the dance and expressing that inner quality that is you.
POSITIVE – open, unconditional, flexible, joyous, loving, loved.
Be Positive.

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