Just thought I would let you know

I dont have a chip on my shoulder I am just plain angry at some people.
And deservedly so!

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  1. Evelyn says:

    Then be with your anger, Paul! You are entitled to it, and ignoring it or pushing it aside is not healthy. These past few weeks as some painful, horrible memories resurfaced in my life, I was and still am so spitting mad, angry and furious at some people and it feels so damn good, esp. since earlier I didn’t allow myself to be this angry at them. It’s quite cathartic and great for soul cleansing and healing.

  2. Janey says:

    I think everyone is angry at someone or something, and keeping it in is never good. If anyone judges you for how you deal with it, that’s their problem, not yours.
    My husband’s deployed in Iraq with the Army. I’m angry about it – many people tell me I shouldn’t be. Anger is such a personally felt emotion – if it’s there, it’s there – no point ignoring it.

  3. Janey says:

    Oh and, in response to previous post. My guilty pleasure is hazlenut hot chocolate made with gourmet marshmallows and whiskey. Soooo good. 🙂

  4. leslie van de ven says:

    funny topic. my father used to tell me I had a chip on my shoulder! I never knew what he meant. i believe to this day it was his way of telling me he was mad at me!!! Thanks for helping me figure that out. Chocolate in any form is my guilty pleasure. We have See’s chocolate in the US… Also Lindt truffles and the like.

  5. leslie van de ven says:

    whenever I get mad at anything, really mad, I just love my dog. Best antidote to feeling angry ever invented.

  6. MaryS says:

    I like to have a burst of anger and then get back to normal asap. I’m not really successful at it though. Instead allot of my anger turns into resentment and that tends to linger and rot you inside. I think anger is good and resentment is poison. Watch out for that thin line. I think anger that isn’t dealt with and purged can turn into health problems.
    Sorry to be negative about the anger. 😉
    INSANE laughter might be just as productive,even though the men in the white jackets might come to take you away.

  7. maryS says:

    p.s. Janey’s guilty pleasure hot chocolate sounds perfect!
    Leslie, I agree that a sweet animal can sooth the soul better than most humans can. I love my two sweet cats. 🙂

  8. Sarah says:

    Paul I’m all for letting that anger out! Don’t keep it inside! (Although I don’t usually like it when someone is venting their anger towards me…)
    Janey, IMHO you have every right to be angry about your husband being deployed to Iraq. I have friends over there. I support our men and women in the armed forces but that doesn’t mean I agree with it and that it doesn’t anger me that we’re over there. All the best wishes to your husband for a safe and speedy return!
    As for my guilty pleasure… cheesy/bad/cult films. Guilty as charged. :o)

  9. Paul says:

    By sweet animal do you mean sweet and sour pork or honey chicken??? Because that certainly soothes my soul!
    Sorry couldnt resist! I dont actually eat those dishes as they are tooo sweet but they certainly do have the guilty pleasure factor!
    Love a sausage roll!! You dont have them in the USA but ooohh they are good and bad all at the same time!

  10. Janey says:

    Sausage rolls are soo good! Mince pies are another love of mine that I can’t get here in the states.

  11. Julie says:

    Maybe it has something to do with getting older but I seem to let a lot of things slide off my back when it comes to getting angry. I just try to focus on things that make me feel good but its not such an easy task sometimes.
    I do want to add one guilty pleasure, when I have the house to myself husband is out of town, and I can leave dishes in the sink for a few hours after dinner and go directly to work on my terrible paintings ( I am no artist but I have fun doing it).
    All my best to everyone in the corner!

  12. Maria Horos says:

    Hello paul! you do not have to eat things that ingordem, because you he is very pretty and it dances very well. You he was born to shine Kisses Horos Maria and its Vanessa granddaughter

  13. Melody says:

    Paul–sometimes you just have to be (angry).
    The fine line is not letting it get in the way of bigger and better things you’re meant for or that are meant for you. 🙂

  14. Marian says:

    I recently realized that I carry a perpetual chip on my shoulder. Aquired it from my abusive dad. Thought by getting away from him in every way possible the anger would be left behind. Just realized I simply find something or someone else to be angry at instead and get hung up there. Now to stop this “poisonous” cycle. Bitterness really is a root that grows into a nasty plant with horrid fruits.
    Happier topic…
    My guilty pleasure is anything sweet, goey, and nutty with a bit of chocolate and caramel. Mmmmmmm. Our Turtles here in the USA fit the bill PERFECTLY!!!!! Or those ice cream Drumsticks — when money runs short!!! Ahhhhhhhh.

  15. MaryS says:

    Touche’ Paul! That really made me laugh looking back at how I worded that…”sweet animal”. Got me thinkin too. People can be sweet animals too sometimes, right? lol. I know, I know…I think you’re mind was geared more towards sweet foods….
    I’m digging a deeper and deeper hole, so I’ll shut up now.
    Thanks for the chuckle!

  16. Sarah says:

    Paul, maybe what you call a sausage roll and what I know as a sausage roll are two different things… I’ve had sausage rolls in pizzerias in NYC (and they were quite yummy).
    Janey, is there no one in your family who bakes? My mom has made mince pies before. Many groceries in the US carry the filling for mince pies – and if you are really willing to do the work you can make the filling from scratch. ::shocked expression:: I don’t bake much, so its not something I’d do. ;o)
    Mary S, between you and Paul I’m getting a good chuckle. Thanks. :o)
    I just wanted to give everyone a little migraine update: I’ve been on my new meds for just about 2 weeks and I have had no incidents at all. I’m also reading the book Beata recommended and have been finding it very interesting. I referred my mom to Dr. Batman’s website tonight and I think she’ll be ordering a copy of the book soon as well. So I’m feeling good despite the insane temperatures we are enduring in my part of VA (it was 100F today), and the fact they are trying to declare my county as a drought disaster area. *sigh*

  17. leslie van de ven says:

    I was just wondering, referring to sweet animals, if you have “Australian shepherds” in Australia. I have a beautiful animal who is a mixed breed Aussie Shepherd/Queensland heeler mix (named Brandy) But I have been told that it is misnomer and that Australian shepherds are American in origin?
    I read that you all are having a house built for your family. How is that going? We have been remodelling our nearly hundred year old cottage here north of Sacramento in California. My incredible husband has just about completed the kitchen – we used IKEA products. I can’t believe we have a brand new space!
    My husband is Dutch. Talk about feasting! The Dutch have adopted indonesian food and serve a “Reis Taffel” – a “Rice Table”. One time, his uncle had fourteen of the family out to dinner and there must have been fourteen courses: four separate desserts! The Dutch make a great ‘Croquette’ which is like a sausage roll.
    I have to tell you that Brandy is a REALLY REALLY sweet animal.

  18. abeth says:

    PAUL-How are you doing since you gave the news about your relative and her baby? How is the mother doing? I hope that she has had a great support network and her family and friends continue to be with her.
    As for the anger-oh, boy, I’ve got rage sometimes and like you, deservedly so. Most of it is towards my “big, bad ass brother”. I’ve come to calling him The Intimidator. He did some really wrong things to me while I was little and keep in mind-he’s seven years older than me. I don’t believe I need to supply details.

  19. Evelyn says:

    Dear Abeth,
    I’m so sorry you had to face that kind of abuse from your brother. I totally understand that kind of anger. I experienced it from a professor while I was in grad school and have some serious scars and issues when it comes to intimacy on all levels. Yes, feeling very angry at the guy (and a past boyfriend) at the moment as I got some greater awareness on the type of abuse they inflicted. And feeling angry at them feels good, as long as I don’t let it overpower me. It can be a productive tool for further healing.
    Here’s a big hug to you, dear Abeth!

  20. leslie van de ven says:

    When Fran first says to Scott that “a life lived in fear is a life half lived”, in Strictly Ballroom – in spanish, when she asks him to dance with her – she cries a bit. THAT’s how I get mad. I just cry. It seems I have known anger forever. But I think you have to train yourself to rise above it somehow. Because it can hurt you and it hurts others. Not that I achieve that always.
    There is that wonderful quote from the Bible about “look to the Good, the pure” and think on those things.
    I mentioned my animal because owning an animal does help soothe the soul. Someone please let me know if Australian shepherds really are an Aussie breed!

  21. Melody says:

    I guess all of us have someone that hurt us badly, or bullied us as we grew up.
    We had a 6th grade teacher that had the reputation of being a solid witch. I made the mistake of saying hello to her at our local grocery store before the school year started–saying hello wasn’t the bad part–I (in my innocence) asked her in front of everyone standing in line at the counter if she was really as mean as we’ve heard.
    She asked me my name, and definitely made my year hell, along with some others in our class. Today, a teacher would not last acting out in this way with students.
    It made me wonder over the years what happened to HER that triggered such demeaning behaviour.
    And when she had my brother in class 5 years later, needless to say he got it as well.

  22. MaryS says:

    Hi Leslie,
    I’m no expert on dog lineage, but found this information out on the internet.
    ” In contrast to what its name indicates, the Australian Shepherd did not originate in Australia. It is believed that this breed began in Spain with the Basque shepherds who brought them to Australia and then to the United States in the 1800s.”
    Currently, I am a cat person and own two sweet boys that I’ve had since they were 7 weeks old. They are now over 13 yrs old and both are having health issues. Aspen is a yellow tabby and Boogie is his brother and is black and white. I love them both so much. They have been unconditionally loving me for so long and I will miss them terribly when they are gone. Aspen isn’t doing well and his days are waining. They both have hyper thyroids and are on medication. Aspen has always been overweight and now he’s a very very thin kitty who I can barely keep weight on. I’ll be bringing him to the Dr next week, but didn’t even want to stress him out by doing that. I know he’s not well. I don’t want to make it worse. I just want to care for him the best I can. It’s so heart breaking. I’m trying to prepare myself.
    Have a good day everyone.

  23. MaryS says:

    Hi Leslie,
    I’m no expert on dog lineage, but found this information out on the internet.
    ” In contrast to what its name indicates, the Australian Shepherd did not originate in Australia. It is believed that this breed began in Spain with the Basque shepherds who brought them to Australia and then to the United States in the 1800s.”
    Currently, I am a cat person and own two sweet boys that I’ve had since they were 7 weeks old. They are now over 13 yrs old and both are having health issues. Aspen is a yellow tabby and Boogie is his brother and is black and white. I love them both so much. They have been unconditionally loving me for so long and I will miss them terribly when they are gone. Aspen isn’t doing well and his days are waining. They both have hyper thyroids and are on medication. Aspen has always been overweight and now he’s a very very thin kitty who I can barely keep weight on. I’ll be bringing him to the Dr next week, but didn’t even want to stress him out by doing that. I know he’s not well. I don’t want to make it worse. I just want to care for him the best I can. It’s so heart breaking. I’m trying to prepare myself.
    Have a good day everyone.

  24. leslie van de ven says:

    Thanks MaryS! I get lazy about looking things up for myself on the Internet. I still like to ask PEOPLE first!
    I’m a rescuer of dogs. I’m highly allergic to cats, but love them to pieces. I am so sorry for the heart break it causes when animals leave us. But it’s odd how they live with us forever, somehow.
    Just keep them close while you have them and love them all the more1 We almost lost Brandy ayear ago – thorugh our own fault – we fed her too much people food and she got pancreatitis. Awful and scary. She’s almost nine now and with care is doing well.
    Chip on the shoulder – back to topic. I really did hear that phrase growing up a lot. It was just in my father’s vocabulary. I think the way you talk makes all the difference in the world to how you deal with anger and the other negative emotions. i have a brother in law who is irish and swedish and all sorts of nationalities and he has a sense of humor that totally disarms his kids anger. He makes them laugh instead of having a fit. it is really priceless to see. I love him all the more for it. I can stoke my anger really easily by what I say when I am angry. I usually get even madder at myself when I do that.
    How do you deal with your daughters’ anger, Paul?
    Sounds like you would use humor, and compassion.
    Take care MaryS and those cats.

  25. Melody says:

    MaryS–your cat, Aspen, might have thyroid problems. My cat, Samantha (who was with me for 22 years) starting having thyroid problems around 17 years. She was eating all the time, crying for more food and wasn’t gaining any weight, which was unusual for her as she was a very finicky eater until this started.
    They put Samantha on a thyroid medication which she continued for her last 5 years. It was Tapizol.
    I hope that’s all it is. 🙂

  26. MaryS says:

    Hi Melody,
    Yes, as I said above, both of my kitties are on thyroid meds (transdermal Tapazol) and have been for a while. Aspen has been on it the longest. He’s been on it for about 1 and 1/2 years now and Boogie began the medication in November last year. Both became the most ill right in the middle of the holdiday season, which is hard enough for me since I’m alone here in Colorado with no family. A few close friends but they come and go. So, it’s just hard. The hyperthyroidism is a progressive illness and I think we’ve developed some new disease. Possibly diabetes or cancer. I hope not, but it’s looking that way. He’s resting comfortably today but I’m home to nurse him along. I’m taking care of my old friend and this is what we as people need to do for each other too. I’m not that old yet, but since I’m not in the “invincable” years anymore, I see how scary it can be to be alone.
    Life! Somedays are better than others, huh? It’s all about these experiences. I’m convinced. We are supposed to experience the full deal, and I am.
    I love the support we give and get here in Paul’s Corner!

  27. Janey says:

    Sarah – I’ve been to the shops. I have bought mincemeat – I am not sure how well the baking will go since I’ve used the oven twice in 11 months, but. . . I’ll try anything once! Thanks for the tip!

  28. Sarah says:

    Janey, I’m glad I could be of assistance! :o) My grandma was the baker in the family – she could bake anything from scratch. During the holidays I would help her with baking copious batches of cookies and brownies so that is more my forte than pies, but she could make a great pie too! I enjoy cooking, I just don’t have much time for it with my schedule.
    I must say that I learned something new today. I did not realize that Australian Shepherds did not originate down under. Something to tuck away in my brain for future reference. And just in case anyone is curious: One of the insurance companies I write for will not allow us to issue a policy for anyone who owns a Dingo. How many of those do you see as pets in the US? LOL

  29. MaryS says:

    Sarah. That’s so funny! Even in places where dingos habitat, do people own them as pets? Another question for Paul. lol.

  30. MaryS says:

    Sorry to be such a “vagrant” here on the corner today. Too much time on my hands. I just needed to comment to Melody one more time. 22 years your Samantha lived? Wow! That is truly incredible. What kind of cat was she? I asked the vet if anything that’s going on with my cats has to do with their breed, but he said that the tabby was just the all American cat and is usually quite long lived. You must be a great cat mommy! 🙂
    Thank you so much for the kind words. I feel so horrible about it sometimes. At other times when I am more emotionally stable, I accept it as part of life. Today, I’m all over the place.
    I’ve had to put things in a more realistic perspective, since my younger sister is battling cancer right now. Of course, that is my main priority in life right now.
    She got a form of skin cancer that is very aggressive and rare. Yes, it is melanoma, but where she got it, the sun doesn’t shine. It’s such a mystery. She’s the most awesome person I’ve ever known and her strength is something that is oncommon. Please keep her in all of your prayers.

  31. Margie says:

    Hi Everyone,
    MaryS, I will keep your sister in prayer. My good friend is a nurse in the melanoma ward and it’s terrible to hear stories of such young people getting skin cancer! The kind that you can’t cut out, like a bacel cell!!
    I used to get angry and frustrated and pound on the kitchen counter and on the cabinet doors. I must have looked like a crazy person! My husband just hated it! Now that my kids are older, 161/2, 11, 7 & 7, it’s a little easier to talk it out, and just plain grit my teeth!
    I’m glad that you found Mince Meat at the local grocery store. I couldn’t find it once, and the stock person didn’t know what I was talking about! I think I’m the only one in my family that likes it, I mean LOVES it! hahah. Mmmmmm warm with melting whipped cream. gotta stop this!
    Guilty pleasure? Super corny romantic movies. My huband always rolls his eyes at me when I fold laundry. hahahha.
    Funny the mention of a Dingo. My neighbor across the street has a half dingo. Don’t know what the other half is…but it sure is not pretty. Very sweet though. My cat will walk in the front door of their house, look at the dog, and continue on to the kitchen for a snack!!!
    Thanks for the chuckles, you guys!

  32. Melody says:

    Since MaryS asked about my cat–Samantha was a mix, but predominantly angoran–long wispy hair and tail, all black with the brightest golden green eyes that almost glowed in the dark. Sweetest disposition.
    My friend was looking for a cat, and my ex-husband’s friends were giving away kittens. They had two left. They already gave Sam her name as another couple adopted her sister, calling her Serena. So in keeping with the “Bewitched” characters, they thought Samantha a good name for the remaining female of the litter.
    My frind took the last male, and I almost didn’t take Samantha home because a few months prior I had suffered an attack by our original tabby cat, Seymour. Seymour had a tendency to nip, but we never thought that he’d go into a full attack as he did one night–not a pleasant story.
    Anyway, because of what happened with Seymour, I wasn’t very open to bringing another cat home, but Samantha was sooooo sweet and won me over.
    My ex and I split the following year and I took Samantha with me and she was with me 22 years. She never went outdoors, never ate “people” food (scraps)–if I gave her leftovers, she’d sniff at them and would trot off in a huff. She had her certain favorites, mostly of the Friskies and Fancy Feast brands.
    It broke my heart to lose her–I have a tiny black cat memento sitting on my desk that resembles her and always brings me a smile.
    OK–end of story! 🙂 Cheers!

  33. MaryS says:

    Melody, thanks so much for sharing the information about your cat relationships and experiences. I can’t believe Seymour turned on you like that. That’s the kind of horror story you hear about! My two cats that I have in my home are truly the first animal/human relationship I”ve ever had and succeeded at. Human or animal! lol. I’ve tried it many times and for various reasons, it never worked out. I am happy to say that the gods let it work perfectly this time.

  34. Marian says:

    It seems to me that good people/animal relationships are God’s way of filling in the gap left by difficult people/people relationships in life. (Dogs and horses are what I prefer, but a good rub and purr from a cat is awfully hard to beat!!!) I’m so thankful for the animals in my life through the years. There were times when my horse and dogs were the only friends I could turn to as few people believed the ugliness about my dad and nobody did a thing. The unconditional love of pets (and the firm shoulder of a horse for crying on) are things I’ve always treasured!!!
    I know aging and ailing pets are just a difficult to accept as the same in our family because they ARE family.

  35. Rosie says:

    I have four cats – all strays.
    Last year when I was taking them into the vet for their shots, I asked my vet, “How many cats do you have to have before you

  36. MaryS says:

    How cute! I’ve heard so many stories about cats that make me wonder why some of the weird things I’ve heard happen. My two guys have never done anything weird. They ARE very sensitive to my moods, I must admit. If I’m uptight and fighting with family, or just having very intense conversations, they get very nervous and dysfunctional. When I am happy and calm, so are they. Other than that, they’ve never like gotten “possessed” and acted evil. I’ve heard so many stories….
    My grandmother refused to have a cat because she thought they were evil and selfish. She only had dogs. I just consider it the icing on the cake, that I don’t have to take my cats for walks so they can go to the bathroom. I’d rather clean a cat box than feel bad if I’m not home to take them out. My cats have been indoor cats for their whole life. Some people think that this robs an animal of their natural behavior, but mine have never minded. They wouldn’t even go out if they could. Well, they may, but they would be unsure of the situation. I’d like to keep it that way. Their idea of heaven, other than being near me, is to sit in a window sill and watch the birds and the leaves on the trees. Squirels and other wild life scare them. They’re scardie cats! My cats have never displayed selfish behavior. They are so completely loving and sweet to me. They love me unconditionally and vise versa. I think you’re so right Marian. They fill so many empty or lacking parts in our lives and they also ADD to our lives, if our lives are already good. Mine have done both and I am so grateful! They ARE my family!
    Meow and have a great day everyone.

  37. leslie van de ven says:

    Wish I could have cats, but my allergies are too severe. I’ve tried a few times. Cuddling Brandy is the best. It’s hilarious sometimes. She tried to cimb into my lap once in a while, and she weighs fifty three pounds.
    Back to topic, for Paul. I recently went through a family difficulty and I had no idea how angry I really was at my sister and my step mother. I guess it had been there for a while. But I never let them know. til the tragedy struck. Then I found I couldn’t even console my sister or my step mother, I was so angry with them. The tragedy just made me all the more angry at them, cause I felt they brought it on themselves. Maybe I was really already carrying a “chip on the my shoulder” and when they expected me to be sympathetic I couldn’t be cause I carried anger towards them. THAT’s the danger of harboring anger, really. Now we can’t even really talk to each other. They are hurt and I am the “bad person”.
    Like I wrote before anger just makes me cry, and feel helpless – like Fran in Strictly Ballroom.
    Anyone else have that in their nature?
    I LOVE my dogs. I baby sit friends’ dogs all the time and sometimes dogs just “land” in my yard cause they know I will take care of them, I believe. That’s happened quite a few times. Do you think they can sense that?

  38. Janey says:

    Leslie –
    I know what you mean. Unfortunately for me, anger makes me cry at work! Its horrifying really – in meetings if it is suggested I made a mistake on something, and I really thing they are wrong, I just cry. It’s honestly also why I gave up music and became a transactional lawyer.
    I have three fish. I love them. they all have their personalities.

  39. MaryS says:

    My older sister has a chip on her shoulder. She always has. I think it stems from feeling that people weren’t fair to her so she would make sure to always return this to others. She doesn’t care if she hurts people’s feelings if it’s what she feels at the moment. She’ll say it and not care. It’s usually a wrong assumption and just said with the pure intention of causing pain. I hate to say this, but I’ve thought about it allot and I can’t find any other explaination. Right now she is actually jealous of the relationship I have with my younger sister, who I have mentioned, has cancer. Why would she be so shallow? I don’t get it. I think most anger stems from pain and fear. I try to see this, but when someone is hurting you ON PURPOSE, it’s very hard to be compassionate. I am trying. I have a feeling that Paul’s chip comes from this same type of mis-treatment. I understand it, but it’s not fun when you’re on the “payback” side of it and you don’t deserve it. I guess it starts with someone being hurt, and then it ends with them passing this pain on to others. It’s a sad thing, this human nature. Why do we do it? I love my family, but it sure is the most challenging human contact I have. They say it’s always like this. It’s tiring sometimes.

  40. leslie van de ven says:

    Janey! Went to your blog. Lovely stories – loved teh comment about shopping alone for one and the comment about not working if you have a cold… and the concerns for your husband, of course. I am a Navy brat. My Mother did EVERYTHING for us four children. Made all my clothes, cooked, cleaned… found our houses to rent, schools to attend. It is only now that I truly apprecaite her real efforts. When we were stationed in France, she made sure we got to see all of the countries we could – we camped everywhere. It is a blast to look back on. (I was 7-8 at the time).
    Now my nephew is in the Marines in Okinawa. He has five chidlren with his wonderful wife Sarah and she just loves being a Mother. I love getting her Christmas letters. They are a riot of events the kids have been through all year.
    I used to cry at work. I’m a nurse and things got to me really easily. Just sobbed when anything went wrong. As they invariably do.
    What did you do in music, Janey? I sing with choirs and I also danced with a college troop. I used to choreograph for dance. I did a piece called “Picasso: the painter is a blind man”. It was well received.
    This is fun. I wonder where Paul is with all this discussion, though. It’s HIS “Corner”!

  41. Melody says:

    What I find fun about this is how Paul will start with a thought, and as we start responding, the subject starts changing and we end up discussing all kinds of interesting things, and the sharing opens our awareness. Paul does manage to spark discussions well.
    Leslie, that sounds like an interesting childhood. I’ve been in Chicago since birth, although I travel whenever I can afford it. How great to have done all that as a kid. (And, yes, we don’t give our mothers enough credit at times.)
    MaryS, your comments on how we move pain forward is right on.
    Janey–would have never thought that fish have personalities!
    Marian–horses are wonderful healers. I participated in a therapeutic workshop and learned so much about myself while working with them. One horse, which was the elder of the group we worked with was just wonderful.

  42. Janey says:

    Fishies do indeed have peronalities – one had to be moved from the others in disgrace because he was biting. bad fish!
    Leslie – glad you liked the stories. 🙂 My music was 16th and 17th century period stuff – I have a BA(Hons) in performance. Not very marketable though ! Your childhood sounds like so much fun. I’ve only ever lived back home and here in the States – you had much more fun by the sounds of it.
    Sorry Paul! – but Melody is right, you do spark great discussions!

  43. leslie van de ven says:

    Janey – what incredible talent you must have. I love the group “Anuna” who appeared in the first “Riverdance”. They do obscure works from all sorts of cources, mostly Celtic.
    I mentioned my travels as a kid, but really, it was fun to move around, but left me with no real roots. I won’t mention other dimensions of life with the Navy now – except to say that I don’t answer very well to authority, especially when they are being autocratic, not democratic. Military life is another world, really. My Mom somehow managed to shape her life around all that while she was with us. I think my nephew’s wife, Sarah, is actually quite active on base with other wives and families.
    Yes, this is fun. I’m busy with some ceramic projects and have lots of down time while things dry. I teach art to the elderly and kids. I’m taking a wound care class this summer too. I love the process of healing someone.
    OUr weather has been hot off and on. We re going camping August 4-12 on the Oregon Coast. Lovely.
    Good to know you all are out there! And fans of “Strictly Ballroom” – it just came on our dish network recently anda revived my obsession with it. I just feel for Fran so much! (Maybe cause I’m half spanish – my father came from Northern Spain and had blue eyes. He’s a celtic spaniard)
    Take care. Give lots of hugs to the cats, dogs, horses, kids and fishes…

  44. Sarah says:

    Rosie, I didn’t realize you have 4 cats. My kitty, Fluffy, could comprise 2 on his own. LOL I’ve had Fluffy since he was a wee thing and last month he turned 13. He is quite in tune with my moods and is really the best companion I could ask for. Yes, there are times he annoys me, but overall I love my fluffball. I’ll try to put a link to a pic of him with this post. :o)
    Janey, is your BA in instrumental or vocal music? I was a vocal major myself, but sadly I did not finish my degree. I have my Associates but after 6 years of study I realized I just couldn’t deal with it… and the final straw was a real oil and water relationship with a vocal coach my final year of study when I was in NY.
    And speaking of anger… my grandmother came home from the hospital this week, but my dad has to work this weekend. So tonight a friend of the family was to stay with her. I stopped by the house on my way home to see if she would be there late enough in the morning to prepare breakfast or if I’d have to get up to do so – she wasn’t there yet and it was already 8:00p! My grandmother was sound asleep, so I didn’t wake her. I did call my dad however to see if he knew what was going on, and he hadn’t heard anything either. So I left a message for her to call me when she got there – over 3 hours later and no call. I don’t know if she never went there, or if she just didn’t have the common courtesy to call me. I am so spittin’ angry with the situation that my blood pressure is most likely sky high. Its bad enough I have had to rearrange my day off tomorrow so I can make sure my grandmother eats (she’s still not up to fully taking care of herself), but now a long-time family friend is possibly not keeping her end of the bargain! (Rosie, if you hear anything on the news regarding Culpeper County, VA – its NOT ME! LOL) So tomorrow night I do a sleepover up at the farm. I haven’t even considered what I need to take up there with me besides the laptop. You can see where my priorities lie. LOL Its a shame I’m on this water, water and more water thing right now because I could really use a glass of wine… ;o)

  45. Melody says:

    Sarah–how is the WATER, WATER, WATER thing going?
    I received my book and started with the areas of most interest first and now starting at the beginning. I think Dr. Batman is definitely on to something, if anything, giving us a better understanding of how our bodies actually work.
    Hope everyone has a good weekend.
    PS–Paul please update us on the young mother–I have her in my prayers.

  46. Rosie says:

    LOL Sarah – I’ll “hope” it’s not you!
    No going “postal” until after “lunch”. ;o)

  47. Janey says:

    Sarah – it was instrumental. How’s your grandmother?

  48. Sarah says:

    Melody, I haven’t floated away yet. :o) I’m mostly through the book thanks to a 3 hour reading session today. “Babysitting” grandma has its ups. LOL In the past 7 days there have only been 3 times I have drunk something other than water – I’ve had two iced teas and 1 glass of sangria. Otherwise its all been water. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve filled my glass today. LOL
    I found out last night’s mystery: Grandma knew that Marian was going to be late and decided not to tell anyone. *sigh* Then didn’t let Marian call me at 11:00 because it was “too late.” (I was still up and on the computer at 12:30a.)
    Grandma is doing pretty good. I’ve been here since just after noon today. She’s got 2 mega antibiotics she’s on – one of them she takes 3 times a day, and one of them I’ve taken before and it knocked me for a loop. So I understand why she’s felt like sleeping a lot. But she’s been up in the recliner a lot today, and in my opinion has eaten well. She’s been in bed for just over an hour now and will probably sleep through the night. One of her dearest friends is coming by for a visit tomorrow so that should perk her up some too. :o)

  49. leslie van de ven says:

    talking about Gram’s is a bit hard for me right now. My step Mother’s Mother, who I consider my REAL Grandmother, since I never met my real grandmothers – left us in her sleep just two weeks ago. She was ninety-four. She will be missed. She had over fifity grand kids and great and great great grand kids… a truw farmer’s wife and hard worker. I have had TWO women in my life I consider my REAL Grandmothers- one married to my Mother’s father, William Mattson. She was an incredibly talented nurse in New York City – she ran the surgery at Mount Sinai Hospital . She passed away some years ago in HER sleep at age ninety, wearing a “fabulous red nightgown” her niece said. My step mother has raised me since I was eleven and a hellyun and I was adopted by her Mother. So I have had good role models for being step grandparented!
    I love taking care of the elderly. There is a wonderful 86 year old in our neighborhood who grew up on Washington DC and who married a Navy man. She worked for Congress and danced a tap dance with Harry Truman when he was a Senator, before he became president, and met and lived in the same apartment building as Marilyn Monroe before she became Marilyn Monroe! Pay attention to the elderly – with all your heart – they have incredilbe life stories to tell and can make you laugh.
    I’ve been taking care of a friends’ dog, Daisy. I wish I could bottle her and give her away. She is THE nicest dog.
    Been indluging in See’s chocolates – just one a day. I was given them for watching 2 cockatiels, a rabbit and two cats next door. Yum! Taking care of animals is very rewarding.
    Our kitchen is nearly done. I will post some pictures. I have never had such a beautiful environment to call my own. IKEA makes really lovely products.
    I hope I am using this comment section correctly.
    Janey – what instrument(s) do you play? I love madrigals and a modern composer who writes in that style named emma Lou Diemer. I sing any chance I can get with choirs. But I have never taken a good music class, believe it or not. Just was too intimidated.
    HOpe we hear from Paul soon. HOpe that the family are all bearing up with the loss of the little one. Somehow. Prayers are still being said by the whole community here. (We have a prayer chain.)

  50. Sarah says:

    Grandma had a good day today and a wonderful visit with her friend. We had her out on the screened porch for several hours and the fresh air did her a world of good. My dad is back from his 3 days in Richmond, so I’m back home and will be heading to my own bed shortly.
    Leslie, its not uncommon for there to be a month or so with no comments from Paul. It depends on how busy he is. I’m sorry to hear of your recent loss as well.

  51. Janey says:

    Leslie- I play all sorts. Mainly recorders, crumhorns, violin, harpsichord etc. Singing too. Its so easy to be intimidated. I was in the end too. I regret it every day!
    Sarah – I’m so pleased your Grandmas had a good day today. That must be some relief for you.
    Can someone send some good weather to Texas please?

  52. Sarah says:

    Janey, define “good weather” for me. If you mean “dry” I’ll swap ya – we need rain here!

  53. Melody says:

    Just a quick note–See’s chocolates–yum!!

  54. Janey says:

    Sarah – dry weather would be perfect. We’ve had rain 27 out of the last 30. Its so despressing! Swap ya any day!!

  55. MaryS says:

    I love See’s candy too! It’s hard to find in Colorado. I think they have only a very few stores and my closest one is not close. Being from California originally, it was ALL over the place and I got tired of it. Now I miss it!!!
    When we were kids we used to stop at the See’s candy store on our way home and would buy whatever we could in single pieces with whatever change we had on us. So nice that you could just buy a few pieces and not have to buy a box.
    Once, when I was working in a medical office years ago, a patient had a family member who worked at the shipping plant and she would bring us broken peanut brittle. I’m not a big fan of brittle, but theirs was the BEST!
    Mmmmm. I want some now. See what you did with one sentence? LOL