We have a current affairs news style program here that is doing a people voted “what is the best dance scene in a movie” type viewer voted thing. So I would ask every one here to make a vote on what is their favorite dance scene from the list they have provided.
It is under the “Vote: scene stealers” on the right hand side of the page:
I am not telling you how to vote, just asking that you do:)

130 Responses to “HELP”

  1. MaryS says:

    O.K. I’ll be first! I can’t get the darn pop up vote window to fill in no matter what I do. I’m ready, willing and able as soon as technology works with me. Anyone else in the U.S. or otherwise having this issue?
    I’ve enabled popups, cleared the cache and restarted my browser, to no avail.

  2. leslie van de ven says:

    Mission accomplished… resulsts on my computer show Strictly Ballroom at 8%. Come ON! WE can do better!
    Don’t know how I was able to access the voting. The pop up just worked on mine. I’m in California. If I were more computer literate I would try to tell you what to do.
    I want to vote again, but that seems to be stopped by technology. How do they know I’m not a different person voting on my computer?
    Good luck, Paul. All those Rumba scenes with FRan – especially to “Perhaps” sung by Doris Day, against the curtain( from “Strictly Ballroom” … hmmm. We should all be so blessed to learn about love that way.
    Leslie V.

  3. MaryS says:

    “Perhaps” dance scene is my favorite dance scene of any movie ever! I’ll keep trying….

  4. Evelyn says:

    MaryS. I also had no problems whatsoever. If you have a different web browser on your computer, try that. Sometimes that solves the problem and frequently not. Worth a shot!

  5. MaryS says:

    Yay Evelyn! That worked! I also was only able to vote once. Maybe have to start the web browser fresh..? sneaky, sneaky, sneaky, but we can’t let Dirty Dancing win!

  6. MaryS says:

    Nope. I guess it recognizes the mac address or something…
    Oh well, I’m going to go get a life now. lol. I did my part! Thanks again Evelyn!
    Have a great day everyone.

  7. Janey says:

    Well, that was an easy choice!! I voted twice (!) once from my laptop at a coffee shop and once at home.
    Hope you all a having a fabulous day!

  8. Rosie says:

    Okay Paul, I voted for “Strictly Ballroom” but it was a close run thing ; ) – I am addicted to the “election dance” in “Napoleon Dynamite” – but it does seem an Aussie film should win an Aussie competition.
    “Dirty Dancing”, puleeeze !

  9. derhaus says:

    (I’m so cheezy, but I have to say…) Paul was in Strictly Ballroom. The scene where Fran is sneaking a peek when he’s dancing alone. I don’t think music was necessary when his character was working things out in his head. There’s something about dancing to music in your head…very freeing. There’s my vote.

  10. Paul says:

    Thanks for taking the time to vote guys and please anyone else feel free.
    Dirty Dancing was a good film but I can think of quite a few other films that had great dance scenes in them. People often go the vote on DD because of the final scene with the big lift that they practised over and over etc When I was in my dancing days I would do that lift several times over breakfast and then get on to more serious lifts!!

  11. Paul says:

    OMG I just checked how the voting was going and SB is being beaten by a cartoon dance scene??!??!? They dont even sweat!
    I may be taking this too seriously LOL

  12. MaryS says:

    Hey Paul-
    I think it’s absolutely AMAZING that you just about HAVE Singing in the Rain and have already surpassed The King and I! Two all time classic movies in the U.S. and everywhere else!!
    Dirty Dancing….humph. Cute movie, alright dancing, never been a huge fan. For someone like me who is not a dancer, to see the wonderful talent shown in SB, says so much. I’m not that easy to please as the Dirty Dancing fans, apparently. 😉
    You rock and so did all the dancing in SB.
    p.s. I loved the movie’s campiness and sweetness. I thought it was an adorable movie.
    pps- it’s because of you and SB that I’ve been here on the corner for over two years and have met all these fun people! (including you)

  13. Janey says:

    Hiya Paul –
    You’re dancing in SB is just wonderful. I’m sure you’ll at least have the cartoon beaten by the end of the day!
    MaryS – I second everything you say. Dirty Dancing has nothing on SB. I have been converting all my friends at work.

  14. GRANDMA MIL says:

    Hey, at my age, I’ve seen them all at least once,
    and shown them all in my movie nights.
    “Strictly Ballroom” is the winner, no contest.
    It was hard to choose the favorite scene, there were so many, but: “Time After Time” dancing in front of the Coca Cola sign: Dancing near the laundry on the roof at dusk: Lifting Fran, then
    proclaiming, “You’re ready”, “Perhaps, Perhaps,
    Perhaps” the Paso Doble, and then, “Love Is In The Air” where everyone gets into the act…did I leave anything out??
    This masterpiece has it all, and no wonder it is
    a “must see again and again” for so many.
    Paul, you and Tara deserve the acclaim that came your way at the opening years ago. “Stricly Ballroom” is today a classic, with people of all ages discovering it with glee for the first time.
    I understand that in Australian schools SB is part of the curriculum right through the grades.
    Thank you, and much love,
    Grandma Mil

  15. MaryS says:

    “This masterpiece has it all, and no wonder it is
    a “must see again and again” for so many.”
    Hear! Hear! Grandma Millie. As usual, your enthusiasm is so contagious!
    I may just have to pop the movie into the dvd player tonight!
    I’ve been hanging around the house all day. I play around in the kitchen allot on Sundays. Today it was oatmeal cookies. Dinner was a salad and orzo with olives, sun dried tomatoes, scallions, and parmisan cheese. A nice glass of wine finished off the day.
    I’m watching a cool program on public tv celebrating the life of Elvis’ music. 25th Anniversary of….well, you know. It an amazing capture of his performances and looks like it’s a live concert. They did a good job of making it look current.
    Hope you’ve all had a good weekend. Thanks for the fun today Paul!

  16. leslie van de ven says:

    Will vote on my husband’s laptop tonight. No WAY SB will stay at 10%.
    My poor husband spent the day walking with me in the woods and is now working on getting a PVC pipe under the sink of our new kitchen. I’m feeding him Taco salad and some favorite pizza. Your dinner sounds good, MaryS. I’m not a gourmet like you all are.
    Watched another Aussie film yesterday I caught on IFC (Independent Film Channel?) with Rachel Griffiths called “Me Myself and I”. Lovely settings and good acting. Intriguing story. I’m kind of shifting my focus in film unknowingly.
    My brother says I should see ‘Little Mary Sunshine”- with Toni Collette – which I will sometime soon. We had a family event that interrupted my interest in things like films for awhile, but I’m sort of back.
    Strictly Ballroom is a wonderful portrait of life in a small town in Australia, isn’t it? Where the focus on entertainment is limited and the competitiveness gets fiercest. Look how far back the story goes – to Les, Barry and Scott’s father, Doug – and Shirley. It takes the introdution of a stranger’s culture to resolve the situation for Scott and his father and Mother. Very powerful storyline with Antonio VArgas expertise in flamenco lighting up the screen. The Grandmother is a wonderful character, too.
    Anyway. What a treasure.
    Good luck. It’s so far beyond the rest of the films for me. Sympathetic characters and a good tense story line make it stand out.
    Leslie V.

  17. Melody says:

    Paul–I put in my vote. Will also cast a vote from my work computer (shhhh!).
    May Strictly Ballroom win (win–win–win–win)!

  18. Sarah says:

    Melody may have cast her vote after I did my screencap, but I doubt it. Anyway, the link in my signature is the voting results as of 10:14p EST. *sigh*

  19. leslievandeven says:

    As of now, DD is at 27% ( down 2 points!) and SB is at 17% ( up seven!) … voted on my husband’s laptop…Keep up the good work!
    What does this all lead to? Not that it matters really! It’s just appropriate for an Aussie film to win…
    Agree that cartoon characters don’t sweat…they didn’t think of that, did they!?
    What did all of you eat for dinner? My pizza was outgrageous. My neighbor had us over on 4th of July for barbarcued pizza… wonderful, full of veggies.
    Tomorrow I will recap SB – just watch my favorite scenes, while I clean my living room.
    Leslie V.

  20. MaryS says:

    YAY Paul! As far as I’m concerned, you have won the vote! I see SB at 18% now. Dirty Dancing is still the top voted but I don’t count it at all. So SB is definitely recognized as containing one of the best EVER dance scenes in a movie, at least by the people on this corner! HMPH!
    One thing I don’t get. It seems that the percentages have gone down on some of the choices? How can that be? I hope the site is current. I think 18% is pretty darn great!
    I just finished harvesting my lavender bush outside. It was huge and I now have 16 bunches tied and drying in my garage. What a job! I wish I could send you each a bouquet. It smells divine.

  21. Margie says:

    Ok Guys!
    It’s about 9:30 pm here in California on Sunday the 15th. Strictly Ballroom is winning by a landslide!!!!! 34% and counting!!
    Thanks Paul, this is fun!

  22. leslie van de ven says:

    Can’t find the results at the website. Could someone do the link so I could see them?
    This was fun, but really, it just shows what the power of the fans can be!
    It’s hot here tonight. We spent the day at Bidwell Park, relaxing in the creek with our Aussie shepherd. She loves it so much.
    Life is better simple…
    Does anyone try to reduce their carbon footprint on this website? We drive a Toyota Corolla that gets 39 miles to the gallon. We livein rural California adn a Prius wouldn’t make any sense since we do mostly highway driving. Why is doing the right thing for the environment – i.e., reducing carbon gases, more expensive than doing the wrong thing? (continiung to use up fossil fuels)
    This was a fun day, except when I spilled my iced coffee all over some of my books… I got mad and just cried… like Fran in SB… Hope all this helps Paul out!
    Leslie Van de ven.

  23. Paul says:

    WE WON!
    Thanks to everyone that took the time to vote. I emailed friends and family here and suggested that they get on and vote if they want. I may have been instrumental in getting the votes going for SB but the truth is it does have some of the best dance scenes out of the collection of movies that it was put up against! I also voted for Singing in the Rain as I really dont think Dirty Dancing belongs in the same league as that movie.
    Anyway it is all a bit of fun as there is no prize. I just wanted SB to win so that it was mentioned as the winner and at the end of the current affairs program they showed a clip of myself and Tara dancing the Paso Doble!

  24. Evelyn says:

    Congrats Paul & Tara (and everyone else who danced in SB)!!!! Love the Paso Doble scene. So what was the final % that SB won with?
    The main thing I don’t like about dirty dancing is Patrick S as a dancer. have seen him in at least one other dance movie and I just do not like him. I’m not sure what it is that irritates me so much, but it always ruins the movie for me, esp. something that could be a wonderful dance scene… something in his body language and (lack of) charisma, but that’s just my personal take on him. I know others love him, which is fine with me.
    have a beautiful day everyone!!

  25. Janey says:

    yay! well deserved victory! Its nice to have something to smile about at work very very early on a monday morning 🙂
    Have a super day!

  26. leslie van de ven says:

    Wonderful! Haven’t ever really been part of anything like this. Which “Pasodoble” scene did they show on A Current AFfair? Among my favorite scenes is with the father and Grandmother dancing the Rumba Burro scene when they are at the house… the joy is too much. Young love is like that.
    What do your kids think of you now, Paul? And your wife?
    My husband thought I was being so silly, but he still helped me vote on his laptop.
    Well, Janey keep us posted about your life. It’s interesting to read your blog. My nephew, who just had a baby girl – Kathleen Claire “Katy” – in March – is in the Marines. I’m a Navy brat and my brother was a fighter pilot… and actually I never was afraid for them growing up.
    Thank you for a fun few days online.
    And Congratulations, Paul. It’s still a lovely film. You and the whole group can rest assured it is a classic. And I’m glad you like “Singing in the Rain”, too. I thought of Gene Kelly in that scene where you are dancing alone in the studio before Fran comes. I could go on and on about the joy of watching that level of dance…
    Leslie V.

  27. Maria Horos says:

    Hello Paul! All the scenes are wonderful, but best he is of the pace doble. To see its scenes of dance they cheer my life. Kisses

  28. Oi Paul! I agree to mine grandmother!A scene the pace doble I am a maximum! I and mine grandmother love and saw you its films all second! kisses

  29. MaryS says:

    Awesome! I’m glad that worked out. You and the movie deserve the acclaim. That movie should, and I am sure will, hold a place in time as one of the best, if not THE best dance movie ever.
    It would NEVER have held what it does with any other dancer/actor than you Paul. I mean that. The dancing you performed in that movie could not have been matched by anyone else. Great casting there! Also, the nature of Baz’ story telling is what engaged me so deeply. He’s so great at putting a feeling into the viewer. Nothing has ever grabbed me like the entire cast in this movie. But…having said all that, it was you Paul…all you!
    I totally agree with the comments about Patrick Swayze. He’s just never done it for me, as an actor or a dancer. Sorry, if anyone is a fan. We’re all entitled to our opinions. 😉 I know his wife is or was a pretty famous dancer also. Good on ya!
    I’m really glad you gave us all a heads up to vote Paul! It would have been a real shame for us to lose out.
    Have a great day everyone.

  30. leslie van de ven says:

    Can someone do a link to the webiste with the results? Did you get any other publicity out of the win, Paul? How was it featured on
    Gorgeous day – a Swiss summer day, a stained glass day as my artist friend used to say.
    Too bad we have to wait another two and half weeks for a vacation to Oregon.
    Do you ever go to New Zealand for holiday? That is one place I long to see – specially after Lord of the Rings..
    Leslie V.

  31. Janey says:

    Hideous day here. The roads flooded over lunch. I think we have had 6 inches of rain in two days and more to come. yuck!
    I can’t find the results Leslie. 🙁
    I heard from the hubby today. He’s well – quiet in his corner of Iraq at the moment! I don’t think they have had any shots fired into the base for a week or so.

  32. Grandma Mil says:

    Dearest Paul,
    Two thumbs up, with glee and satisfaction!
    About 14 years ago “Strictly Ballroom” opened at midnight at the Cannes Film Festival, and got a 7 minute standing ovation…it was shown around the world, and you and Tara went on a tour of the U.S.
    to advertise it. Tara ended up in Florida, signing
    autographs, but Ellie and I had just retired, and missed the excitement!
    When I showed it for the first time on 9/11 (yes
    911, purely by coincidence) here in our retirement community, the retirees would have stood up also,if they could have struggled to their feet. Instead, they applauded loudly and almost danced up the aisle and out the door, cheered for the first time that horrible day. I showed it at least once a year since then, the latest showing this past February.
    That first showing in 2001 precipitated an unbelievable and thrilling series of events, which I cannot divulge now, but later, later!
    We are eternally proud of you, and wish you and your beautiful family only the best!
    Shalom and Love,
    Grandma Mil

  33. Paul says:

    Thanks again everyone – it was a good bit of fun – yes?!
    Grand Ma Millie not to blow my own trumpet but it was a 15 minute standing ovation and a most remarkable moment in my life as it was for Baz, Tara and the producers! No doubt when I am 65 I will remember that moment as an hour and a half standing ovation….lol
    No prize for getting the vote just satisfaction even if I did vote for myself! It is no longer on the site so dont bother looking.
    Leslie, New Zealand is a great holiday destination I dont think you would be disappointed and I have heard the Lord of the Rings tour is pretty good. I was in NZ last year and went Te Pappa which is the national museum in Wellington and saw the LotR exhibition it was great! Better still is the Macs micro brewery just across from it – see the exhibition (the Maori exhibition is very moving also) and then go and have a good feed and a couple of good beers!

  34. leslie van de ven says:

    Thank you for the tip about NZ. Had a good friend from Christ Church. (I grew up in Geneva a LONG time ago and she and I were school mates) Maybe I would be able to locate her. I had heard they still have some film locations from LOTR to visit.
    Ever get to London? Would you ever do a theatrical version of Stricly Ballroom and maybe play the father? Oops, am I hitting below the belt with the age thing? You are a father, though!
    They seem to get a success out of turning films into theater now… I’m SOOOO glad WE all voted you in over the cartoon…
    My husband thought it was so silly, but then he HELPED me vote on HIS laptop! And he laughed out loud when I told him we won. Now if I can just get him to sit and watch the film – he’s more into older films like “The Fugitive” and a silly film called “Down Periscope” about the Navy. (It’s actually VERY funny, that’s why I mention it – you might enjoy it)
    Best time I’ve had on the INternet. Thanks!
    Leslie V.

  35. Sarah says:

    I had a sneaking suspicion that SB won… how? As I was running incredibly late for work this morning I was listening to the satellite radio in the Liberty (Leslie, no gas friendly vehicle for me!)… when just as I pull into the parking space at work “Love is in the Air” came on! If I wasn’t in risk of being late I would have sat there to listen to it, but I would have been late. :o(
    I have an online friend who immigrated to NZ from Germany and loves it. She’s always posting photos and making me incredibly jealous. One day I will go! The trick is finding a month’s vacation time to do so! LOL At least I know I’ll have a trustworthy tour guide when I eventually make it there. :o)

  36. Janey says:

    I have some friends who emigrated to NZ and they all love it.
    Leslie – was that an open to anyone question about London? Wonderful city of course, but the best of England is elsewhere. Durham is my favourite city. It is so beautiful. Hubby and I always go to as many pubs as possible thoughout England and drink as many different beers as possible! And then we reduce our carbon footprint by taking the bus back to wherever we are staying 🙂

  37. Janey says:

    I’ve been meaning to say but my mind’s been elsewhere today . . .
    I first saw SB on a plane right after it came out. I was so enchanted by the dancing that I begged my mother to go and see it again, but we lived miles from a cinema and it was not on anymore when we eventually made it.
    I was so excited when I saw it again at uni in 1999 and later when I found this website.
    I’m a big fan of Paul’s poetry too. There is one that really touched my life – especially over the past year.
    So, I guess, thanks, Paul, for the super dancing and for sharing other parts of your life with us!

  38. Melody says:

    Paul–glad SB won! Thanks for telling us about it and letting us share in the fun.
    Quick comment on Patrick Swayze. He does have a bit of an edge to his personna, which lent itself to his character in Dirty Dancing. I understand he was suffering with an injury (or previous injury) while making DD.
    I actually like DD, but I don’t see it in the way I see Strictly Ballroom, nor have I ever compared the two.
    Paul’s solo dancing in SB is excellent and the movement is unexpected–not anticipated, which is what I liked most. I also liked the choreography for “Perhaps”–not overdone. I don’t know if the curtain movement just happened during filming, but it looks “right”. The “paso doble” is also well done. From a Spanish dance perspective, it really calls you into what Scott and Fran are doing, but they are to themselves, focused within, and the audience is held outside of their circle. Ole!!

  39. leslie van de ven says:

    My question about London was whether or not IF they did a theatrical version of SB would Paul do it in London? I have good friends all around London who I love to visit. (One little village called “Liphook near Passfield” somewhere SW of London was a kick. All pub culture)On our last visit, our taxi driver to the airport was a Scotsman who took us on some wonderful tour – this was in 1995 or so – and shows us Elton John’s MANAGER’s house! Supposed to be a landmark, I guess… Oh well. Takes all kinds.
    I think what I really LOVE about SB is the contrast between the sequins, makeup and garish constumes and small town glamour of the characters – all those strange angles for the close ups on Barry Fife, for instance, at the Pan Pacifics and the wrackish colors of the flashbacks to the events that led to Doug’s crisis – versus how ordinary Fran and her family are, how truly real and down to earth – they dance outdoors – they are just as proud about their dancing and music – look at the Matadors’ jacket Scott ends up wearing – but it is authentic. Fran’s dress doesn’t have sequins and feathers, but it is just as beautiful and more appropriate. I guess the director took that all into account in telling the story. He was brilliant in this really. I guess he told what he knew, having grown up with a Mother who teaches ball room dance.
    I love the progression of the love story and how Shirley catches on to it when Fran falls after the Perhaps Rumba. Love is like that. Comes when you least expect it. Did for me, really. Met my husband in a fire safety lecture!
    Good stuff. A classic for me. Food for the soul.
    Antonio Vargas was wonderful to watch, too. The train scene is lovely and exciting.
    And the coca Cola scene on the roof.
    Have a good day everyone. We are having a COLD spell right now in northern California. GEt to go camping in two weeks. Can’t wait.
    Leslie V.

  40. Melody says:

    Leslie–I agree with you–the train scene is great–you see the train passing by and Scott is turning with everyone clapping, as well as the contrast between the glittery world of ballroom and the families’ own households and relationships.
    I also like the sequence with Antonio Vargas–the reality of paso doble and another perspective on dance.
    This is a very special movie, and will prove a classic if not already.
    In fact, all this talk makes me want to watch it this evening. 🙂

  41. Janey says:

    Sorry Leslie – my bad!

  42. Grandma Mil says:

    Paul: I apologize about the time error at the Cannes Film Festival It only proves that I shouldn’t, at my age, believe everything I hear!
    Melody and Leslie: The train and the beaded matador jacket were the most expensive items in
    “Strictly Ballroom”. Baz and the producers were working on a limited budget, but they decided to spring for the extra bucks, and how well the money was spent!
    If you have the DVD, go to the extra features which include a lengthy but fascinating commentary featuring Baz, his wife Catherine Martin,(the costume and set director), and “Cha Cha” O’Connell, the choreographer.
    They said they were extremely thrilled with Paul, whom they picked for the role of Scott. They mention that Paul was from the Sydney Dance Company, and was very impressive, and a better choice could never have been made!
    Tara, of course, had to endure the big glasses, pimple placements, the frizzy hair, and the ugly pink tee shirt, and the brown and white flowered dress that Catherine devised for her.
    (It’s amazing how Tara’s character changed with
    just a purple tight fitting top…she started to look more beautiful, even with the glasses!)
    Tara originally was a singer, not a dancer, but she worked hard, and succeeded with Paul as her partner. She played “Fran” when Baz and Craig Pearce, the future screenwriter, originally wrote SB as a half hour stage play.
    Tara’s acting efforts were recognized in SB when she was nominated for best actress awards from the Australian and British Film Institutes.
    Now, hope you can find the commentary, and check the facts!
    Tonight I am showing “Chocolat” as my movie of the month…come to think of it, I wish it was
    “Strictly Ballroom” even though I did show it this
    past February, but nothing beats showing it in an
    auditorium, with a live audience, on a HUGE DVD screen! The big applause at the end is always there!
    Shalom and Love,
    Grandma Mil

  43. Melody says:

    Grandma Mil–
    They will love Chocolat–another of my favorites.
    I’ll be travelling to France in September and will be visiting the region Chocolat was filmed in. Looking forward to it!
    I’ve listened to the commentary while watching SB, when I received the anniversary DVD from my students. I clicked on everything I could! 😉
    When SB was first released on video, it hardly stayed on the shelf and I think the store had to order a few more copies to keep up with the demand. I rented it and showed it to some of my students. One in particular looked at me during Doug’s flashback sequence and asked, “Is this for real??” (She was the youngest of the group.)
    Now she shows the movie to her own young daughters.

  44. leslie van de ven says:

    Two other films about dance: “Shall we Dance?”, both the japanese and the american versions.
    I like the american version because of one scene alone: when the wife meets the detective in the bar to tell him his services are no longer required. he asks her “Why do you think people get married?’ or she asks him. He answers “Passion” and she says ‘No. It’s to have a witness to your life. You will be there in good times and in bad for your whole life” It’s the best description of why I got married! Try out the movie sometime: “Shall We Dance?” with Susan Sarandon, richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez. The dancing isn’t half bad either – its’ mostly ballroom.
    Janey – no problem. I don’t know what you wrote
    “My bad” for! about london? I wish I could LIVE in England and see all that want to see. I’m especially enchanted with the Highlands of Scotland and the sheep and dogs.
    Can’t drink. so I’d go to pubs in ireland for the music, I guess.
    But really, I’m stuck at home with Brandy. A dog is areal responsibility. She is why we get to go Oregon all the time for our vacation! We can take her along!
    Have a great day everyone. Grandma Mil, I did enjoy watching SB with the directors’ comments a lot. You must be having a ball running the movies where you live! What’s next? Try “Shall we Dance”!
    Leslie V.

  45. leslie van de ven says:

    Two other films about dance: “Shall we Dance?”, both the japanese and the american versions.
    I like the american version because of one scene alone: when the wife meets the detective in the bar to tell him his services are no longer required. he asks her “Why do you think people get married?’ or she asks him. He answers “Passion” and she says ‘No. It’s to have a witness to your life. You will be there in good times and in bad for your whole life” It’s the best description of why I got married! Try out the movie sometime: “Shall We Dance?” with Susan Sarandon, richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez. The dancing isn’t half bad either – its’ mostly ballroom.
    Janey – no problem. I don’t know what you wrote
    “My bad” for! about london? I wish I could LIVE in England and see all that want to see. I’m especially enchanted with the Highlands of Scotland and the sheep and dogs.
    Can’t drink. so I’d go to pubs in ireland for the music, I guess.
    But really, I’m stuck at home with Brandy. A dog is areal responsibility. She is why we get to go Oregon all the time for our vacation! We can take her along!
    Have a great day everyone. Grandma Mil, I did enjoy watching SB with the directors’ comments a lot. You must be having a ball running the movies where you live! What’s next? Try “Shall we Dance”!
    Leslie V.

  46. Janey says:

    Leslie – where in Oregon are you going? you said the coast, right? My dear dear friend lives in Newport and grew up in North Bend. He says its so beautiful.
    I was having an insanely busy and kinda slow (mentally) day! thought you were asking generally about england 🙂 Have a fabulous evening everyone!

  47. Sarah says:

    I could be opening the proverbial can of worms here… anyone besides me like the film “Take the Lead”? (Ducking for cover now…) I’m not saying the dancing is phenomenal, and I have issues with Antonio Banderas portraying a Frenchman, but I like the fact that the film was made and overall I think its a good film. (But if you want the real 911, rent Mad Hot Ballroom. :o) )
    Not that you guys can ever get rid of me, but I’ll be on my annual trek to Gettysburg this weekend for the Irish Festival. I can’t wait!
    Oh, and… drum roll please… I’m am about to begin week #4 without a migraine! This is nearly a record for the past year! Woo hoo!

  48. Janey says:

    That’s great news Sarah! I hope it continues! I’ve been meaning to tell you – I baked a mince pie! It wasn’t too awful, though I think I ate more mincemeat out of the jar than I put in the pie 🙂

  49. Melody says:

    Sarah, congratulations on going this long with no migraines. May it long continue!
    I actually like Take the Lead, and enjoyed watching the take outs on the DVD as well. My nephew gave it to me for Christmas last year. I also saw Mad Hot Ballroom and happy to say that movie inspired an afterschool ballroom project here in Chicago.
    Janey, I’m just as bad when I bake. Always tasting–surprised anything is ever left to get in the oven!

  50. leslie van de ven says:

    Janey – we go to Harris Beach, just over the border from California. We think it’s nicest state park along the coast. And the beach is lovely. It’s way south of Newport. We’ll try to get to Portland area for a day, Astoria is lovely along the coast up north, too.
    Glad Sarah is getting relief from her migraines!
    We had RAIN today. Woke up to rain on our roof. Lovely.
    Have a good day everybody. I’ve shared this webiste with a few other people. They think it’s really fun.
    Leslie V.

  51. tracie says:

    Cool. I’m glad you won! I tried getting on the site and voting, but had some of the same problems that others had. The “perhaps” dance I think was my favorite scene as well…

  52. Sarah says:

    Melody, the only “extra” that won’t work for me is the multi-angle tango. My DVD player is a bit older and the remote doesn’t have the proper functionality for it. :o( I guess I could try it on my laptop to see if it would work… Its great that the ballroom program is in Chicago now. I think its a great way to get kids involved in something positive.
    Janey, congrats on the pie. Perhaps it would have turned out better if you hadn’t eaten so much from the jar before baking it. LOL

  53. Julie says:

    Paul this is fantastic!
    This is good exposure for potential new projects.
    SB will always be the most influential movie I have ever seen.
    all my best to the Murcurios,
    ps: I confess that I couldn’t get on the site to vote for some reason (I couldn’t find the catagory) but I’m happy SB was #1. I have to be careful with what I say here that so that the PCers don’t throw tomatoes at me for being unable to vote.

  54. GRANDMA MIL says:

    Leslie, I always preferred the Japanese version of
    “Shall We Dance” and have already shown it 3 times
    since I first started my movie nights called “MGM,
    Mildred’s Great Movies.”
    My audiences would rather see a classic more than once anyway, instead of the garbage that comes to our big screen in our big Theatre. Luckily, the
    ticket is only $1.00, and nothing is really wasted if one has to walk out, which is done often.
    However, I take some pride in the fact that people
    do not walk out on my movies, unless it’s to go to the loo, but they always rush back!
    “Chocolat” was a big hit this past Tuesday, and
    although it was released in 2000, and I showed it once already, no one complained, for no one really remembered! Ah, the joys of getting older!
    About “Dirty Dancing”: I showed it two months ago,
    only because it took place in the Catkill Mountains of New York, where resort hotels were
    numerous, and my peers remember their vacations there when they were younger.
    However, the grinding of the “dirty dancing” style
    was an embarrassment to me, and thank goodness, that style of dancing has almost disappeared.
    Also, the theme of a young girl coming of age in the atmosphere of casual sex and abortion made this film, in retrospect, one that should be relegated to the bottom of the heap.
    In contract, our “Strictly Ballroom” had one sweet
    kiss between Scott and Fran, a “dance of love”
    (“Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps”)a passionate Paso Doble, and other Latin rhythms that could satisfy any romantic, without cringing! No wonder SB is part of the Australian school syllabus!
    I would have presented it also in my teaching career, but I retired before it was released, but it is now part of my monthly movie programs, shown multiple times since 2001 when I first screened it.
    Now, with the #1 rating, SB still lives in the hearts of so many. Bravo, Paul, Bravo, Tara, for making it so very special to so many!
    Shalom and Love,
    Grandma Mil

  55. Sarah says:

    Grandma Mil, I’m glad Chocolat was a success. I love Johnny Depp and therefor almost any film he is associated with. ;o) I do hate to disagree with you on something though – the grinding dance style in Dirty Dancing is not that far from gone. What teens and young people dance in clubs now is even more provocative, in my humble opinion.
    Honestly my favorite part of Dirty Dancing is the resort. I never went to any place like that growing up, or even as an adult. Now they are all but extinct. I was mesmerized with the idea of a place like that when the film came out and I was younger (heck, I still like the idea!). Plus there are some women who connect with Baby and the whole fantasy of falling for the “bad boy” and hoping Daddy will accept him. Otherwise, I could take the film or leave it. No big deal for me.
    Today was an exciting day for me. I got to meet someone whom I’d only previously known online. That was a ton of fun. :o) Then I drove home part of the way in a nasty storm… only to find that the storm had been here first and I had no power. When I called Dad on his cellular to find out how long it had been out I got a real shocker- one of the huge Oak trees next to the farm had been snapped off near the base during the storm! These trees are easily several hundred years old, so its quite a loss for us. Plus, it took out the power pole and lines when it went down so their power may take longer to restore than mine. (Mine was out roughly 8 hours and has only been back on for a little over 1 hour now.) I took a bunch of photos because words just can’t describe how it looks, and a link to some of them is in my signature. There is one photo of my father standing next to the tree – keep in mind my father is 6’4″ tall and it will give you some perspective.
    Tomorrow morning I am off to Gettysburg, PA until Sunday. I’ll be checking in while there. G’night!

  56. leslie van de ven says:

    Loaned SB out to a really Christian freind of mine – they liked the Richard Gere version of “Shall We Dance?’ for the same reason I did – the scene about why people marry. Kind of like a continuation of Fran and Scott’s love as you hope it turns out. Hope they like it. Will let you know. Imiss having it around so I can pop it in my DVD and just watch my favorite scenes over and over… but actually I like watching the whole film to see the love story develop. It’s wonderful.
    Our weather is back on track – hotter and hotter.
    No baking for me for awhile, Janey – my kitchen is almost done. Just some tile work and install the new stove. My neighbor bakes the best berry pie in the universe… love when she does, I usually get two pieces since my husband doesn’t like pie… We live in rural farm country adn have access to the BEST fruits, tomatoes…
    My neighbor came over last week with the movie “ShopGirl” by STeve martin. She was very moved by the characters and the story. A bit too sophisticated for me. I’m into the romance of SB.
    Even DD was way beyond me. Especailly the dancers and the subplot of the pregnancy and the tragedy of that at that time seemd a bit out of place.
    How wonderful they show SB in schools Down Under…
    What opportunites are coming your way NOW, Paul?
    You must have qutie a fan base you haven’t realized before with that win on ACA!!!
    Thank you for the fun times online. Really.
    Leslie V.

  57. Janey says:

    I’m with you on the romance vs. sophisitcated movie thing Leslie. Hubby liked Shopgirl a lot, I was less keen. Our difference in taste means he gets some interesting choices sent to him in care packages!
    New kitchen sounds nice! We had our house built from scratch so we got to pick out the tiles and everything. it was so much fun. When will it be finished?
    Sorry your power was out for so long sarah. Ours was out this morning. I honestly don’t think we can take any more rain. We are getting 3 inches a day and my back garden looks like a pond. I had to roll my trousers up to my knees to walk into the office – always a nice look.
    Have a great day everyone!

  58. Janey says:

    one more thing – I received notice yesterday that I have my citizenship interview in a couple of weeks!!! I’m so excited.

  59. Melody says:

    Sarah–sorry about your tree. It’s sad to lose a golden oldie during a storm. Think of all they witness and survive through the ages and then can be lost so quickly.
    Grandma Mil–I’m glad everyone liked Chocolat. Johnny Depp is also one of my favorites, and is also becoming one of my niece’s favorites (she’s 14 turning on 15 in September).
    Julie–no need to worry about tomatoes coming your way. You voted in your heart–good enough for me!
    Janey and Leslie–looks like both of you are on opposite sides of the weather spectrum. We just had some heavy rains in Chicago, and over 90,000 were still without power yesterday morning. My area wasn’t as affected, but it sure came down hard.
    I never really compared SB and DD because they’re very different to me. I am more partial to SB–I still recall sneaking back into the theatre to watch it a second time after the first, then went back the following week, it was then at another local theatre, and I went there about three different times–I know I didn’t do that with DD, although I did enjoy it. Actually, one actor I really liked was Jerry Orbach as the father/doctor. I also liked him on Law & Order–sad that his life was cut short by cancer.
    Good weekend to Paul and all PCs!

  60. leslie van de ven says:

    Janey! Are you living in Texas with all that rain? What’s your country of origin that you are becoming a citizen? My husband, who I have mentioned is Dutch, is starting to become a citizen. He is well prepared as he has tutored others on the naturalization test! Congratulations on your interview. I’m sure it will all go well.
    Those phtos of the oak trees downed by the storm on Sarah’s website are amazing.
    I REALLY believe in global warming. Have a relative who is an oceanographic atmosphere scientist. He tried to warn the elder Bush administration but they too were close minded. I feel like Noah – we are forewarned… except I haven’t started building anything except a kitchen…
    Hope everyone will have a great weekend.
    Leslie V.

  61. Janey says:

    Leslie – Yes! Houston. I feel like I live in a swampy pond. I also believe in global warming, which is why I now have a honda. Oh, and I’m from the U.K. How long has your husband been here? We just made 7 years. Seems like only yesterday.
    Have a sunny weekend everybody!

  62. leslie van de ven says:

    We can expect more hot days now. That rain and those cool 80o degree days were a blessing.
    My brother lived outside Houston as a pilot for Continental (Woodbridge, I think). We have ahd flooding here in Northern California, too. Our town took in several thousand evacuees in 1997.
    Who says global warming isn’t already here? We are way inland from the coast, too.
    My husband and I met 20 years ago when we both worked at the local hospital. We got married in 88. I know what you mean about it all going so fast! No kids, unfortunately. Just lots of nieces and nephews and friends and neighbors. I take “Child development” classes and teach art to the youngsters. It’s a blast.
    I’m going through SB withdrawal. My friend has my DVD and hasn’t watched it yet. I really want to write a story about my romantic childhood in Geneva. I’ve started to, actually.
    Hope the rain stops, Janey. Where in England are you from? I spent a few days in Oxfordshire one summer. All of England is glorious, really. Somehow the people let the land live there. And in all the islands. Here we develop over our lands and spoil the landscape. In Holland, an advertisment you can see from the train is about a foot across and a foot high only, and sits low on the ground, not a huge billboard like we have here. Very environmentally concious.
    Take care. What’s next on the agenda, Paul?
    Leslie V.

  63. deltalady says:

    Congrats, to SB and you, Paul!
    I’m so glad you won, I never could find the place to vote, but I stuffed the ballot mentally,lol, which of course, was no help whatever.
    As it happens, didn’t need my help anyway, and I have so many favorite scenes, I’d have had a very difficult time picking one. If forced, it would have been the scene you have described before, in the final dance, where you make that
    awesome knee-slide and turn. Brings chills every time!
    hugs and smiles,
    deltalady aka Sally

  64. Marian says:

    Leslie, What town in California? I grew up in Ruch, Oregon (back road between Medford and Grants Pass) and went to the area around Harris Beach all the time. My dad road in a horse endurance race many years in Pistol River (right near Harris Beach).
    I came into this thread late as my internet service is “troubled” and I had to us the public library’s computer. I must weigh in on this Patrick Swayze thing. Not only was his wife a professional ballet dancer, Patrick was too — until a knee injury ended that career and forced him to look elsewere. He moved into acting afterward. His brother said that his director and choreographer on DD kept telling him to make his dancing more rough to fit the part as his natural was much to smooth and polished. I agree with the assessment of the story-line. Didn’t need some of the smut. Yet I like the movie a great deal and like Patrick — he’s a horseman you know, Arabians just like me!!!
    With that said, SB is by FAR my favorite and Paul’s site is the only one I visit. I would have voted for it had I caught this thread soon enough. I did try, just too late.

  65. Marian says:

    By the way, I’m not the same Marian who didn’t show up until late to care for nursing duty. It’s been bugging me since I read the name.

  66. leslie van de ven says:

    Marian! Nice to meet you. We live in Colusa, north of Sacramento, off of I-5 at Williams. It’s hot and full of mosquitoes but the town is gorgeous with huge trees lining wide streets. It’s laid out in a grid because it’s surrounded by flood plain and can only allow certain growth. Now developers are interested in it because it’s historic for California. Some of our buildings date back to 1850!! I say that with a smile. I grew up in Switzerland and France… Roman architecture and all that… and my father’s family are from northern Spain for forever. Oh well.
    We’re tiling our kitchen today, with some help.
    Our friend who’s helping us just got back from Vancouever Canada where he’s living on a 28 foot boatand travelling the islands. Lovely.
    We go to Harris Beach as often as possible and then take day trips up the coast. We might try to go to Portland this year, too. My husband got his doctorate from a school outside Portland, Pacific University. Cool school. Hopes to teach there one day.
    Want to do something with my art degree – Masters or something… theater design… I keep coming back to ceramics… how does all that fit together?
    Watched “Top Gun” and bits of “A Few Good Men” with Tom Cruise because they were on our dish network again! What do fellow actors think of him? I think he’s really good. He sets the tone for the main characters all around. Plays off of others really well, it seems to me. He usually plays “cocky” characters, with a chip on their shoulder – makes me think of what Paul said in the last comment… It worked for Paul as Scott!
    Have a good day every one.
    Leslie V.

  67. Janey says:

    Hi Leslie – I grew up in Kent and SE London. I love England. But, I wish I could live in lots of places all at once; Houston, Spain, Australia, Belgium . . .
    How’s your tiling going?
    I’m off to read Harry Potter. It coudl be a late night!!

  68. marge says:

    Hi Paul, sounds like you have been a little down from reading the last few blogs.
    I still love SB. When I am feeling down and put it on and it lifts my spirits.
    Seems that since SB, there seems to have been a lot of dance movies come along.
    Shall we dance two versions
    Take the lead W/Antonio Bandaras.
    Step Up, about a hip-hop guy and a classical dancer.
    Dirty Dancing Havana Nights.
    What a disapointment!
    It was just a spinoff version of the Original DD. Even the choreogrophy was very similar to the original.
    Couldn’t get to the vote window to open, but I will keep trying.
    Looking forward for DWTS to start this fall.
    Take care and Love to all,

  69. marge says:

    Marge here again.
    Paul, is the draught in AU. affecting your area in any way?
    Someone mentioned Singing in the rain. Gene Kelly did the “Singing In The Rain” scene with the flu and a 103 temperature.
    There is a figure skater named Curt Browning from Canada who did an ice skating routine just like the movie. It was awesome! I have it on tape.
    Take care and love to all;

  70. Melody says:

    Wow! 70 comments on this one thread! Yes, Paul you get us talking!
    Singing in the Rain is my most favorite Gene Kelly number. (I must admit that I’m more partial to Fred Astaire.) I also read that he had several suits as being made of wool, they would shrink up when dried after filming in all that pouring rain. Overall, it’s a fun movie.
    Similar to SB making a statement on backstage ballroom politics, SITR made a statement on the movie industry of that time. Many of the scenes were based on true stories of how the movies went from silents to talkies, and not all the main stars were able to talk or sing on screen.
    Going on something Leslie said about her fiend having her SB DVD, I lent my old VHS SB to a co-worker and she has still yet to watch it!! (been a few months now . . . )
    Thankfully, I have my DVD if I get a craving meanwhile.
    PS–welcome Marge!

  71. Sarah says:

    Marge, I’d like to add another recent dance film to your list: Stomp the Yard – although its more focused on “urban” style stomp/step dancing. One of my supervisors at work has 2 children involved in this type of dance and they were involved in a national competition sponsored by the film. In the finals their team won, beating out two college teams – and the college teams didn’t find out they had been up against a high school team until after the competition! Its not a bad film, but it isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea.

  72. leslie van de ven says:

    boy, the weather is all over the place! Floods in England, Houston…. we are dry as a bone and HOT.
    Eating COLD food. Potato salad, taco salad… any recommendations from you gourmet chefs out there?
    Paul – I have a wonderful short book called “The Escape” from a friend’s father about his escape from Holland on bicyle in WW2, with two friends. It’s a great story. Have the connection with anyone down under who would want to film such a story? The author is still alive and lives in concord, California. It would be a wonderful film. They all ended up serving in the RAF!
    Hope you all are having pleasant weather and the food is good where you are!
    Leslie V.

  73. Marian says:

    Leslie, thanks for the personal info. On our last vacation out that way, we exited I-5 around Williams and headed west toward the redwoods where we tent-camped at Jedediah Smith State Park. I attended a school near Portland, Oregon also…George Fox University in Newberg. I’m familiar with Pacific University or PU [must be said out loud]. 😉 I spent band and choir retreats in Lincoln City and Newport every year, as well as extended study breaks driving the 1 1/2 hours to walk on the beach a bit. I miss the west coast terribly!!! Oklahoma’s “wind [that] comes sweeping down the pains” is a poor substitute for the cold ocean breezes and the rugged and majestic mountains of the Cascade Range!!!!!
    Sarah, I saw Stomp the Yard last week and agree the dancing was fun to watch. I’m not sure I was taken with the story, but that could be because of the million-and-one interuptions from my kids(it’s hard to get into a story when the stop button is used so much).
    I forgot to say earlier… I FINALLY GOT TO SEE DARK PLANET!!! Blockbuster Video finally came through for me!! I love Sci-Fi anyway, so really enjoyed this other side of Paul’s acting. My kids keep asking which female character was the mother of the baby girl born 12 months later who does the narration. 🙂 Got any inside info, Paul? Perhaps an ending which landed on the editing room floor?
    My daughter (7 years old) is asking me to get SB again. She loves the movie like we all do. I have it requested from Blockbuster. Should receive it next week. I also put Dark Planet on request again. 😉 I’m still working on my hubby to buy SB for me for Christmas or birthday.
    My hubby and I are taking our eating habits more toward vegetarian. We are also cutting out most of our processed grains (pasta, breads, etc.) Anybody got any awesome vegie recipes? Please share. I’m not a great cook and need all the help I can get. My idea of vegies have always been steamed or raw.
    Blessing to you all. I love coming to PC and catching up with everyone. You have become friends. I enjoy hearing how you are.

  74. Janey says:

    Marian – There is a cook book you can get called 1000 Vegetarian Recipes. Its great – there is a lot of variety and something for every skill level. I only use the stove (me and the oven are not good friends) and there is a lot I can do. Also, where there is pasta included, you can substitute lentils or something from the books extensive selection of side dishes.
    I also understand that dreadful wind on the plains – I lived in Lubbock, Texas for three years. It was a relief to leave.
    Hope everyone is well!!

  75. leslie van de ven says:

    Marian! We nearly took a job in Lincoln City two years ago. Spent a week looking around. Too close to Tsunami country for my taste, though. We liked some houses on the beach and then saw the road sign saying “Tsunami Evacuation Route”. Favorite camping spot is Jedediah Smith. Turquoise water. Gorgeous trees. The whole redwood scenic route along Highway 101 from north of REdding to Eureka in California is wonderful. Many campsites along the way. You always meet nice people too. Met some from Holland, New Zealand, from my home town, too.
    Haven’t seen any other Paul movies. will go online and look for them.
    Have an interesting recipe for a rice salad I’ll share:
    Make to taste.
    Several cups of cooked rice, chilled. White is best.
    Artichoke hearts – one or two small jars.
    black olives – one medium can
    mayonaise – to taste
    curry powder – to taste
    Mix, chill and serve.
    I had a nursing instructor who lived on that in the hot Los Angeles summer session we had with her.
    tiling done in our kitchen. My husband did the grouting. Looks natural and wonderful. White with gray grout. Only 12″ high along the back splash. Now we put our plumbing in and stove and voila! It’s done. Any suggestions what I should cook first on our new gas stove?
    Taking care of a wonderful 86 year old. She knew Marily Monroe BEFIRE she was Marilyn Monroe. Liked her very much. MM put suntan lotion on my freind’s sunburned back. (Back in 1940’s or 50’s). amazing stories if you just take time to listen.
    Nice to know you’re all out there. Fans of Paul’s and all that. Worse things to be friends about!
    Have a good good week.
    Leslie V.

  76. Sarah says:

    Marian, there are moments I’m glad I don’t have kids. Those are usually when I’m watching films and talking on the phone. LOL As for investing in a copy of SB, it is a must. As is Joseph, IMHO. :o) (Advise hubby that in the long run its cheaper to buy them than to keep renting them.) As for going vegan… if you’re going to take the kids in that direction as well make sure you monitor their iron levels, as well as your own. Most vegans have problems with anemia due to the fact that they have cut out meat. A good online friend of mine was recently in such bad condition that they came close to admitting her to hospital (she was told by urgent care they’d never seen iron levels that low). There are many iron rich foods out there, but honestly we were created to eat both meat and vegetables not just vegetables. ;o) Oh, and don’t forget to drink your water daily. (Where is Beata?)
    I was a bad girl this weekend and didn’t solely drink water. tsk, tsk… But I cannot be at the best Irish pub in Gettysburg with my lads and not have a drink or two. :o) I did limit it to two, and I did have an iced tea Sunday at lunch – but otherwise it was water all weekend. Oh, except for that glass of pinot at dinner Friday. LOL Hey, when I go off the track I derail completely. But I feel good and my sunburn is going away much faster than anticipated.
    Have a good week everyone! :o)

  77. MaryS says:

    Hi everyone. HOT day here in Colorado. I mowed and edged front and back yards and it about killed me. My face was purple! lol I use an old fashioned rotor mower. No motor, gas or power, other than my own body power. lol.
    I cooked a yummy chicken parmesan dish tonight. Also made a nice peach crustata. I like this form of Italian rustic tart. I use a store bought pie crust that comes in a roll form. You just line a cookie sheet with parchment paper and lay the crust out and fill with a fruit of your choice. Today was white peaches. Plums or apples are good too. Top the fruit with a mixture of sugar, flour, cubes of butter and some nice spices. Today was cinnamon, cardimon, and sugar. Form the crust into a nice little pocket surrounding the fruit and bake until golden brown. Delish!
    Here’s a good egg plant recipe. Not everyone likes eggplant. I never used to be a huge fan, but I am now!
    Try to get a long narrow eggplant for this recipe.
    Cut the eggplant and scoop out the inside. Chop the inside scooped out “meat” into cubes.
    Saute the cubed eggplant and thin sliced garlic, in olive oil until a nice carmelization is seen. Add cubed roma tomatoes (I usually use about 2 tomatoes) and saute until the tomatoes get warm with the eggplant. Salt and pepper to taste.
    Fill the scooped out shell of the eggplant with the saute’d mixture.
    Sprinkle with parmesan cheese and some fresh basil. Drizzle a bit more olive oil on the eggplant.
    Bake in the oven at about 350 for about 15 minutes.
    This can be used as a bruchetta on top of toasted baguette bread or just eaten as a side vegetable dish.
    I love it!
    One more day off for me and then back to work. Hope everyone had a good weekend.

  78. Julie says:

    Sarah I have been a vegetarian for at least a decade now and I’m still alive…
    I”m a runner and a massage therapist and I have had no physical or nutritional issues in ten years. It more the opposite I have had no stomach problems, no weight issues (I’m at the proper weight for my height and I’m no bone either), and all my levels from my last physical are fine.
    I think the problem with some people becoming vegan or vegitarian is that they don’t eat or eat very little. That’s different. Plus especially when you are over thirty it is important to take supplements. I drink a green drink that has plenty or iron and antioxidants every morning. I’ve been doing that for a few years now.
    The most meat a person should be eating is 5oz a day and no more I read in a nutrional guide one time.
    Got to go but my best to everyone!

  79. Melody says:

    MaryS–not much of a fan of eggplant, but that does sound good!
    (BTW–Paul shares great recipes on this website!)
    Must get back–just dropped in to give a quick *hey* to all!

  80. Marian says:

    Sarah, not to worry. I’m not going stricktly vegan, nor am I taking my kids there. We are reducing our meat consumption from near 80% to closer to 20%. I’m going lower so I can lose these 90 extra pounds I’m carrying. I also have a family illness called hemochromotosis that I’m trying to avoid where the body stores ALL iron it receives, which damages organs and eventually causes death. (My iron levels are at the top of what’s allowed, so some reduction is a good thing for me personally.)
    As for owning SB, I totally agree with you. I do already own Joseph. That was last Christmas’s present!!!!
    Leslie, Thanks for the rice salad recipe. It sounds fabulous!!! I’ll be trying that one very soon.
    Mary S, I wish I’d had your recipe just last week. I finally threw away the eggplant I had in the fridge ’cause I’d had no idea how to prepare it. It went bad on me. Now I’ll get another one and try this out!! And that crustata sounds sinful! I’ll have to try that out in a bit also!
    Julie, I’ve been talking to some vegans around here. I appreciate your morning drink idea. Do you make it from scratch or buy a prepared powder or shake? If from scratch, could you share the recipe with me? I’ll lower my own meat intake even farther.
    The good news is I’m 11 pounds lighter than when I started!!! And I’m not having as many cravings as on other diets I’ve tried.
    Take care, all. I’ll check back in next opportunity.

  81. Anne says:

    I have to add- wahoo! for eatting vegetarian. On a side note I’ve been vegetarian since ’91, and 2 healthy pregnancies in that time (we’re all vegetarian here). While I don’t have any outstanding recipes (I’ve taken to Indian food), spinach and blackstrap molasses are high in iron. When I’m planning out a meal, take in consideration protein for growing children (rice and beans are complete protein), but really, lots of food have protein in them. All I’ve been doing is eatting everything cold- sandwiches and wraps.
    Yes, Paul (and many thanks!) does have good recipes on here- I really wanna try your “Daughters’ Favorite Pasta Sauce;” I wonder if your girls are as finicky as my boys?
    Mary S…I hope you’re not the one who’s always borrowing SB from the public library so I can never get it-just kidding. I’m here in Colorado too, and I’ve only borrowed it once!
    AKA derhaus-(sorry, Paul- discovered you’re surrounded by women even on the internet, so…) I have to add- Paul and the various ladies here, y’all are very nice, polite, interesting… (sorry, it is hot here, and verbage is escaping me.)

  82. Janey says:

    Leslie – did you think of something to cook to break in the new kitchen? I think it should be something a little big decadent, don’t you think? I am going to try out your salad recipe on my parents. 🙂
    Can anyone help me out with tofu? I’ve tried to do stuff with it but it always ends up tasting like rubbery nothingness.
    Thanks for all the posts, everyone. This is fun!

  83. Sarah says:

    Julie, I know that there are many very healthy vegetarians/vegans in the world but unfortunately there are many that are not as well. My friend who was nearly hospitalized eats well (she doesn’t pick at food) and is highly active. She lives just outside of Paris and rollerblades weekly in skate races and swims competitively. That’s why we were all so concerned with her recent health issue.
    Marian, ginger is actually a very good source of iron as well – although if you’re trying to cut back on your iron… ;o) I actually eat very little meat myself. Its not because I don’t like meat or because I’m vegetarian – its just because I don’t take the time to prepare it for just myself. (I’m single and live alone.) I may eat red meat once a week and poultry once or twice a week. I don’t eat pork very often either, and admittedly I eat fish rarely. (I will not prepare fish for myself.) But I love veggies, and with my dad’s garden coming in so well we have a variety of fresh veggies coming out of our ears. LOL

  84. MaryS says:

    Hi Anne. Nice to know that there is a fellow Coloradan here on the corner. That’s great!
    Are you kidding? I have MY own copy of SB! 😉 I HAD to purchase it after watching it for the first time all the way through on television. I saw part of the movie, the second half I’d say, and then was lucky enough to find it showing again on cable. After watching the movie in full, I went directly to and purchased my own copy. I watch it whenever the need is there. Yes, I would call it a NEED. I love this movie because of how special Paul and his dancing in the movie were and are. I will never get my fill. Isn’t that wonderful? Not many things can move us to such a place. Thanks again and again Paul!
    Hi Marian. Yes, I wish you would try the eggplant recipe and let me know what you think. I bet you’ll like it o.k. Eggplant has this nice meaty texture that I really have come to enjoy. And being Italian…what can I say? Anything with garlic can’t be all bad. The thing about garlic is that once it’s cooked properly, you won’t reak of it. I don’t enjoy that smell on others. Growing up in L.A. we had an awesome diverse community. The oriental culture use alot garlic and it isn’t unusual for them to eat it raw. WOW! That is a pungent aroma! VERY good for you though.
    Anyway. Food, dance, love… la dolce vita! The sweet life!

  85. Marge says:

    Hi Sara, I’ll have to check out Stomp The Yard. It sounds a little like Step Up, which is one that I don’t watch very often.
    Take the Lead is another one I enjoy. It stars Antonio Bandaras who introduces inner city getto kids (10 to 12 years of age) to ballroom dancing. It’t based on a true story, and the program is still going.
    Melody, thanks for the welcome. I’ve started blogging here in Sept. 2001, when I first saw SB, and fell in love.
    Discovered a new Aussie dancer. His name is Adam Garcia. I recently saw him in Coyote Ugly. I looked up his BIO and found out that he is also a dancer.
    Paul, you and SB are still my favorite. I love the “Perhaps” scene the best.
    Weather here in Maple Valley, WA. We have had several heat braking.record days. Then in the middle of all the heat, we has a couple weeks of steady rain, which is uncommon in July. And the humidity! YUK! Our weather has gone back to normal in the 70’s.
    Take care, and love to all, Marge

  86. Anne says:

    Janey- in answer to tofu- I like to crumble it, cook it up in a pan with melted butter; kind of like scrambled eggs- then you can throw in whatever veggies, cheese, seasoning- really jazzes it up. Or marinate in broth or whatever is your favorite sauce to soak up the flavor, cube it, and dry fry it; top on salads or use it as a burrito filler. The thing I love about it is that it is so bland that it absorbs other flavors of things you’re cooking it with, so it’s quite versitle. One more way to get protein and calcium (albeit small).
    Mary S.- yeah, I was kidding, but that’s how it works out for me- the library situation. At least I got to keep it for a week. I need to buy my own copy too- very worthy of owning. (I made my boys watch the dance sequences- Dad watches sports, so I try to show them something more refined! LOL)

  87. abeth says:

    I’m a bit late on voting-my vote would have been for the “Perhaps” sequence in SB.
    Just peeking in to say hello.
    I’ve noticed some new faces here in The Corner-a big warm welcome to those who are new. And, a big hug to those who aren’t!!

  88. Rosie says:

    Hey Sarah – that online bud you lunched with – anyone we know? ;o)
    Janey – try draining the tofu overnight in the fridge, then wrap it in plastic and freeze it before using it. Changes the texture, makes it “meatier”.
    I practically LIVE on tofu – eat very little meat.

  89. Sarah says:

    Rosie, that online bud… who could she be??? ;o)
    I had a friend who used to make her lasagna with tofu and it was quite yummy. Unfortunately we lost touch many years back and I never got her recipe. :o(
    Today was a nearly “no food” day thanks to a stomach virus. I’m feeling better now but boy was my life miserable since 3a!
    BTW, today is a banner day for me! It has been officially a fully “cycle” that I have gone without a migraine! This is the first time in over a year I have gone this long without some sort of migraine pain! Woo hoo!

  90. Janey says:

    Hey Sarah –
    That is great news indeed! I hope it continues.
    thanks Rosie and Anne for the tofu suggestions. I’m quite excited to start trying out the new ideas!! Sarah – I baked another pie and took your advice not to eat the filling first! It was still remarkably average.
    I am getting a bunch of the girls at work to watch SB. They have never seen it!!! I was shocked!
    Have a great evening! – Janey

  91. leslie van de ven says:

    Hello. Started to make comments and hit a key that erased everything!!!
    It’s amazing how we’re all talking food now, though. And Paul is really a foodie on television.
    THAT’s REAL!!
    I notice in the movies noone eats. The characters are always called away or they say “I’m fine” when asked if they are hungry. Like Scott when he comes home from dancing all night at Fran’s with the train scene.
    I like funny food scenes like in “Brdget Jones Diary”, the first one when she makes “Blue soup”. I once made a strange dessert for my family. It was called “Nothing Soup” and it was from a recipe in an International Cook Book. Came from Poland or someplace. IT was supposed to be light fluffy eggy sweet soup, but it really turned out to taste horrible and flat and nothing, really.
    My cousins, who are used to good food being doctors, laughed and laughed at me that night.
    I leanred a lesson. I’m not sure what I leanred, except to stick to FAMILIAR recipes: pies, cakes, and the like.
    Just some thoughts.
    Haven’t decided what to cook first in our kitchen Janey, but I think I’d like to make a BIG pot of spaghetti first. We make ours with chicken, sausage and lots of vegetables.
    tofu is a complete mystery to me. Only ever had it in soups like hot and sour soup at chinese restaurants and japanese miso soup. Like it that way.
    Hot out here in California. Looking forward to Oregon climate along the Coast.
    Take good care. Hope we hear from Paul soon! Hope good things are happening because of that vote…
    Leslie V.

  92. Rosie says:

    BTW Sarah – I HATE you! I’m addicted to that crazy lipstick – you said I can order online right? If I have to keep going back to the “Mill” I’m gonna put a HEX on you! ;o)
    Sorry to hear about the tummy trouble – soooo nasty, but REALLY relieved to hear about making the “cycle” – that IS cause for celebration!!!

  93. abeth says:

    That’s just wonderful that you spent a year migraine free! What’s the secret?

  94. Melody says:

    Sarah–that is really great about the migraines. I hope it lasts!
    Welcome back Abeth–good to hear from you again.
    Sorry, Marge, didn’t know you’ve been here since 2001. I’ve only been visiting here since March, 2006, which was the day before Paul’s birthday that year. I left some comments on the guest book, and then came here when Kat had to close it. It’s been really fun sharing with everyone.
    Leslie, you’re right–it does seem like people never eat (or use the bathroom, so to speak, unless they’re Archie Bunker) in films or TV.
    Gotta run! Chao all!

  95. MaryS says:

    Hi ABETH! How’s everything with you and the job? Still being watched by “big brother”? lol
    Hope you are doing great!

  96. Marian says:

    Sarah, I’m so glad about your migraine-free time. I too hope it continues.
    Leslie, stop killing me with talk of Oregon 😉 When are you leaving and returning? I hope the weather is fine for you. Last time I was up there it rained all three days 🙁 I hope your time is much better. Rainforest and all surrounding that area, one never really knows.
    By the way did I mention that I worked a summer just a few miles from Harris Beach? We were horse-logging up Pistol River for some long-time friends who wanted their land thinned a bit. (Yes, I really did drive a team of draft horses for my family’s logging operation.)

  97. Melody says:

    Marian, that sounds really awesome.
    I’ve never been to Oregon, but my father was when he was very young. He worked in the CCCs during the late 1930s helping to replant trees, roads. We have his photo album with all the lovely pictures of mountains and pine trees.
    He found a shell (clam) that had a Native American face (in profile) eroded into it. With the shape of its markings, it looks like an Indian Chief with a full feather headdress.
    He wrote where he found it, but I can’t recall the name of the beach, but it did say Oregon.
    My brother has it now. Pretty fantastic to look at. It’s about the size of the palm of my hand.
    Take care all!

  98. Sarah says:

    Rosie, they do have a website and I believe all their lipsticks are available online. And just because you are addicted to it is no reason to hate me. I’m too adorable to hate. ;o)
    Abeth, you misunderstood me: for the first time in over a year I’ve gone a month without a migraine. That in itself is a blessing to me as I’d been so horribly plagued by them.
    I am feeling better all-around today. I did still take it a bit easy with my food consumption and stuck to soup and crackers. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll attempt something more solid. ;o)

  99. Melody says:

    Sarah–do you think drinking more water (as suggested by Dr. Batman) helped in any way?

  100. leslie van de ven says:

    Went adn resuced my DVD of SB from my friend, who is also going on a trip to Oregon. Sorry to remind you. My Goodness, how cool to have logged on your family land in Oregon with draft horses. I think Clint Eastwood was a logger in Oregon before he was discovered. My priest, a really dear man, was a forester when he “got the call” to become a priest in his late 30’s. He’s 50 something now. He still goes to the land way up on the border of Oregon and California for vacations.
    Hot again. Anyone affected by flooding in Britain? FAmily or friends? Hope everyone is safe and comfortable despite conditions.
    Anyone like Jane Austen? New movie called “Becoming Jane” with Anne Hathaway as jane. The Jane Austen Center in Bath, England is recommending it. Love all those films. Wish I could dress like they did. Speak as clearly as they did.
    Hope Sarah is relieved of her migraines FOREVER. My husband gets “headaches” but refuses to call them migraines. It’s terribly debilitating. He still goes off to work anyway and I just hope he finds relief.
    Who is Dr. BAtman? And what is this lipstick reference?
    Will watch SB sometime in the next few days. i have to take a continuing education course for nursing. I chose to do “humor in medicine”!
    Anyone else have funny stories about food – like making nothing soup?
    Leslie V.

  101. MaryS says:

    Hey everybody!
    What’s this lipstick I’m hearing about? Tell me, tell me, tell me. I want to know too! lol
    Poor Paul, it’s come to us talking about lipstick on his corner. I have to laugh. But I DO want to know!
    Sarah, that’s so awesome about your migraine relief. I rarely drink water. Can you believe that? How horrible. I hate tap water and ALWAYS have bottled water in the house. It eventually gets used but I can’t really say I drink much water. I KNOW it’s so bad. I want to live vicariously through you. Just tell me the high points of the book. I can’t hang with reading the whole thing. I know you have to cleanse the impurities from the body. I do it with herbal teas and beer. lol. Seriously though. I need to drink more water!
    Migraines and Lipstick. We need to change the name of this site to that! LOL
    My relatives are in Oregon, California and Washingtion. Very nice climate most of the time. I’m alone here in Colorado. I love it here though. We had flash flood warnings today. Fun!!
    Back to my late night boyfriend….Dave Letterman. Talk to you all soon.
    TGIF tomorrow!

  102. Julie says:

    I went down to Hollywood last night to listen to my favorite blues singer. It was Diva night and she had a whole list of singers performing.
    Have a great week-end all!

  103. Rosie says:

    Hey Mary,
    That rotten litte (okay, adorable) brat, Sarah MADE me go to the Body Shop with her, where she proceeded to buy everything in the store and I managed to escape with just one tube of lipstick. But it’s the BEST lipstick EVER!!!
    All I can tell you is that it’s in a skinny silver tube and the color is “01” (which is peachy/nudey). I can tell you the number because that is BIG, the rest of the print is too small for my OLD eyes.
    You’ll have to get info on the Body Shop from Sarah, as she is such a frequent flyer, the clerk gave let me use her discount too!!!

  104. Rosie says:

    Hey Mary,
    That rotten litte (okay, adorable) brat, Sarah MADE me go to the Body Shop with her, where she proceeded to buy everything in the store and I managed to escape with just one tube of lipstick. But it’s the BEST lipstick EVER!!!
    All I can tell you is that it’s in a skinny silver tube and the color is “01” (which is peachy/nudey). I can tell you the number because that is BIG, the rest of the print is too small for my OLD eyes.
    You’ll have to get info on the Body Shop from Sarah, as she is such a frequent flyer, the clerk let me use her discount too!!!

  105. Rosie says:

    Sorry, don’t know how that happened!

  106. MaryS says:

    We just had the most AWESOME storm here. I’m just electrified by it! Pun intended. I love to see a heavy rain storm here since it’s not too often. We do get our share of severe weather here in Colorado though. Just enough to enjoy it when it does happen. Those mischievous Rocky Mountains have a mind of their own and sitting just east of them, anything goes! It’s gorgeous out there now. So green and beautiful! Can you tell I love nature? lol
    o.k. Sarah. Fess up on the lipstick. The gig is up. I used to use a Lancome color and they discontinued it after a few years. I was so attached that I went on to ebay and found two tubes from some makeup sales company and I swooped them up. Talk about determination huh? I like natural lip color. lol. So I go for the taupe type colors with a bit of a nice moisture balance. Not too shiny and not matte. LOL I cannot believe Paul’s site is again being used for our own purposes of sharing! That just makes me giggle too much! Sorry Paul. That’s what you get! When the cat is away, the mice will play! 😉
    Hope you all have a glorious weekend!

  107. Sarah says:

    Melody, I really think the water has helped with the migraines. Prior to this past month I was still drinking iced tea on a daily basis as well as cherry kool-aid (how adult am I?). Now I have the iced tea on a rare basis and other than an indulgence the other night I hadn’t had kool-aid in a good month or more. And I’m still feeling great. :o)
    Mary S, if Dr. B were still alive (yes, my friends he is deceased) he would probably lecture you on being dehydrated. (Where is Beata? Has she passed the torch on to me?) The highlight that I will pass on to you from the book is this: drink 2.5 litres of water a day, every day. If you drink anything with caffeine or alcohol you must increase that amount of water. Juices, teas, coffee, and drink mixes do not count towards you water intake. The book is not long, and the print is fairly big. You should read it. :o) I’m actually planning to buy one of his other books now.
    Since Rosie insists on calling me a brat. Grrr… I am forced to post the link to The Body Shop on Paul’s Corner. I was not going to do it before because I don’t like advertising places on people’s websites. However, you can find all their products at and there is a drop down menu for make-up, then choose lips to find the lipsticks. (No, I don’t know that by memory, I went to the website.)
    I’m at the farm for the night. Grandma was only up for a little over a half hour after I got here. Can someone explain the purpose of my being here for the night? *sigh* Now I think I’m going to head up to bed. I’m tired. It was a long day and tomorrow “cousin” Lori is coming down for a few hours with the kids. That means I get to play human jungle gym. Yay.

  108. Sarah says:

    Oh, to help those of you out who are going in search of “the lipstick” – I believe its the “Sheer Lip Shine.” Its the only one in a skinny silver case. ;o)

  109. MaryS says:

    Hmmm. I don’t see that color on there. The line that looks like they are in silver cases has like 30 colors but I don’t see this one.
    If it’s a sheer shine type lipstick, I may not like it anyway. I’ve tried so many of those and they never seem to work for me. Next time I go to the mall I’ll look at the store. I’m always looking for a new lipstick.
    Thanks Sarah!

  110. Rosie says:

    Mary – it’s not sheer/shiny – I don’t like those either. Why don’t you just search lipstick “01” and see what you come up with? The other colors are nice too – I’m just kinda hooked on peachy/nude colors cuz my skintone tends to be more “yellow” than “pink”.
    Pssst, she not a “brat”, she’s a “sweetie”, but don’t tell her I said so – don’t want it going to her head. ;op

  111. MaryS says:

    I found it! 01 is called sheer pink. I’ll check those lipsticks out at the store. Not a bad price either. Thanks Rosie and (not a brat) Sarah! 🙂
    I’m having my weathervane installed on the roof this weekend. It’s a pretty angel. She’s tooting a horn. It has the directional letters also. It’s a nice patina’d copper. The finish is vertegre, a nice turquoise finish.
    I’ll be abe to see it from my bedroom window on the 2nd floor of my home. The roof it will be on is over my garage facing the front of the house. Fun!
    Today is my Friday so TGIF to me. Have a good weekend everyone.

  112. leslie van de ven says:

    Marian – we are going to Oregon from August 4 through 12. And I also hope it won’t rain. One year we went to Umpqua LIghthouse State Beach and tried to tent camp and went to town it reained, came back to a leaky tent. We’re getting too old to have to deal with all that. But we both love camping. So does our “sweet animal”, Brandy.
    Wonder what Paul thinks of his blog THESE days! After winning the vote!
    STeam cleaning carpet. Choosing new paint for the rest of the house after doing the kitchen. Always something. Thinking of a pale aquamarine color with white trim for dining room and living room. Want to make it clean and formal. My nieghbor is doing HER kitchen soon, too! It’s catching!
    Fun to track down stuff o the INternet. LIke finding this blog.
    Anyone into “Harry Potter”?
    Take care…
    Leslie V

  113. Janey says:

    I love Harry Potter! I read book seven in one sitting. !! The first three movies were filmed in part at my University (the first one while I was there).
    Have a nice day everyone – Janey

  114. leslie van de ven says:

    Janey! Where did you go to university? I was at University of Geneva – it’s an old museum – for a while. Ended up at University of California at Davis – lively place.
    HOpe all is well with everyone. Where’s Paul? Is HE reading all this?
    How is Grandma Mil doing with her movies? Watched “Perhaps” scene with my friend. She called SB a real “Chick flick”. But it’s better than that!
    Leslie V.

  115. GRANDMA MIL says:

    Leslie, Grandma Mil (me) is doing great with my movies, thanks for asking!
    I showed “Chocolat” this month, and got really wonderful vibes..oh, that Johnny Depp, but that Juliet Binoche is also eye candy for the masses!
    In August I am showing “Radio Days” narrated by Woody Allen, and what a hoot! It takes place in
    a neighborhood in Rockaway, New York, during the 1940s. A lot of retirees came from there, so it is nostalgia on a grand scale!
    I’ve been on an Edith Piaf and Beverly Sills kick lately. I bought CDs of their music, and put selections I choose together with appropriate scenes.
    (Not a new concept, you can see this on YouTube all the time, but I’ve been doing it on a huge
    DVD screen for my audiences in an auditorium.)
    I call the program, “The Sights and Sounds of Music”, and have been doing it for almost 13 years, and like the Energizer bunny, I keep going and going…
    I have a large collection of videos (over 400) with thousands of scenes from the old Hollywood musicals, Broadway, documentaries, opera, and ballet. I build a 90 minute program. editing with
    2 VCRs.
    Many times I have used favorite scenes from SB.
    All I do is turn the sound off from the original scene, play my tape recorder with my selected music, and there’s a music video of our favorite
    dancing lovers, Fran and Scott…be still my heart!
    If “La Vie En Rose” is in your neighborhood, run, don’t walk, to see it. It is the true story of the
    French singing icon, Edith Piaf. She had a terrible beginning, a throwaway child, raised in
    a brothel run by her grandmother, sang in the streets as a teenager until she was discovered by a cabaret owner, and the rest is show biz history, with marvelous highs and terrible lows.
    She was only 47 years old when she died, destroyed
    by physical injuries, drug use, and finally, cancer.
    She had many lovers, and only two husbands, but I forgive her..her voice makes up for it all, and like my husband Ellie says, “how could such a voice come out of such little woman?” She was called “the little sparrow” (Piaf)
    Judy Garland’s life was a picnic compared to Edith’s. The gorgeous French actress that plays Edith and lip synchs her greatest songs is unbelievable, and is Oscar material for sure!
    The 33 year old actress is Marion Cotillard, and is 5’6″, and Piaf was 4’8″. The furniture in the
    movie was built bigger than usual, and all the actors wore lifts in their shoes to make Marion look smaller!
    Have a great weekend!
    The resident Movie Maven,
    Grandma Mil
    Grandma Mil

  116. MaryS says:

    Hi Grandma!
    I’ve been keeping my eyes and ears open for Le Vie En Rose on my cable television. They have a trailer on ON Demand, so I know it’s coming! Can’t wait.
    It’s so cool how you spend your time keeping the entertainment alive where you live. You’re great at it.

  117. Sarah says:

    Grandma Mil, some online friends on another forum highly recommended En Vie en Rose as well. Unfortunately I’ll probably have to wait for the DVD.
    Mary S, glad my links and Rosie’s information helped you track down the lipstick. I’m sure at times I can be something that starts with the letter “b” – but I’m not sure brat is the correct word. LOL
    What a long and miserably hot and humid day. We couldn’t even enjoy the screened porch because it would have been too much for the kids. Justine (my little monkey) was into everything and we couldn’t get her to sit still for more than 5 seconds, and since my dad wasn’t around we couldn’t let her go outside to play at all because no one was around to chase her (and keep her away from the downed Oak). Even Bodie, the service dog, was more excitable than usual. It made for an exhausting day. I ended up staying until my dad got home around 9p, which means I have to do all my errands and chores tomorrow. These are all the things that haven’t gotten done the past two weekends. Yikes.

  118. Melody says:

    Hi PC friends (and Paul!)
    I was looking at some postings on YouTube and came across this very short take with Paul and Andrea dancing together. Both are beautifully trained dancers, excellent lines, and obviously great partnership! Bravo!
    (Turn volume up to hear Paul’s comments.)

  119. Marian says:

    SB came from Blockbuster again!!!My daughter and I watched it two times straight through Saturday evening and once last night. Oh how I enjoy that film!!! My husband stayed in the room a couple of minutes with us, then rolled his eyes and said, “I’m going to BED.” (This isn’t the only area where he has not taste!!)
    Happy vacation, Leslie. Think of me just once while you’re up there!!

  120. leslie van de ven says:

    Melody! That’s FANTASTIC!!! How BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    Paul and Andrea are truly the epitome of grace together. How incredile to have a life partner who shares the mastery of the dance. I feel fortunate that I know about Paul and Andrea at all and tha tthey are important to me. There is so much other wretched stuff always going on this world – I come to “Pauls’ corner” to share peace and joy… and live a bit vicariously the arts and all that…
    Grandma Millie – I can sing Edith Piaf’s songs! but I am afraid I can’t claim her hardships. I grew up listening to her music when we lived in the South of France when I was a little girl aand loved a group she sang with called “Les Compagnons de La Chanson” (the companions of the song) and Yves Montand and all that lovely music. The accordion plays a HUGE part in that sound. I hope to see the movie soon.
    Marian – we are off to Harris Beach this Saturday, first stopping at Eureka for dinner at Samoa Island Cookhouse and then a night at Patrick’s Point. It’s all so pretty, but isolated. I’m going to miss this blog.
    Have a good week every one. Anyone try the rice salad? My eggplant is getting bigger, that I am growping in my garden. I got some zucchini too.
    Thank you for that wonderful clip of Paul and Andrea. It is incredibly beautiful.
    Leslie V.

  121. Beata says:

    Hi All PC-ers,
    I have been silent for a while and here pop in to see what’s new and I see 121 entries in this blog. WOW! How amazing!
    I am so glad that Sarah’s migrains are better and that she feels that water has helped. I know it helps but it’s always best when people experience this for themselves.
    My body is so well hydrated and used to drinking water that really ‘cries for water’ when I haven’t drunk for more than 3 hours.
    I have been quiet as I was getting busier with my new passion and soul work. I have created a simple website using free on-line webdesign tool. So if anyone is interested to know what I am up to nowadays – here is the link:
    This is just a beginning and all is working well for me.
    Sorry, I haven’t commented on other subjects touched in on this blog, but I’ve read them all.
    And I am also happy that SB won the best dancing clip.
    Great to be here. Love to you all.

  122. Sarah says:

    Hi Beata! I’ve missed you! (((HUG))) I’ll look at your new website soon. :o)
    I’m excited because I just booked my airline tickets to Montreal for November! Woo hoo! And I’m watching the end of ‘Sunday in the Park with George.’ The finale always makes me get teary-eyed. I’m such a sap.

  123. MaryS says:

    Wow. That was really so cool to see Andrea and Paul dancing together. I really loved that. Paul? Do you and Andrea still dance together? What other forms of your arts do you share together on regular basis?

  124. Janey says:

    Leslie –
    I tried the rice salad. It was great – I think the family were stunned that I had created something that was not awful.
    That video was amazing. so graceful. They are like magicians on the dancefloor.
    Have a lovely Tuesday all!

  125. Melody says:

    Welcome back Beata! I also have Dr. Batman’s book and it’s been very interesting, and very factual. It’s helps one understand more of how the body actually works (and how we can work against it).
    Another book that is similar here in the States is “You on a Diet” by Drs. Rozien and Oz. Dr. Oz frequently guests on Oprah’s show. They also write pretty factually about how your body works and what food does to it, and water is a major need for us and we may not be drinking enough.
    I agree with all of you that Paul and Andrea really dance well together and how fortunate that they are life partners as well.
    (While there is alot of “stuff” on YouTube, it’s really great to find these little gems.)
    Take care all!

  126. Beata says:

    Hi everyone,
    Just wanted to say thank you for remembering about me and big ((( HUG ))) to you Sarah, and Melody and all others too.
    I watched the video clip with Paul and Adrea and I like it too, but on my screen it was a bit jerky. May be it was not enough bandwidth on that day, who knows.
    And you know it shocked me that Dr Batman is already dead. I really thought he’s still alive, felt sad really. But how wonderful he left such a great legacy after him so that people can help themselves.
    I send love to his soul and spirit.
    Talking about trips. I myself am going to Tucson in Arizona for a World Congress on Illumination and I can’t wait to be there. Last year I was there too, but that time it was organised in Kauai island, Hawaii. Once you experience it, the life is never the same. It changes everything, always towards positive.
    Bye for now

  127. leslie van de ven says:

    Hi BEata. Nice to meet you. WHAT is a Congress on Illumination? Just a curious name for me! Please let me know.
    Leslie V.

  128. Sarah says:

    Beata, my mom actually saw the bit on the watercure website where Dr. Batman had passed on. We were talking on the phone about the book and she was looking at the website and read that part to me. I found it very sad as well. But he led an extraordinary life and I am looking forward to the arrival of my next book. (It should be here tomorrow.)
    I’m hoping to watch the clip of Paul and Andrea dancing this weekend… if I can get to the library and enjoy the free Wi-Fi. But its looking as if I’ll be losing at least one day again, if not both to being up at the farm. I guess I’ll know tomorrow if my presence is required. If it is I’m going to have a take a day off next week to get things done because otherwise there is no other way to do them. My job won’t like it, but I don’t have a choice. I’d really like a glass of wine right now… Water anyone? LOL

  129. Melody says:

    On Sarah’s question “water anyone?”–here I am drinking iced tea! LOL
    Although Dr. Batman has passed on, I think his research into our need for water must have made a dent with some doctors. I have the book from Drs. Roizen and Oz and they discuss the need of water, another Doctor who wrote about managing menopause wrote about how we need water, another book by a certified nuitritionist (also on menopausal changes) discusses how important water is. And even Denise Austin has written about how we get dehydrated overnight and very similar to Dr. Batman, drink water upon waking and also before retiring at night besides what we drink during the day.
    BTW–where is Paul these days? Hope his projects are going well.

  130. Sarah says:

    Melody, we’ve taken over his corner. He’ll come back to find 130+ posts and faint. LOL
    Bad news today. The 6 week run of no migraine pain has ended. *sigh* But I can say that it was short-lived, which is good news. I also have to say that I didn’t realize just how often I was in pain until this came on me, because it was darn near crippling. How on earth did I live with that (and worse?) for the past year? But I feel much better now and will return to work tomorrow (I came home early today). I’m only curious what might have triggered it since I know what didn’t trigger it. Most likely stress since I’m letting that creep up too much these past days. So, I’ll be taking a grip on that again.
    I was asked tonight if I can stay at the farm Friday night. However, my father made it clear to me that I am to coordinate Saturday’s meals (lunch and dinner) with our neighbor so that I can get some of my errands run. As long as she can take care of lunch I’ll be good to go. That affords me time to go to the post office and get an oil change in the Jeep. :o)
    I hope everyone else is having a lovely day. :o)