I’m brewing today! I am experimenting with my Summer Ale. Instead of making the one batch with the liquid yeast I am going to make my normal recipe but split the batch into two and trial two different yeasts. I have a couple of reasons for doing so – cost factor of liquid yeasts when brewing commercially, willingness of contract brewery to use liquid yeast, safety from infected growth etc but at the end of the day it is more about fun and trying new things than anything else. It’s even more fun when they are ready to taste and I invite friends over to sample the three, four or five different beers or just to see the sparkle in my wife

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  1. marge says:

    Congratulations on on your beer ventures. I am not a beer drinker. I like a glass of Whidbey’s Loganberry Liquer once in a while. It’s only made here in Washington, on Whidbey Island.
    DWTS is in it’s 5th week. They have some really talented stars in this group. Will we ever see you has a judge here in the States? Hope so.
    Love to all,

  2. Chris says:

    I hope the photo shoot goes well. I just wanted to say that you are an inspiration and I hope that you are back on the screen soon in some form or other.

  3. Evelyn says:

    Your excitement for brewing and the photo shoot is palpable in your post and it

  4. deltalady says:

    Yes, Paul, I guess you do! And the way you describe the process, it’s kind of like life in a microcosm, isn’t it?
    We have some control, but it’s often the unexpected factors that make beer/life so interesting.
    I like the label for the new beer,too, look forward to seeing that! Did you decide for sure about the summer ale label?
    I just saw Back of Beyond, and I have to say you were wonderful. I’m a big X files, sci fi kind of woman/geek/nerd/plus I’m old and used to read a LOT, fill in the blank,lol, so I had my suspicions all along, but it was very well done and kept you guessing.
    Enjoy your brewing and the brew! 😉
    smiles and hugs,
    deltalady aka Sally

  5. Michelle #3 says:

    Hello All,
    Been out of the loop again for a while. Mom-in-law passed away suddenly on the 1st and made a rush trip to Montana.
    I am amazed at all that goes on here while I am away.
    Paul, I am loving the fact that you can brew and share it with friends and family. We had a good friend who was a home brewer…….good stuff!!!
    I would love to give yours a shot.
    Luck with the shoot…..I am sure it will be a sucsess, as always.

  6. Linda Thomas says:

    Paul…Beer does really tell life’s tale, eh? I love the analogy. Too bad I don’t like beer. Best of luck with this enterprise. It is taking you in a different creative direction.
    Evelyn…Been thinking of you since Thursday. I know something wonderful is waiting for you!
    FIF’ers…Big victory in the Michigan House 97-8this week! Our group has been the David to the opposition’s Goliath from the get go. But then David did win, eh? Onto the senate!!

  7. Tea says:

    Paul, we are happy when we are doing what we love, and you love to brew this post shows that very clearly. I bet you are a lot of fun to be around when you’re brewing and tasting with your friends and family 🙂

  8. Sally C. says:

    Congratulations on the beer, Paul. You sound very optimistic and happy, as you should be. I’m not a beer drinker myself, but I’m always open to try new things. Never had a flavored beer, so would try it. Your advert with your dad sounds lovely. I like the concept of father and son together like that.
    Evelyn, you’ve been busy. Good luck to you with your career.
    Sally, loved Back of Beyond myself. Nice twist at the end, eh? You and I share more things besides the name.
    We were buried under 20″ of snow yesterday and it took us all day to dig out. As usual, when the snowplow came through, they buried the driveway again, but do you know what? The driver turned around, came back and pushed all the snow away for us before he left. How nice. The roads to work this morning were horrible, and I’m sorry I didn’t just turn around and go back home, but I made it in safely. Hope it’s better on the way home.
    Hello to Peter, Mil, my lovely Mary across the pond, and all the good people here.
    Stay warm/cool wherever you are. Be well.
    Sally C.

  9. Peter says:

    Your description of the photo shoot with your Dad touched me very much. I can picture that scenario in my mind and I think that I can imagine at least some of the pride, satisfaction and love that is with that.
    I wish you the very greatest of commercial success with the beer. From your passionate description, there seems to be no doubt that you have already been succesful in all the ways that count. Congratulations to you.
    Perhaps it’s the sense of fun and and abandon that releases us to explore, and to enjoy it to the full?
    I hope the beer turns out to your liking, but sharing it with family and friends will be a great experience, regardless. Good luck and good health!
    Hi Sally, Evelyn, Gran Millie, Michelle in Chicago and Mary on the Emerald Isle.
    Peter (down under)

  10. Evelyn says:

    I’m an absolute nervous wreck!!! I know that today they will decide if I get the job or not that I interviewed for Th – Sat, although I won’t know until Wednesday or Thursday at the earliest. It’s a 50-50 chance. I’ve been on this adrenalin high for about 2 weeks now and I can’t get off it, wish I could. But I guess I’m so filled with nervous energy now and physically tense …. How does one stop that? And I can’t sleep which also isn’t helping.
    While I was away, my current uni called me to invite me to interview again for my position. That’s supposed to be the 21 – 22 of February, I can’t do the 21st though. I hope they’ll work with me on the date. Asked about it, but haven’t heard back from them. Actually that interview just added to the stressed out feeling, as it’s very weird to have to do this over again, esp. since there has been a lot of crap associated in the interactions since September, ever when this all came up and went from bad to worse.
    I keep telling myself that I am going to be okay, and I will be, I just wish this tension and stress would go away, because I’m hitting burn out really fast now and I can tell the symptoms. But again, I’m going to get through this, I do have the strength in me!!!
    Love to you all,

  11. Dhi says:

    The photo-shoot idea sounds like a ball! Too bad you don’t want to use Gus’ face though–it’s a nice strong one! But I get the artistic impression and communication of just the hands and the blurred rest of him. That’s a nice family touch, though. Sweet.
    We’ve got a batch of rootbeer percolating–on Day #10– in our basement. The boys are beside themselves with anticipation. (I pray daily that the cat doesn’t knock it over or other such disaster stays away…those little guys get very disappointed over things such as those.) We also had 14 gallons of cider go through a freeze/thaw cycle (four times, with this crazy weather) yet no one’s bothered to toss it out onto the compost bin yet. **sniff** That was a lot of apples and pressing back in October, dangitall! Ah well. It was fun while it lasted.
    Daily Bliss. Find it.

  12. JozieLee says:

    Paul, it’s so great the way you persevere . . . always trying new things (dancing, acting, brewing, teaching, choreographing, writing, chef, judging contests, entrepreneuring) always adding spice to life. Congratulations on all your successes!! You’re the best!

  13. Evelyn says:

    What a difference a day makes!!!! Yesterday afternoon while I was this nervous wreck, at around 4:30 PM I noticed that the tension I was under suddenly lifted. And I thought to myself, “Interesting. What does that mean?” I just knew that the decision was made and that I couldn’t change it, but I didn’t know which way it had gone.
    This afternoon at 3 PM I got THE phone call and I got the job and I took it!!!! I’m very excited!!!! Of course I had to ask about that 4:30 PM thing and yes that’s exactly when they made their decision. I’ve had experiences like that before where I just felt things going on without really having any reference point or logical explanation for it, I just knew intuitively.
    Okay, I’m tired and I need to work a lot this evening, since I’m leaving town again tomorrow to go for a conference in AZ and I’m tagging on 2 days at the Grand Canyon at the end of the conference. Never been there and I love the fact that it will be in the 80s in AZ whereas here in MN it will be sub-zero weather.
    Love to you all from a very excited Evelyn!!! (5 months of super stress is just too long, but it’s over now …)

  14. Paul says:

    Congrats Evelyn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ihope you get to have a relax and sometime out to enjoy this great achievement.
    Last week I started thinking about a friend I havent seen or heard from since the late 80’s. It was strange that he came into my mind several times over a couple of days. Then last week I bumped in to a friend of mine at the airport whom I hadnt seen for a couple of years and he told me that he had just been at my other friends funeral a couple of days prior. So I had started thinking about him probably about the time he died. Life is strange. My thoughts of him were very fond, he was a good man with a good heart – perhaps I was sending him those thoughts as he passed on. No doubt many other people were too.

  15. Sally C. says:

    Great news, Evelyn! Congratulations are in order.
    Paul, I’ve had those same feelings both you and Evelyn speak of, and so does my daughter. She calls them “flashes”, but I don’t know what to call them. All I know is, that whenever we have a strong feeling about something or someone, it’s like deja vue, like you knew it was going to happen. They say we don’t even use half of our brains, and I believe it. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know what mysteries are floating around up there? I’d certainly like to know…
    Be well everyone.
    Sally C.

  16. abeth says:

    PAUL-I’m not a beer drinker but your description leaves me craving for one yours! Best of luck!
    EVELYN-Woo Hoo to you! I’m glad to hear that the pressure’s off-I wish you much success.
    MICHELLE #3-How are you doing?
    I’ve deemed yesterday the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre-all five of us had that “I’m throwing up and wish I could die” virus! It started with the baby and worked its way up to the oldest-my husband.
    A few other blips on the screen on the screen but all are manageable and survivable. I’m inspired to look at this past week as a write off and start a fresh day today!

  17. Tea says:

    Paul, I just had to tell you this because well I just thought of it and I want too.
    I have to admit when I first saw you in strictly ballroom I did think you were gay. But only because you danced so damn well and you were/ and are so cute and sweet and with all that in mind well being a 40 year old gal (this year — trying to get ready for it) I just thought no way, could someone like him be straight.
    But you know when I realized you weren’t. On the 7th or 10 th or 20th time I watched SB that point where you say, in character, after chasing Fran from behind the dance floor, you said really sternly and with this look in your eyes of such manliness (sp) “Fran!” I knew then you were straight. I think in my subconscious that’s what made me watch the show over and over. There was something so dang sexy about the way you were trying to “command” her back into reason… I loved that.
    I then of course watched the dance scene behind the curtains with the “Perhaps” song and that too showed your hetrosexual hormones .. yummy!
    But my point is well I guess I don’t have much of a point but that you are such a dang stud!
    Andrea must love that. To have such a hunk like you to look at her and say “Andrea!” And for her to look at you and think like such a fragile female how handsome and sexy you look when you say that.
    I admit I have had some wine and I’m just babbling my little libdo out (don’t know what’s gotten into me (or not LOL).
    Love ya!

  18. MaryS says:

    Hi everybody! I haven’t been here to chat for a few weeks. I don’t know why. Life moved me to where I needed to be and I never got a chance to come and say hi. soooooo…HI! 🙂
    Paul, I’m happy, not to mention, always impressed with your creativity. Although, in the movies, you are directed and fed the lines, it’s only YOU that makes us want to watch you over and over again. Today, I finally bought SB. I needed to own it.
    Now, we choose to stay close to you by visiting you here in your special corner. I love being able to hear about your life and inspirations. You truly do seem to be a great guy and I hope for all the best for you in your endeavors.
    I’ve been watching DWTS here in the states and I’m hooked on it. I too wish I could see the version on which you are a judge. What type of judge are you? Highly critical or kind? It’s all pretty entertaining. What a challenge for the average person to learn these dances. It makes me want to join a class! I used to dance alot, but I haven’t in a long time. What great exercise too!
    Evelyn, congrats on your job!
    I’ve missed you all! I’ll be back around more often in the future. I feel like I would be losing some pretty cool contacts if I didn’t!
    p.s. Cat? For some reason, I can’t preview my posts anymore…I’ll try to figure it out. 🙂

  19. Tea says:

    I love the new pic of Paul! Thanks Cat and Paul for that. I was so delighted to see it. You look fabulous Paul. Is this pic the one you were telling us about, for your advertising Merc Own?
    I wish you so much success with your beer Paul. If I was there in Austrailia I’d buy a case every week!

  20. louise says:

    Paul,congrats on brewing,love the new picture of u, and thanks for emailing me back!
    i havnt had the time to read recent posts, but hope everyone’s peachy, if not hope things work out for you!
    ps, im in my house on my own and its about 9pm. iv just seen a HUGE shadow pass my floor and im petrafied! iv ruled out every posibility of there being an explanation!scared stiff!!!!!!!!!

  21. Michelle #3 says:

    Hello All,
    Evelyn……..good news. I am very happy for you. I hate, absolutely HATE the stress, and waiting surrounding jobs. For me it is coming to a head now, and I am so stuck in what I should do…keep my job, or branch out and open my own business again. So much work, and so little time, but so much more money and less dictatorship. I could do it if it was a corporation, but I am a preschool teacher, I educate small kids, do I need to work for someone who has no regard for myself and my co-workers, only the money they make from our HARD work? Anyway……there is my dilemma.
    Abeth~~~ I am doing ok. My husband is still struggling with the loss of his mom, and the aloneness his dad now faces, and wishes he could be closer, but with 5 kids and his job, there is noway to relocate at the present, and this makes it even worse for him. He has a sister, but she is in a BAD relationship, and the man is VERY unkind to the parents. Thank you for asking, oddly you are the one and only person in my small world, who has asked. How did baby Bethanys procedure go? I have been MUCH removed from you all and I am sorry.
    Paul…how goes the brewing? Done with the photo shoot? Hope it went well.
    All of you……….have a great day. I Am off to work now……HHmmmm, “To be or not to be”…employed “That is the Question.” ICK
    Michelle #3

  22. abeth says:

    MICHELLE #3-Bethany’s surgery went very well. I’m so glad it’s over and she has a regular belly button-she’ll be wearing a bikni this summer!! You have alot going on. I have not been faced the situation of losing a parent and can imagine how someone feels. But from “knowing you” here at the corner-you sound like a very strong and courageous lady and I’m sure that your husband finds great comfort in that. An old friend the other night had something to say about life: You fall down and get up, fall down and get up, so on and so forth. For some reason-it made alot of sense. You have been in my thoughts and will continue to be. I hope that this difficult time will pass and another journey begins for you. Do take care and be sure to post when you can to let us know how you are doing!

  23. peter says:

    Congratulations on your new job.
    Very well deserved, no doubt. I’m wishing you every success and happiness for this new adventure in life.
    We watched DWTS last night. You were in excellent form, as always. This group looks like an inetesting mix!
    The question is: will Molly REALLY take his hat off? I’d reckon there’d be plenty of viewers just tuning in so that they didn’t miss that.

  24. Tea says:

    Sheesh I really appreciate this site Cat, at least people can’t still your user name here.
    Where the heck is Paul? I want to see more pics 🙂

  25. Tea says:

    that was suppose to read “steal” not still.

  26. MaryS says:

    YAY! I love the picture! Gives me all the warm and fuzzy’s the old one did! Just seeing you always puts a great big smile on my face. What a doll!
    I hurt (killed) my back this last week. Initial injury was lifting something that almost weighed as much as me and going up 14 stairs with it. Then re-injured it a few days later, shoveling snow..then like a dummy, I re-injured it again a few days later, lifting something heavy again! I wasn’t sure if I was more mad or sad! I couldn’t believe it. As SOON as I am healed, I am going to have to start back on my pilates to get stronger!
    Talk to you all soon.

  27. Julie says:

    The ideas sound great for the picture and the ale. I’m sure its going to be successful. And when am I going to be able to order these delicious beers at Waxy O’ Conners in Fort Lauderdale?
    What the future may hold…it might be the best that’s yet to come!

  28. tracie says:

    MaryS, stop lifting things… your back! Ice, heat, rest. That’s all you should do. And gentle stretching.
    Paul, glad to see an updated picture. Glad to hear your show is killing em’ inthe ratings. Perhaps you will be the next big “foodie tv” star. We have lots of them here in the states. Even one show on the Food Network with a guy who travels around the world drinking beer and critiquing (sp?) it. Sounds like something that’s right up your alley….
    Take care everyone.

  29. lulu says:

    have you anything ever happened to you where you feel like you cant talk to people about it, where it is hard to put into words so you find it easier to write down. i know than im relitavly new, and dont know that many people but i just need to get this out.
    i had a rather bad day today. i went in to school (im in my last year, yea!) feeling really happy. i met my friend off her train. she had quite a bit of bad news. last year she went through a huge ordeal, and i was with her all through it (id rather not go into the details!). everything was meant to be sorted by october 05, but unfortunatly it isnt. well her bad news today was that it seems, it has happened. not going too far into it, it was somthing that happned when she was younger.
    the thing that happned last year almost completly destroyed her and i dont want that to happen to her again. i was thinking about her situation all day, i felt really bad that i couldnt take any of the weight off of her shoulders. it led me to not consontrate in class, and got in so much trouble today i got detention.
    i had plans for the weekends, but when i got home my mu said we were going to my aunt’s for the weekend. and when i told her i got detention, she took my tv privilages away. has to be the worst day iv had this year.
    sorry its so long, thanks for letting me unload
    louise xxx

  30. Willy says:

    je ne comprends rien

  31. MaryS says:

    Hello everyone!
    Lulu, your post touched my heart. All you can do is be the best friend you can be, which is what it sounds like you are doing. You can’t take it all on, as you said. If you take on all the weight, you won’t be looking out for your own pitfalls, as you found out. But it sounds like you are a good listener, and feel much compassion and loyalty towards your friend. This will help alot, believe it or not. Please keep your chin up, have faith in what is happening around you. You mustn’t hold it all inside either. You need a confidant, someone you can share with, like your mom, if it’s not too shocking for her to hear. If you hold this all inside, it will depress you. This forum is a good place to start. There are many wise and caring souls here, I have found. As for me, you can share with us anytime you need to. Good luck!
    Tracie, thanks for the kind words on my back injury. This weekend I did stay extremely active, and was cringing at the thought of how I might pay for it in the end, but miraculously, my back feels better this week. I think I worked it out a bit. It’s about 60% improved and I am just trying to let it heal the rest of the way without messing it up again. This is the third week since initial injury. I can’t believe it!
    I like the first beer label the best. The hands are such a wonderful form of expression. I love that picture. Something about those hands really tell a story. Maybe because you shared with us that they are really your dad’s. I love it.
    I am THRILLED to hear about your show! That sounds extremely promising! Rah Rah Paul!!
    Cat, as always, THANK YOU. You do such a great job with this site. 🙂
    DWTS here in the U.S. ended this week. It was an absolutely great season! Outdid just about everything in the ratings. They said 1 out of every 10 Americans were watching the finale.
    Funny, a few weeks ago one of the couples on the show danced to “Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps. That was pretty much my favorite dance scene in SB. mmmmm delish!!
    O.K. enough jabbering from me for one day…
    Love to all of you. xxxooo
    p.s. I suuuuure do wish we had “access” to your career here in the U.S. Paul! 🙁