Do you fulfil yours? Well I certainly dont in the spelling department!! Maybe I have a brain tumor because I certainly have had some difficulty with my spelling lately!
But… what is your talent, do you fulfil it? – by the way the American spelling for fulfil is fulfill – fuck it is confusing I know I am an Aussie and yet our spelling is so screwed up between the English and the US versions and the rest of course!?
Do you accept your talent (for some reason I am thinking of you Evelyn?)Do you understand it, do you embrace it in the face of negativity and or adversity.
Some would say I am talented and yet I am just doing what I do and not nearly enough of what I would like to do. I accept the gifts I have as being normal, am frustrated about not being able to get out there in the way I think I should or deserve but remain humble in the face of adversity – although sometimes I think that I am weak, I should just beat the fuckers up!!! Yes I am swearing I have had a couple of wines and am feeling loose liped or should that be lipped or even lip’ed – see what I mean?
Do you accept your talent, do you embrace your talent, do you accept you for who you are?
That I can answer – yes I do – but I also feel the pressure to be or become that which they think I should be – maybe I would be more accepted, maybe I would work more… but would I be happy with me. I have been dreaming about this lately.
So do you or dont you accept who you are and do you embrace the talent that you bring to the world? Abeth? Kelly? Peter? Grand Ma? Diane? Dhi? Cat? 🙂

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  1. Grandma Mil says:

    Paul, I finally embraced my “special” talent wholeheartedly during the last 15 years since Ellie and I retired.
    It must have been there all along but rather dormant, what with marriage, children, work, etc.
    However, I was a stage mother to our three daughters when they were in high school and involved in the school musicals. Although they did not go into show biz, it was this old lady that did, eventually!
    Today, with Ellie at my side, I am having the time of my life producing and directing (and performing) in variety shows in our senior community, like Follies 2007 in rehearsal now, doing a video concert each month (it’s in its 11th year) and running a classic film seminar each month.
    I would state that everyone has a talent for something, some people are multi-talented,like you, Paul, and some day when you young folks reach my age, you definitely will not be in a rocking chair thinking of the old days, but rather out there still doing something that enriches your life and the lives of others.
    Shalom and Love,
    Grandma Mil

  2. Sarah says:

    How appropriate that my first post here be in response to talent. I swear there is some invisible being poking me and getting a darned good laugh.
    My talent is singing. Its one of the few things I’ve ever taken pride in, and up until a couple weeks ago it was something I had let go. My dream was to perform on the stage in musicals – Broadway to be precise, but real life interferred and my dream was set aside.
    Over the past few months I was reunited with friends I’d not seen in years and they helped me remember my dream. So I’ve begun vocalizing again – and I’ve set a goal for myself. There is a show that is very dear to me and I am determined to audition for it next Spring when casting is announced. I won’t let living hundreds of miles from NYC hold me back any longer!
    Paul, thank you for your post. It is even more affirmation that I must stick to my dreams and be proud of my talent!

  3. MaryS says:

    LOL gutter mouth! You made me laugh. As I write this I’m still chuckling. (that’s a weird word, I wonder if I spelled it right)
    Anyway, all jokes aside. Why is it that we sell ourselves short sometimes?? I think as little children it’s impossible to have our egos fed all the time and everytime we really need it. We are such fragile beings huh.
    I usually feel like I am using my talents. I think my talents are more on the side of soft skills. Everyone’s talents are so varied.
    You are talented! So am I!
    So is Evelyn, Grandma, Diane, Dhi, Cat…all of us are talented! lol

  4. nadia says:

    Hey everyone,
    I know what you mean about spelling lol. I was doing essays last month and kept getting confused between Globalistion/privatisation etc. and the American z spellings in the textbook! As for talents, can’t asy I’ve found one. I’ve set myself a lot of goals recently though, most of them internal ones that matter more to me and anyone else won’t be aware of, so that’s what I’ll be concentrating on fulfilling – and i honestly have no idea how I’m supposed to spell that. Oh dear. I think i really will go look it up in the dictionary and then feel like a right spanner for not knowing…
    Take care x

  5. deltalady says:

    Lol, Paul, one of the cable channels here, and probably there,too, for all I know, has a series of life lessons statues, and one the would seem to come close here is “Merlot and e-mail don’t mix.”
    I think we all use our talents to whatever degree works at the time.
    They might get put aside for family, demanding jobs, etc, but you can usually find a way to use them.
    I know some people who paint very well, yet do not work in that field, because then it wouldn’t be “theirs” anymore.
    I accept my talents, and do use them in many ways. I don’t think people with talents owe anything to anyone, they can use them as they will or won’t.
    And sometimes a person’s skills and talents work together and can be found in one occupation. Sometimes they don’t seem to work together, but who knows, could be.
    Some people probably have “work” talent and “leisure” talent and that’s how they like it.
    Of course, Paul, I don’t know all your talents,lol, but I can see where the ones we know about are very complementary.
    Tell us, what would your ideal/fantasy job be?
    Tell me yours, and I’ll tell you mine . . .
    hugs and smiles,
    deltalady aka Sally

  6. amanda says:

    Hi Paul
    Hi Paul
    I like your webpage and loved your work on DWTS(nz) this year. I am sorry to keep asking this but i would love to know how you did that big slide across the dance-floor on your knees at the end of SB?? I have tried it a few times but just skinned my knees. I am thinking there must be a secret.

  7. Melanie says:

    Well, Paul, maybe my talent is for digging up trouble? getting on people’s nerves? beating a dead horse?
    You intrigued me with your spelling essay, so I started researching (which I say with the second syllable stressed, most Americans stress the first syllable, I know). Anyway, Australians themselves argue over the ‘u’ in words with the Australian Labor Party leading the way since 1912. If yo’re going to begin dropping all yor u’s things may get very confsing.
    Apparently, there is a 3:1 ratio in favor of the British spelling for many words (the ‘1’ being the more Americanized version). Organise/organize.
    Also the Australian tendancy to use -o at the end of words (or -y as in lappy for laptop). I find the Australian version of English very interesting.
    so . . . who cares?
    My kids grew up overseas, and write with British spelling more often than not, and are generally people think they are not American, but perhaps British. One child, last night, was making dinner, and decided to make gravy. I asked him if he knew how to make it, he said he’d simply read the packet for instructions. Nothing odd? Using “simply” instead of the very American overused choice of “just”, and definitely using the word “packet” is non-American. still . . . it was lumpy. But, hey! He made dinner! He’s actually quite a good cook . He’ll make someone a good wife someday. : )
    Okay, if you guys made it this far: I’ll tell you that the trailer for my son’s movie is out.
    The movie has been entered in an independent film festival in San Antonio, which will be held in October.
    School starts today in this county. I work in a neighboring county, which starts next week, so when do my kids start? Well, they never stopped. Privately tutored kids never get a break, do they? Homeschooled? not exactly. They used to be, it was easier when we moved around the globe as much as we did.
    If I have a talent, it seems to be not very lucrative. Oh! I have a talent (more correctly an obsession) for knitting. The more intricate, the better. I don’t use weird yarns (wools for you Aussies), no fuzzy or ribbon yarns. A lot of socks, because they’re portable, and my last afghan was at least 5 years ago. They’re just too boring.
    I have a talent for being both boring and annoying at the same time, don’t I?

  8. Sally C. says:

    Hello Paul,
    Interesting that you should write about talent. Of course, we here would all agree that you are very talented and you have no reason to think otherwise. The joy and fulfillment that is your life and that you pass on to us are greatly appreciated. We should all be so lucky.
    I have never had much of an opinion of myself growing up, being wracked with guilt from outside sources telling me that I would never amount to anything, and I lived that mantra for many years.
    Now that I am much older and a grandmother, I can look back and see that I did have talent in the things that I did. I’m not talking about monetary rewards because of my actions, but self-satisfaction that I did the right things along the way, making me who I am.
    Some of the hobbies that I’ve enjoyed over the years but put aside to concentrate on real life issues have come back to me, believe it or not, because of the internet! I have found people who enjoy the things that I do, like writing and painting, and with their encouragement, I have started to enjoy those activities again and am having fun.
    So, I would encourage you, Paul, and the others here to embrace the talents that you have and if working harder or accepting the negativity can help you to become better, go for it!
    Be well.
    Sally C.

  9. Caroline says:

    Hello Paul, how are you? It’s good write to you! I am in the university, now, writing to you. I am studing and finishing journalism in the next year (july – 2007). And the university it is very good, but, you know, my more important talent was always to be a dancer. So, why not to be a dancer? Fear, troubles, other wishes? They are so many things… but, to be a dancer in Brasil it is how “to jump of a high place without security”. The talent to dance was a very beautifull gift from God to me and you too! You are a beautifull gift from life to us! Well, I dont’t give up in to be a dancer, and I believe one day, maybe, so late, I will go to carry through this wish!
    Good week!

  10. Hi Paul
    Hope you’re well.
    Could do with a talent to cheer myself up!
    Lots of Love.
    Clair. XXX

  11. jodie says:

    Yes I guess I have. I think I have FULLFILLED my quota on ankle injuries (19 when last counted) doing crazy stuff like rock climbing,gymnastics (when I was much younger),being crazy at the beach,mowing my lawn (dont even ask ) and a million other nutty but fun things I like to do that have an element of risk. I think you do very well at many things and the older we get,the more refined our creations can be whether it be a dance move or whatever. Enjoy the new you as you age and you will be fullfilled (there comes that word again).
    I am actually only 11 days younger than you paul ,gee does that make us both Aries’s or something.But I can still bike some of the slickrock trail in Moab utah (If you havent been you MUST go ) and go ATVing in the hills near my home in Littleton Colorado and snowshoeing in the winter. I guess we all do what we can is what I’m trying to say. I have my little soap/lip balm and solid lotion business and its what I like to do and im good at it. Not a rocket scientist or anything and certainly not rich from it but I’m happy and can be at home and play with all the kids in my neighborhood. I have a theory it keeps me young. Thats my story and I’m stickin to it.
    Anyways happy to see youre still around.
    well done !

  12. Melody says:

    Talent–I think in many ways I have used my talent(s) well, but could certainly strive to be better and continue to hone them.
    In as much as I have strived to teach others and assist their own dance talent, there is so much they have taught me in return about dance as well as myself. I’ve had so many different kinds of students from the ones that moved immediately well to those that needed constant coaxing, and I’m more of a dancer myself for it.
    I enjoyed your spelling comments–I was taught in a Catholic school here in the States, therefore, we learned more British spelling, or so it seems. I learned (learnt??) catalogue vs. catalog; theatre vs. theater; all right vs. alright; so on. When I worked for the international division of Citibank, we had a banker in from London that preferred British spelling, so programs became programmes; color/colour; advertizing/advertising–needless to say, I’m quite a mix myself!
    My guitarist for classes is originally from London and we had a discussion on American and English spelling and he said that we (in the States) use older spelling forms from the colonial days and that the Brits are using more contemporary spelling–go figure!

  13. Paul says:

    Amanda, ah the secrets of the knee slide?!?!? Tough knees and a good slippery surface! I did two knee slides in the Paso – the final dance scene in SB – The first one we did extend as it just wasnt possbile to slide for about 20 seconds long on any slippery surface – we extended by cutting into a close up and then out again. The second slide is my favourite as I had to slide past Fran and as I was doing so I did a complete turn around (360)on my knees as I slid past – if you watch this you will see the whole thing with no cuts – I am proud of that moment!
    Melanie, I looked at the trailer and thought it was very good! Good luck with the festivals!!
    Talent is a strange thing. Recognising it can be tricky ie what is my talent. Honing it is also pretty hard. It is not easy to harness and all too often you see people whom you might say are wasting their talent or throwing it away – that may well be the way we see it but for them it is a much bigger battle – either they cannot own it, or become one with it, they dont actually want it etc
    Sally c not sure what you mean by accepting the negativity.

  14. Laura says:

    After leading a quite successful professional life, I’ve reached a rather bizarre point I don’t quite understand where I feel like I don’t have any talent. Or perhaps where my real passions and my profession no longer mesh, because my passions aren’t what they were 25 years ago. So I can’t use my talents in a way that I find satisfying, and my passions inevitably get short shrift for lack of time. All in all, it’s pretty unsatisfying. Ick.

  15. MaryS says:

    Hey Paul,
    Not to throw an insult, but I’m wondering..
    In listening to the SB director commentary version of the movie, it was said they used a skateboard to get that slide to last so long. Is that false then?? You’re awesome either way! I still love that movie.
    They also mention that you sufferred a very serious ankle sprain during the filming of the movie. How the heck did you get past that and still dance so damn great! You rocked in that movie. I guess there was time to heal between filmings?
    So, I know we’ve all asked or spoke about this in the past but I’ll do it again anyway.
    We all appreciate your dancing and acting talents, speaking of talents. Now we see that you are also such a good cook. Not to mention a man who seems to be a real catch for a husband and father, brews his own beer and also is a carpenter!
    My dumb question is this. How much of your time is still spent dancing? Alot? A little? Not enough? Because in my humble opinion, you are truly not only talented in this area, you are blessed.
    I’ll say it again…YOU ROCK!

  16. Sarah says:

    Hey Amanda, my friend could probably recommend a really good hardwood floor wax that would help you achieve the slide… of course you could also end up in traction! (I nearly fell and broke my neck walking across her floor in socks one time.)
    Paul, I echo Mary S., how often do you still dance? You are a multi-talented individual, but I dare say most of us were “drawn” to you because of your dancing. I’d hate to think you’d given it up entirely.
    Now to get off my backside and do some housework… good time to vocalize too. ;o)

  17. Sara W says:

    I doubt that you have a brain tumor, Paul. I mean there certain words that you can’t spell. Just leave it at that. As for talent, Paul, I can write poems. Did you say that you written many poems in the late 80’s?
    In other news, I am recovering fine from the wisdom teeth removal. Paul, did you have your wisdom teeth pulled? And you are still smart.
    Sara W

  18. Paul says:

    MaryS, funny how different people remember things differently! I do not recall using a skateboard to extend the slide but that doesnt mean we did not try it out. This is how the story goes…. After shooting the scene and editing Baz decided he needed to have the first slide extended for dramatic tension etc so we went to a studio and blacked it out so that when the camera came in close you couldnt tell that the background was different. The idea was that I would slide through the frame (frame being the shot that the film camera was shooting) and that at the end of the movement begin to turn so as we could cut back in to the wide shot at the competition. To extend the slide I needed to go through the frame slower than I did when I did it in the wide shot so we experimented with how to do that. Perhaps we tried it on a skate board but I do not recall that but if we did it wouldnt have worked as it would have been too fast and to keep it slow we needed some resistance. We ended up with me kneeling on a black cloth or curtain and a couple of crew members pulled me through the frame at the correct pace for the shot to work. Ah the magic of film and the magic of memory!
    I dont dance anymore and before anyone tells me the shame of that I started dancing when I was 9, I had a great career and thanks to dance have been able to move into other career areas that have been fantastic. Dancing at the level that I and my wife performed at has a time limit that must be accepted. We were elite athletes and wether one likes it or not you just cannot perform at that level your whole life. I am now 43 I dont dance any more because I dont have the opportunity anymore and because I could not dance in the manner that I used to. I get my kicks out of choreographing on people younger than myself who can dance like I used to (although usually not as good as I used to :))
    Yes sometimes I miss it just like I occassionaly miss my youth – but that is life and I am absolutely at peace with that.
    Sara I am glad you are recovering from your recent dental operation. Ouch! No I have not had my wisdom teeth pulled.

  19. Cisca says:

    first of all,… YOU ROCK!!!
    As for talent… it’s sad to say,.. at 23, I have yet to find out what my talent is! It feels like I do things to get by,… and pretty mediocre at it. I envy people that have a real burning passion for something. So it’s hard to answer if I accept myself for what I am…. since I’m not so sure what that means to begin with haha….

  20. Hi Paul
    Forgive me for asking but, on the subject on dancing, I’m having real trouble trying slowing down for spins and heel turns in the Tango and Rumba, any ideas? (I started dancing 7 months ago and I LOVE it! Hoping to learn the Paso Doble soon, (my favourite dance in Strictly Ballroom.))
    Thank you.
    Hope you’re well.
    Lots of Love
    Clair. XXXX

  21. Evelyn says:

    Do I understand/accept my talent? Flattered, I popped into your mind, Paul, but not sure how to read that comment. I have all sorts of talents, and I don’t mean that in the bragging kind of way–really, truly and totally! I guess you have to take my word for it. The cheeky part of me is going to ask you: “Have you seen my apartment and the garden around the house lately?” Painting my apartment and arranging the furniture really has become an expression of myself and my artsy talents, each room has its own character, colour scheme and ambiance. After that project, I decided to tackle the garden and do some landscaping design. I’ve never done anything like that, but worked on it each weekend for the last 2 months or so and finished it last night. I love it, it’s simple, has a natural look and was very peaceful to do–lots of thinking time–though also physically quite demanding. And then there is the cooking part, inviting my new colleagues, neighbours over for dinner, getting to know them that way, building up new friendships.–hard work, let me tell you. It’s not easy to pack up and move and start from scratch on my own, but it’s the best thing for me right now and I fully welcome the experiences. Last academic year was hell in many ways, but I learned to enjoy the good things life has to offer in the middle of adversity and loads of negativity that I’m still working on clearing out of my system and I still have a lot of emotional healing and recovery ahead of me. could chanel some of that through art projects. It has helped in the past, hadn’t thought about that really until just now. Thanks for letting me ramble and sort that out. As I’ve officially started my new job 2 weeks ago and had my first day of teaching today at my new uni, I think I’m getting better at combining my other talents beyond those that come with teaching and working with people to become a more creative, versatile teacher, colleague and professional, but also personally. But there’s always room to expand and explore more talent and connect the many different parts of them and not to have that private-professional split in that area.
    Interesting read about how that knee slide scene(s) was filmed. I still feel sorry for your knees when I see that scene, although it’s a beautiful sequence, my knees always feel sore during it. How do I shake off sympathy pains? 😀
    Sarah W. I hope you heal well. I had all four wisdom teeth pulled at one time several years ago and my problem post extraction was the pain killers that upset my stomach and did all sorts of nasty things to it which again impacted the healing of the wounds. I’ll spare you the details and hope that you are having a much better healing process.
    Love to everyone else, be well and be happy. I need some food, blood sugar is getting low.

  22. Abeth says:

    PAUL-Mmmhh-today may not be the best day for me to post my thoughts-I started my day with Murphy’s Law in trying to get the 3 girls out and about.
    Do I accept my talent? I danced until I was 24 and due to injuries-had to stop. I was very proud of that talent. My current talent is being able to have a family, work and enjoy some hobbies. I’m good at organizing and bringing up fresh new ideas into my marriage/raising the girls.
    Do I accept myself? This is a tough question-see-I’m bipolar-need I say more? I’m still learning to quiet my inner turmoil and fire.

  23. kelly says:

    Hey all!!
    I accept and embraces all of my talents (weather I want to admit I have them or not).
    I have the talent for overcoming ilness after illness and desiese after desiese. I AM STILL HERE!!!
    I have the talent to forgive and accept and not to judge.
    Ihave the talent to be open minded and talk about everything and anything my kids or their friends feel like talking about.
    BUT MOST OF ALL I embrase my talent to share love and spread love, and infect love onto others.
    It is what I am best at and what I am the proudest of. It’s one of the things that makes me… well, ME! My family (mom, dad, brothers, sister)msaid they didnt know how to love or to show love until I was born (I am the baby) I just hugged and kissed everyone every day all day they changed thier ways. Now you cant leave a room without everyone loving on everyone else!!
    Tom’s family was the same way, and now they have all changed. Sadly, I was present the first time Tom hugged his mom. Incredable I know, but true. It was 21 years ago. Tom is 42, all that time with no hugs. scary.
    We sold our house, Built a new one, moved in, getting settled, getting hydroseed on Friday (thats blown grass) and am enjoying Clay playing varsity football. Thats about it. Paige is beautiful, I am excersising and losing weight and am feeling good these days.
    Paul, you forgot to mention that the scene with you and Fran’s dad dancing, you had a fracture in your foot! Thats talent and commitment, now!
    I am glad your collesterol is down.
    yeah ok I STILL can’t spell…… adapt!!!
    love to all

  24. Cat says:

    Obviously, I had to think about this one for a while. 🙂
    My early life was spent waiting for the web.
    In school, I sang and acted. I was expected to go on in one of those fields, and I did spend some time on the road doing music. I also painted for a while. Problem was, I used those talents to express my utter misery at the time. They were an outlet for depression. As I got older and better, they became less important. Eventually, I walked away.
    Luckily for me, this was about the time of the birth of the web. I had always loved computers, and here was a creative outlet that was *not* about feeling awful. I was able to build things–things I thought were beautiful–and give them to the world.
    The web has been my constant companion ever since. More recently, I’ve started facing the challenges of working with freelance design clients (and except for Paul, that can be hard!), and building my portfolio. I’ve come back to the Blogathon, the one project where I really give back.
    So, yeah, I think I’m true to my talents. Finally.

  25. Marina says:

    Hi Paul,
    I am a huge fan of Dancing With The Stars, and am looking forward to watching you and the rest of the judges dance during the ‘TV Turns 50’ event. Are you able to mention who you will be dancing with?

  26. MaryS says:

    Thanks for the great insight on how you accomplished the slide. For all it was worth and how ever it was conducted, IT WORKED! The effect was so cool. But what really made it work was the fact that by that time in the movie, nobody needed convincing of your absolute talent as a dancer. As we are all now convinced of so many other talents you possess. You are a true renaissance man!

  27. GRANDMA MIL says:

    Cat, we’re so glad that you chose computers, otherwise would we all have had the opportunity to find Paul and share thoughts with him and others?
    I fondly remember the gang (9 of them) from PC that came to Florida in 2005 to meet Ellie and me and each other for the first time. “They came as strangers and left as friends..” (We are still in contact, privately.)
    That was all due to the fact that you had set up this website. THANK YOU again, and again…
    Kelly, so wonderful to learn about all the good things happening in your life! You should be commended for not giving up during those trying days. Clay may be a good football player, but YOU’RE THE CHAMP!
    Shalom and Love,
    Grandma Mil

  28. Elizabeth says:

    I wish I had a talent for confronting people instead of being passive aggressive. Am I a coward? I always think I’m going to clam up and stand there and look like a fool. If the confrontation was scripted I’d be right. Instead I think the other person is going to walk all over me. I know I have to get over it and “confront” my feelings but it is hard.

  29. Diane says:

    For years I have toiled at jobs for which I was well paid, but miserable. My talents and passions ignored for the sake of survival or whatever it is you label existance without the satisfaction of feeling as though your work is contributing to mankind. This last year, I had an epiphany. Now, some would be quick to label it a mid life crisis… but make no mistake. I was not in crisis, I was in enlightenment. I realized I needed something in my worklife that had always been absent. I have so much love and happiness inside me, and so much gratitude for the gifts that God has given me… I want, I need, I MUST find a way to give it back! And at last… I have! I quit my job, am taking a temporary job and going back to school to become a nurse. I want to care for others with as much tenderness, laughter, kindness and dignity as they need and deserve. I know this is what I was always meant to do. Why did it take me so long to realize it? I guess it will have to be chalked up to my spiritual gaze being held down while I kept my shoulder to the wheel instead of looking out for the horizon. Either way, I have my eyes firmly on it now.