Helpmann Awards

Just thought I would take a moment to brag. While I was away I was contacted by my Agent to tell me that I have been nominated for a Helpmann Award. I have been short listed with three other talented individuals for the award of “Best Choreography in a Musical” It is for the choreography I did for the musical Annie Get Your Gun last year.
The announcements are made Monday 8th August so I will let you know the outcome. I dont think I will get the gong as the amount of choreography in Annie Get Your Gun was minimal compared to the other three show and choreographers nominated but I am certainly choofed that someone thought so well of my work to nominate me.
If you want to check out the awards here is the link:

4 Responses to “Helpmann Awards”

  1. Evelyn says:

    Congratulations, Paul!!! This is indeed fantastic and well-deserved, even though you are way too humble about your talent and contributions! Getting recognition is always wonderful, but in your profession even more so, I think!

  2. abeth says:

    Hello PC Friends,
    Paul-Good things come to those who wait and worry. What a truly wonderful way for the entertainment field to show their appreciation of your talent and time. I certainly am partial to you winning this fantastic award. I’ll be checking out the site that you gave. It’s another thing to add to your scale of positive thinking and living your life so right-it takes away some of the negative thinking on the flip side of the scale.

  3. Leilani says:

    It sure is great to hear that you are being recognized for your talent. I remember how you really enjoyed choreographing ballets. I really liked your movement choreography in “I, Robot” also. Good luck!

  4. Tea says:

    Evelyn’s right. You’re too humble. What a great honor and I’m sure well deserved. {{{{I’m sending good positive vibes your way}}}}