How Lucky Am I

Today is my Daughters birthday. Well tomorrow here in Canada but today in Australia. Yes my one time baby – Elise – is now 14 years old!!
I am so very lucky with all of my children and also with my wonderful wife but for now – as it is Elise’s birthday I am going to speak of her.
She is tall and straight, with a cheeky glint in her eye
She is strong and dignified,
She speaks from the heart and embraces honesty
She is at once humble and grateful
but doesnt mind to express herself with the occassional tantrum
which are truly beautiful to behold
Her words are true
Her heart is big
Her cuddles are great
She is beautiful too
and smart
I am very proud of her
for she is a wonderful person whom I learn much from
and share much with
We have laughed and cried together
we have explored and grown
we share
we are journeymen of the best kind
for we are friends.
I love her deeply
and try very hard to let her go so she may grow
but it is not always easy – is it my sweet?
I am so lucky to have this time with her
and I thank the powers that be
and more importantly
you – Elise
for being the wonderful you
you be
Happy Birthday!!!!!

62 Responses to “How Lucky Am I”

  1. Angela says:

    Happy Birthday Elise. What a wonderful gift to have a father who is also a friend. The love of your family that you share with the world is also a wonderful gift. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Diane says:

    Happy Birthday, Elise!!! And many, many more.
    Paul, thanks for sharing your message to your daughter with us. It is so hard to let them go, even if it is little by little. Last night after my sons and I finished our shopping at the mall, we passed by the toy store they loved to visit as little boys. I reminded them of those days, whereupon I was shooshed by Jacob who said, “Hush, you’re in public.” They are playful and there are still flickers here and there of the babies I sang lullabies to, but they are fine young men now. Jacob will be 14 on Thursday. I still study him and his brother when they don’t think I’m watching as if to store as many moments in my memory bank as I possibly can.
    Hi, Angela. Welcome to the new folks from the last post. Evelyn, it’s great to read of your excitement. And yours too, Tim. Wonderful news! And Queen Mum, my continued prayers for your and yours.
    Goodnight to all my buds!

  3. Peter says:

    Paul, you are indeed lucky to be blessed with three wonderful children. Your children and wife are equally lucky to have a father who cherishes them all so much.
    Happy birthday Elise!

  4. Whitney says:

    Happy Birthday Elise!!! I hope you have a wonderful day. I imagine, with your dad away, you’ve had to be a bigger help with your little sisters. I’m sure your mother appreciates that. It’s clear that your dad totally adores you and I’m betting you’re a daddy’s girl (I am). How cool to come from a creative family that loves you!!!
    My birthday wish for you is a long, happy life filled with activity that you love. Stay focused on your goals and you can attain them (don’t let those boys distact you too much). From the description your dad gave (are you still blushing?) you sound like the sort of young lady who’ll be in big demand for fun get togethers with friends. I wish you oodles of faithful mates to go with your loving family. Cherish this moment Elise. 14 is way special.
    Love and peace,
    p.s. Good morning Queen Mum! I don’t know Mil. It just doesn’t have the warmth of Mama Mil or Auntie Mil, but if you prefer…

  5. Evelyn says:

    Happy Birthday to you, Elise!!! I hope you are having a wonderful day and many lovely surprises. You sound like an absolutely amazing young woman. I hope you will continue to be just that each and every day–YOU!
    And to the very proud Dad 🙂 you are indeed very lucky!!! and I hope your daughter will throw another birthday party for you in her honour when you are back home–okay that turned into a weird sentence structure …
    Love to all,

  6. Innussiq says:

    Happy Birthday Elise!
    Hello to all and everyone else have a happy day too.

  7. Kei says:

    Way to go kiddo! I wish you many more wonderful days ahead, and I know there will be many. From my heart to You and your family,Continue to be blessed! Paul These are the moments to be cherished forever.:-)
    Don’t forget to make a wish!
    Luv always:-)
    Hey Grand ma, I mean Queen Mum. It’s does have a certain ring to it! Mummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Ya know, I think Auntie Mil is cool too!
    Take care All!

  8. GRANDMA MIL says:

    Dearest Paul,
    What a lovely birthday tribute to your eldest, Elise! Your beautiful letter to her could easy be the one she will treasure not only on all her birthdays, but all those other special times of her life! A belated happy 14th birthday to her!
    I believe this year will be a very special one for you and your family, as you make your entrance in “The Full Monty”. I can hear the applause right now! (Maybe Tim and Peter will be there to lead, but so will Andrea and your daughters!)
    I have decided, by popular demand..(okay, by one or two people) to go back to being just plain Grandma Mil here on the Corner. It seems I have two princesses elsewhere who need my Queen counsel (yeah, yeah, in your dreams, Mil) once in awhile!
    Paul, you wrote so sweetly about Tara. Here is my secret…I wrote to her some time ago, (and she answered me) when I first started showing Strictly Ballroom in my film seminar. Would you believe that the first time was the evening of 9/11? Yes, I had been advertising it weeks in advance, not knowing what horror that day would bring.
    When the evening came, Ellie and I decided no one would come to the auditorium…however, people did drift in, very upset, but anxious to get away from the images on TV. The auditorium was filled to capacity!
    When the movie ended, with the falling of the red curtain, and the lights came on, the audience was on its feet,
    applauding and cheering with smiles on their faces for the first time that day!
    I was to show SB 5 times more in the next year, with the same response. Now you know why I have designated SB as my choice for best musical ever, and I have seen them all! That’s why your performance, and Tara’s too, influenced my repeating this story as the second anniversary of 9/11 arrives tomorrow. When someone asks, “Where were you on 9/11?” I can honestly say, at home most of the day, in tears, but in the evening, sharing some joy with a grieving but appreciative older audience.
    What you and Tara had done was perform a true “mitzvah” (a blessing) for us seniors! I want to thank you now, as I thanked Tara some time ago..I truly love you and her, and send best wishes for continued success in whatever you
    both do in the future.
    Your loving,
    Grandma Mil

  9. Tim Hord says:

    ELISE…HAPPY BIRTHDAY. YOU GO GIRL…14 IS HOT! But don’t tell your dad. We love women but men can’t love our daughters.. : )
    Your father is so very proud of you and he has always spoken so fondly of his family that his love of you all is visible even through the internet. You’re a very lucky young woman to have such great parents and in particular your father whom we’ve gotten to know better since he shares his life with us on this forum. Very lucky indeed.
    Paul..what can I say..they’re growing up on us fast. My oldest 12 and going on 13. AHHH the teenager. It can’t be..but it will. And you are so right you have to start letting them be the individuals they are without holding on too tight, but wanting to supply that ever present blanket for them to fall on all the time. And sometimes you just can’t. Now I think back and think of how hard is was for my dear mother. She sat back and watched me make some truly gruesome mistakes..but she still loved me and helped me through. When she looks down on me now she knows I’m trying hard to do the same as she did for me.
    Again…Happy birthday Elise. It’s your very special day.
    Uncle Tim

  10. Syntetika says:

    Happy year to Elise….
    I wish a very very happy birthday to her…
    and for yor family too Paul…
    and a Kiss to Elise…

  11. Syntetika says:

    Happy year to Elise….
    I wish a very very happy birthday to her…
    and for your family too, Paul…
    and a Special Kiss to Elise…:PPP

  12. Elise says:

    Hey all, Thankyou for all of your lovely birthday messages, they mean a lot to me:) Thankyou dad, i love you with all my heart and i always will. I don’t know what i could have done without you. All my love,
    P.S you made mum and me cry with your poem:'( and i did my piano exam! thanx for encouraging me to do it… luf u lise dise

  13. Kei says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh! I’m sooooooooooooooo happy for you Elise! You’ve got a great family! You guys are really special and blessed to have one another. We luv ya!
    smooches Kei 🙂
    Ps. I can fell the luv in this room! Ya hooooooo!:-)
    Good day pc family
    oh yes! Grandma!
    Thanks so much, sweetie, for all your help!Your are as gracious as a Queen!The loveable Grand ma Mil and we do luv ya! 🙂

  14. Katalina says:

    A very Happy Bday, Elise!!!
    (belated a day…but big grinnz sent your way)
    Katalina de Seattle

  15. julie says:

    Hello all,
    I was encouraged by Grandma Mil to come back to the corner. So here it goes…
    I shall say Happy Belated Birthday Elise.
    You don’t know me and I don’t know you.
    Yet I know you are a shining soul who has so many wonderful years ahead of you.
    Youth is a great gift, sometimes difficult
    but do your best each day with family, life, love, and whatever else you pursue.
    Enjoy each moment as they come and make best of everything you do.
    Remember to love yourself,
    and all good things will come to you.
    Take Care,
    Julie of Fort Lauderdale

  16. Paul says:

    Happy birthday to Jacob – 14 today!!!!!
    Welcome back Julie, well said too!!
    Welcome back Grandma Mil!!!! You may be Gracious as a Queen but nothing is as cuddley as a GrandMa!!

  17. Grandma Mil says:

    Oh, Paul, how you do go on, thank you, I would love to cuddle with you, but first I have to ask
    Ellie and I suggest you ask Andrea too…
    Your Elise is quite a sweetheart, and if she and your other daughters need a great-grandma, my services are free!
    I have been in contact with Julie, and hope to meet her in person next week! I think that will be a “second” for PC, for our Whit came to see us in March during the Follies…how lucky can we get!
    Love you all,
    Grandma Mil

  18. MQ says:

    God Bless Elise! Happy Birthday and Happy Everyday. Be true to yourself and love who you love.
    xox, MQ

  19. Diane says:

    Jacob was very pleased to receive your birthday wishes, Paul. You really brightened his day and he sends his thanks. Jacob has been asking to watch “Joseph” again, so maybe we’ll cuddle up and watch it this weekend.
    Hello, Julie from my hometown. I still have friends and some family in Ft. Lauderdale and other Broward cities, and the in-laws live in North Miami Beach. Our visits there are never long enough to visit everyone, but maybe we’ll do it differently and meet up with you and Grandma Mil next time we hit The Sunshine State.
    Millie, I agree with others that your warmth warrants the Grandma and Auntie titles; but there are some days when you just want people to bow before you. So here ya’ go
    m(_:_)m (… or something like that).
    Welcome to Carol and MQ. Fond greetings also to Peter, Evelyn, Tim, Innussiq and Whitney, Kei, Katalina, Angela and the rest of yuz. Things are stressful, but today was a very productive day, so I’m feeling a little calmer. Ommm. Ahhh.

  20. Grandma Mil says:

    Dear Diane,
    Please wish your Jacob a happy birthday from Grandma Mil! One of our grandsons in Israel is 14 also, and a “Jacob” too, but he is called “Yakov”…he is one of the nine children of our eldest daughter. We made reservations to see them this coming January, for it’s been 5 years since our last trip, but the situation in the world makes things very iffy. Our eldest granddaughter, (the eldest of the nine) is expecting her third child, so we will be great-grandparents again. We do have 2 daughters and 3 grandkids here in the states, so we manage to get and give those (((HUGS)))) aand xxxxxxxx’s.
    Speaking of hugs and kisses, hope you get in touch with us, Diane, when you visit Florida!
    We will have to batten down the hatches here in Florida…a big hurricane is churning around the Bahamas now, and is expected to be close to us next week. Maybe it will take a hike and leave the U.S. alone! (Where’s my flashlight???)
    Have a good weekend, everyone.
    Peace and love,
    Grandma Mil

  21. Grandma Mil says:

    …oh, and one more thing, Diane..if you’re still bowing, you’d better stop before you hurt yourself!
    La Queena Malka
    (aka Grandma Mil)

  22. Evelyn says:

    A happy belated birthday to Jacob as well. I hope you too had a wonderful day and allowed your Mum and everyone else to spoil you. Diane, I now remember your post a while back now where you talked about him and his birthday & am dutifully impressed with Paul’s memory.
    Diane I hope things will calm down for you and be less stressful.
    Hugs, love and kisses to everyone, new and old posters!

  23. Innussiq says:

    Happy Birthday to Jacob!
    Hello to all at the Corner! Diane,Evelyn, Katalina (evey time I think of you I wish I had a latte), Whit, Paul, and our Peter (missing of late)and Timmer.
    I have nothing more interesting to say then my hellos. Busy week, as usual. Went to a friends house to watch “Queer as Folk” it’s an ok show but I’m not into serial dramas muuch. I don’t watch much TV in general. Well, gotta run.
    Oh and hello to our Royal Highness, she of the many names, wonderful Millie!

  24. Innussiq says:

    Happy Birthday to Jacob!
    Hello to all at the Corner! Diane,Evelyn, Katalina (evey time I think of you I wish I had a latte), Whit, Paul, and our Peter (missing of late)and Timmer.
    I have nothing more interesting to say then my hellos. Busy week, as usual. Went to a friends house to watch “Queer as Folk” it’s an ok show but I’m not into serial dramas muuch. I don’t watch much TV in general. Well, gotta run.
    Oh and hello to our Royal Highness, she of the many names, wonderful Millie!
    (Duncan) ha ha

  25. Inn says:

    didn’t mean to do that twice. oopsie.

  26. Whitney says:

    Good morning to All. This is slightly off the subject and I hope it’s ok to post this address, but a visit to this site is a gift to everyone, especially women.
    They aren’t getting enough visits to fund free mamograms and we can do something about that because we are team PC.
    You’ll notice at the top of the page, links that take you to other great sites: the hunger site, child health, animal rescue and also a site where you can help save the rainforest. Just click a button and you feed a child, provide a mamogram or provide food for an animal.
    Please tell others about the breast cancer site. They really need visitors every day and it only takes a minute to press a button. I clicked it for Elise’ birthday. We need to eliminate this tragic disease pronto.
    Love and hope,

  27. Kei says:

    Hi All!
    I know we haven’t met formally ,but I’d like to wish you a Happy Birthday and many, many more.
    Thanks for the info Whit! I will visit the site. You can count on that! It is so important! Not to be just a spectator, but a voice! I wear my pink awareness pin for breast cancer while I am working. You’ll never know how it will effect you or how you can help.
    Take care everyone here at the corner.
    I’ve decided to follow in your footsteps. The corner is much warmer. Where else can I find a friend as sweet as you and many others.
    Luv ya Mil
    And a good laugh! 🙂

  28. Grandma Mil says:

    Good decision, Kei! You will not find a more caring, loving, and intelligent group of people on the Internet, all bound together through the love and admiration for our Paul.
    Paul indeed is one of a kind among celebrites, sharing his joys and sorrows while commenting positively about ours.
    I feel so fortunate to be part of this group, for everyone is following the adage, “be kind to your elders”. I simply adore “all the chickies in my pen” and I hope I am not a Royal pain in the you-know-where!
    HRH (Her Royal Highness) Grandma Mil

  29. deltalady says:

    Happy Birthday, Elise!
    Happy Birthday, Jacob!
    My “baby” will be 15 on the 20th of this month . . . all 5′ 10″ of him.
    Brian is smart and funny and is a video game whiz, and is also designing videogames of his own.
    And every time I see a dirty sock on the floor, I know in a few years when he’s out of the house,
    I will miss those dirty socks. And the Mt. Dew cans…and the empty Doritos bags… 😉
    Grandma Mil, what a beautiful story! SB is my emergency mood-alterer, and if it can give people a respite from
    the horror of 9-11, then it is truly a wonderful gift to us all.
    Whitney, thanks for mentioning the breastcancersite, and the rest. First thing I do at the pc is go to,
    and click away. Doesn’t take long, and helps good causes.
    Paul, I am so glad to see you so happy these last few posts! It’s good to have work you love, and great you were back
    home for a bit; I’ll bet it was a heck of a reunion.
    hugs for all,
    PS Uncle Tim???

  30. Sherrlyn says:

    Well, I’m just a bit tardy with the birthday wishes but I hope Elise and Jacob had a wonderful day with all the cake and ice cream and other goodies that make the day. XXX &((()))
    from me to both of you.
    Personally, I refuse to have a birthday unless cake and ice cream are featured attractions.
    I’ve spent almost every night late at the office keeping the bosses nose to the grindstone. We have corporate returns due monday and still lack 2 big ones being finished. Will work tomorrow but not Sunday, going to see my mom.
    Nephew made it home from San Diego last night.
    The Marines sent him home because they say he has asthma. I would rather he not have gone in the 1st place, but you can’t tell kids much if their mind is made up. Now he has to find a job and think about going back to school and actually attending class this time. 19 going on 20 and absolutely no direction in his life.
    Buzzer just went off on dryer, must go.
    Have a great weekend and welcome to all the newbies,
    Hugs to all

  31. Whitney says:

    Sherrlyn, your post brings out the amateur career counselor in me. I’m 40 going on 41 and I’m not sure what I want either. I always ask people what they did well naturally as a child and what they enjoy doing. At his age, the world is his oyster. Maybe you can help him remember what his dreams were and if he doesn’t have any, help him discover one that’ll motivate him to do what it takes to reach his goal. A trip to the library or a career counseling center would be a step in the right direction.
    Love to all my PC pals. And a special hug to Grandma Mil and Ellie.

  32. Carol says:

    Paul, I know that I can

  33. Peter says:

    Diane, here’s a wish to help you weather the storm: I hope all your days are sunny ones. It’s nice to hear that you are having some productive days and hopefully all is looking promising. Good luck.
    Stress is only temporary. Something will come along to break it.

  34. TIM HORD says:

    Hey all
    Sally I was just adopting Elise as a niece. That’s all. Uncle Tim here.
    Everyone sounds like they’re doing so well.
    Happy Birthday to you too Jacob. You’re at a gret age to make some incredible decisions. Don’t lose your conscience to your peers.
    Learn to stand up for yourself now and you will be undaunted in the future.
    love and peace to everyone.

  35. Julie says:

    Hello all,
    After recieving a nudge from Grandma Mil I return once again.
    I hope everyone had a good week-end. Personally for me I had an interesting and enlightening re-occuring revelation…
    My mother drives me nuts!
    It doesn’t mean that I don’t love her with all my heart for giving me life and the emotional support to persue my goals in life, but the bottom line, a woman’s worst nightmare will always be to turn into her mother. We will climb mount Everest, scrub the floor of the largest mall in the country with only a toothbrush, engage in public speaking to a crowd the size of the population of China, but to turn into our mothers, oh no, anything but that!
    Bright and early early seven o clock on Sat morning I woke up to the noise of clashing dishes and a faucet running. Walking into the kitchen I found my mother rearranging all my plates, moving around photos on the refrigerator, and rearranging every little kitchen appliance that I have on the kitchen counter. When I asked her what was going on she turned to me and said, “Marital problems start with an unorganized kitchen”.
    Granted ladies and gentleman I don’t have marital problems from what I know, but in the old school of the Italian Princess world it is really thought that a misplaced dish or not enough olive oil in the pasta will make him run into the arms of another woman. A fifty, fifty participation by both partners in doing house chores is considered in the IP world blasphamous.
    My husband, the saint that he is, sensed my anguish and offered to take my mother out shopping (he really should be cananized for such an act of sacrifice). On her return she purchased my three worse nightmares for my house…
    -A plastic tablecloth (especially ones with little teddy bears, apples, and all other tacky designs)
    -Do not touch towels (my worse nightmare as a kid if these towels could talk they would say something along the lines of “Don’t even think about touching me to save your life let alone dry your hands).
    -Something really really useless this time it was a Cuisine Art Mixer Max 2004 that can grind anything even cherry pits. My mother’s explanation, “How can you not need this”.
    Now still recovering form her visit, with table cloth and towels placed in the storage closet and the mix master in the department store bag ready to be returned, I am thinking of a thank you gift for my mother…
    somthing simple
    somthing functional
    somthing totally modern
    plain white Ralph Lauren bed sheets…
    her worse nightmare…
    luv you mom!

  36. Whitney says:

    I could think of some interesting things to do with that tablecloth and those hand towels, but you’d probably want to bury the results in the back yard. Mothers: can’t live without having one and can’t live with one. Thank God for grandmas.
    Good morning Mil and All.

  37. Julie says:

    Thanks Whit. This accumulation of “momm stuff” is also the reason why I have garage sales three times a year.
    Oh I noticed I did spell ‘something’ wrong in my typing furry. No pun intended.

  38. Kei says:

    Hello All at the conner!
    Seems like everyone is having so much fun. I wish I was having fun today. It seems as if everything is going wrong and my emotions are getting the best of me. I can’t seem to think straight because I keep crying ( stupid tears). For years my struggle has been great and I have been using my talents to be an outlet. Not working today. If I just had myself to worry about that would be ok , but I have a daughter to take care of as well. If any one would have told me that my life was going to be this way, I would have said, ” Are you crazy?”
    I know it’s just a bad day today. This too shall past! When? Where? HOw? I don’t know if I have any more songs left to sing, poems to write,…………… I’m feeling a book coming on. To embarrassed to write it though. Oh well. Who knows……..
    Grand ma
    I could use one of those lovable huggable squeezes that you have.
    I promise to return it!
    Take care to all of my pc family at the corner!
    Hugs to all of you.

  39. kei says:

    Sorry guys for being so blah today.
    Maybe tomorrow I’ll be happy enough to tell a joke!

  40. Grandma Mil says:

    Dear Kei,
    I’m sending you plenty of ((((((((HUGS)))))))and some kisses to boot…can you feel them?
    “After all, tomorrow is another day” (thanks, Scarlett) and hope tomorrow’s songs and poems will once again flow…perhaps you will share them with us. How old is your daughter? I’ll bet that if she is old enough, she too loves to express herself.
    Julie, Moms just love being Moms, no matter how old they are and no matter how old the “kids” are. Just send her a thank you, and place her gifts in storage. Maybe some day you’ll pull them out, and perhaps they will suddenly seem relevant after all!
    Grandma Mil

  41. Julie says:

    Thanks for the advice Grandma Mil.
    Advice for Kei…
    I am not a mother (except if you consider a Greyhound who will only eat steak and eggs and a cat who has made my patio into a lizard morge children) but when I feel like it’s really pouring down, when bad things can’t seem to stop and looking up to see if a piano is going to fall on my head next, I will always remember the movie Happy Gilmore. Go to you happy place in your mind. Create a mental picture of everything you desire or wish to have. Picture yourself driving a red sports car speeding around a mountain in the Italian Alps on your way to meet with that sophisticated European with a sexy accent and…ahem, well you get the idea.
    We can’t control everything in life but at least we have our imagination.

  42. Whitney says:

    Write Kei, write!!!

  43. Evelyn says:

    Hello everyone, I just thought to say hello to you from my classroom. I’m “teaching” right now but don’t have much to do, as my students are doing some peer editing on their essays right now and they are doing a great job!!! Good for them! 🙂 So first hour of three tonight is easy on me, but two more to go after this and lots to get through, but this is my favorite class, they have a great sense of humor and they have the most positive energy.
    Okay, got to go, student seems to have a question ….
    A happy hello to all!

  44. Mercedes says:

    Happy belated birthday Elise ( I have had no computer for the past 5 days ugh) Have fun being 14 is a fun and interesting year so many changes but from the sound of it, all good changes ;-]
    Momma Mil- Hope everything is ok your way, I know hurricane Isabel is about to hit east coast. How far are you from the coast? or do you get the aftermath? seems strange to give such a violent storm such a pretty name.
    Paul- When are you coming home? It seems like you have been in Canada for ever.
    Hi to all, Kei ( your enthusiasm is contagious :-] ) have a great night/day.

  45. Grandma Mil says:

    Mercedes, thank you for your concern about us and the hurricane. Right now, (Tuesday morn) the hurricane is predicted to be more of a threat to the areas north, like the Carolina coasts, and northward, right up to New Jersey, so Florida is spared for now…I pray that everyone will be safe…maybe the storm will peeter out and just LEAVE!
    Julie, hope to see you soon!
    Good Morning, dear Whit!!

  46. Whitney says:

    Good morning dear Mil. I’m more than pleased to see that the hurricane is scheduled to miss you. I think it’s going to just die-out in the ocean as you hope.
    Paul, when they start promoting “I Robot”, I think you would be a great guest on the David Letterman show. He’s gotten nicer since his heart attack and you have so much to talk about. Interest in Australia seems to be at an all time high here in the states. And can you believe it? Hugh Jackman’s doing a musical where, I believe, he plays a famous Australian dancer (I could be wrong). Who’s his agent? That sounds like a role written just for you. Well, there’s a reason for everything. Time will reveal your path to continued success. We’re in your corner Paul, literally!
    Love to all of my PC pals,

  47. Grandma Mil says:

    Dearest Whit,
    Yes, whenever I hear Australia mentioned, I feel my senses become keener, and my pulse rate rises!
    Hugh Jackman is currently in rehearsal for the Broadway musical, “The Man from Oz” which is the story of the life and music of Peter Allen, who was Aussie, briefly married to Liza Minnelli, and died from AIDS. What a loss. I especially love his “Everything Old is New Again” which might refer to me and Ellie on a good day! He wrote and sang tons of stuff.
    In the movie, “All That Jazz” (which I hated) the dancer Ann Reinking and a teenager dance to “Everything Old Is New Again” and it is absolutely charming. I put that scene into my video concert tape for October, Whit.
    I predict that “The Man From Oz” will be a big hit on Broadway, and “The Full Monty” will be a big hit in Australia!
    Have a great day!
    The Broadway musical will be a smash, and you heard it here!
    Have a great day!
    Grandma Mil

  48. Evelyn says:

    Dear Kei,
    I hope you are feeling better and less worried today. We all have days like that and even though I find it incredibly difficult not to succumb to the panic and fear I tend to experience on those days, I’m trying to just let that day be with its worries and fears and sit through it rather than trying to fight it and run from it and lately I’ve learned to find more inner calm in that emotional turmoil and that I can be compassionate with myself and love myself through. I also do a lot of mentall travelling to beautiful, calm and serene places, just like Julie suggested and that me helps, too, especially to take the stress out.
    Okay, got to run again, morning class.
    Hello to everyone and Inn, I like your hello messages. Thank you for your good wishes for a happy day and thus a happy and bright day to each and everyone who comes here.

  49. Katalina says:

    Hi Inn…lifting latte and nibbling (virtual sharing) a little square of pumpkin spiced bread…mmmmm Fall…………and yes it’s raining. A lovely cleansing cool, traffic congesting 90 minute commute drive (try to zen away all the crazy divers)kinda rain…hahaha. Hmmm.
    Hi Kei…hugz and warm wishes for a better today and tomorrow…
    (yes..”this too shall pass” goes the old saying…and it’s true. Hold onto hope. Things will be looking up soon.)
    A hug to you and a hug for your daughter. 🙂
    Hi to Whitney and hi to Evelyn!!!
    Warm wishes from Latteland
    and Katalina

  50. Peter says:

    G’day all.
    I’ve finally decided to write my book. I don’t know yet whether I’ll bother to try for publication, but I WILL write it. There are potentially a good many who could benefit from it, in several different ways.
    I’ve thought long and hard and I can’t imagine that it would be to anybody’s deficit.
    Katalina, a 90 minute drive?!!! YUK

  51. Katalina says:

    Hey Peter!
    Yep yep yep…normally a 25-40 minute drive, depending on traffic (heavy vs light)…today took 90 minutes…hence the Ommmming or zenning or attempting to “find the happy place” grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…”REALLY find that HAPPY place!!” grrrrrrrowl, gritting teeth (as another driver crazily cuts us off and then suddenly slows down in front of us – in the rain! oh ye! BRING IT! eeegaaaaaads – turn up the Celtic Harp music and time to Breathein Breatheout)…lol
    you’d THINK ppl would get a clue (LOL)…yessssssssssss. We live in SEATTLE. Land of Rain. so…why can’t we all learn to DRIVE in it properly????????????????????? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm? LOLOL. *sigh……plopping head down on desk.*
    Go figure.
    BTW: i haven’t gone back in posts for quite some time…what kind of book are you going to try and write, if i may ask? i think it’s great you have a desire to do that! Wishing you luck and inspiration all the way!

  52. Katalina says:

    I know in the grand scale of things..traffic issues would be considered a blessing compared to other more serious or sad difficulties or troubles in life. But – just for fun,
    what are some interesting/pet peeves or ridiculously funny or bizarre things ppl have seen others do in traffic? Anyone, anyone?
    I have seen some ppl putting on makeup…lol (yes it does happen sometimes…still)
    And…the person talking to themself or singing to the radio…
    or digging for gold in the mysterious sinus region..Yik blech auuurrrgh!…lol
    In terms of scary stuff…I once saw this person bend down to pick something they dropped on the floor while on a freeway…OMG. Yikes…so for a minute it looked like there was no driver…but omg….what if the person in front of them had to stop suddenly? that would have been really BAD!
    Any others?
    Rainfrazzled/Fall Bedazzled,

  53. Innussiq says:

    Hi Kat!! Ah, the morning commute. It takes me about five minutes to get to work. I have seen people do paperwork in the car, of course there is the typical phone call. My husband can tell you stories..he drives truck and he has seen some stuff. It freaks me out.
    I’d like to have a latte. I’m feeling a bit under the weather tonight so I’m hoping to get a few extra zs. The district manager is coming tomorrow. I always feel like I’m not prepared, if I feel sick tomorrow it will be worse. Well, I’m hopeful.
    Hello to all the PC gang!

  54. Evelyn says:

    Peter, I’m looking forward to your book, you already know that I want to read it … 🙂
    Hello Katalina, … what you described re. someone digging around in their car while they are supposed to be driving and almost hitting the car in front of them, well, that almost happened to me today on my way home—no I wasn’t the one digging around in the car, the gal behind me was and I watched her and it p***** me *** because she almost hit me and there was little I could do about it, let’s just say it was close and I have one more reasons why I don’t like SUVs. I happen to be very fond of my car and don’t want it smashed up or scratched by an inattentive driver–“Minnesota nice” does most certainly not apply to driving anywhere around here.
    Inn, I envy you, only 5 minutes to work … I dislike rush hour driving. I also hope you feel better soon and all will go well with the district manager tomorrow.
    Hello to everyone in the Corner!

  55. Dalia says:

    This is my first time writing in this kind of forum. I came across this website doing research on actors that I haven’t seen in a long time and that they have made a big impression on me and the kind of work I’m in. I have never seen a website where the actor took the time to write back. Which leaves me with the hope that not everyone is cold and untouchable. You write with passion. I wonder if you ever thought about writing a screen play?
    As for the poem you wrote for your Elise, it reminded me of a song from the band “Live” called Heaven. Some of the words go like this:
    I don’t need no one to tell me about Heaven.
    I look at my daughter and I believe.
    I don’t need no proof to when it comes to God and truth.
    I can see the sunset and I perceive
    But if you listen to the song, the words sound better when they sing it.

  56. Peter says:

    Katalina, the book will focus on various events throughout my life. The central theme is adoption, however there are a number of additional aspects of the story which could be seen as slightly unusual, such as my recent, unplanned memory regressions, which have unexpectedly happened during various kinds of holistic therapy and counselling sessions, where I vividly recall some events whilst I was still in-utero, and even before that. Yep, I bet it’s starting to sound a little weird, huh?!!
    Originally, I had thought of focussing strongly on the less than reasonable actions of my birth mother, however, I no longer have any desire or interest to do this. I guess we all feel a little bruised when we’re kicked hard enough and repeatedly, and perhaps it’s only human to feel some anger, hurt, or at the least moral condemnation of those actions.
    The book will now focus more on my spiritual journey throughout this physical existence, with focus on the memories of various significant events throughout that journey.
    It is because this story may be seen by many with disbelief, that I will need to structure it very carefully and tell it very well.
    The one thing that anchors my story to any measure of credibility is that my nature is to be quite pragmatic, with no pre-existing beliefs, illusions or opinions, particularly relating to the spiritual or metaphysical.
    It may well turn out that I will never attempt to have the story published, but I nonetheless feel compelled to chronicle it in some way.
    Each time I start to explain this situation, I feel that my credibility starts to rapidly dissolve. Perhaps it’s a matter of finding the right audience.
    I’m certain that I have some messages to tell others.
    Have an extra latte for me!

  57. Paul says:

    Gidday Dalia, and thank you for visiting and also contributing to our days here at PC land. Look forward to hearing more from you.
    Peter if we arent the right audience here and now then I wonder who is? But mate – who cares!!! It is your story!!! Dont write it for me or Grandma or Whit or Tim or Evelyn or Inn or Diane or ….the list goes on as we all know so I will leave it there but everyone here is included…. write it for you! It is not a matter of finding the right audience, it seems to me to be a matter of you believing the story yourself – of having faith in your story. Just tell it as it is, warts and all. An attempt to make it seem credible suggests that it is not in the first place.
    I do not act or dance for the critics, I do it for me.

  58. michelle says:

    hey paul my name is michelle i am a big fan of your and i have a question to ask you do you listen to music like beyonce knowles sean paul 50 cent or christina aguilara.

  59. Peter says:

    Paul, thanks for your comments. It may not immediately appear so, but I am in complete agreeance with what you say. The truth is, I don’t give a rat’s what others will think, not really. Perhaps the reason for being so cautious, as in my explanation to Katalina, is that it’s impossible to relate the story in a short description. I try to briefly explain what it’s about, but the meaning cannot come through in just a few words. The final text will hopefully contain meaning for both myself and for others. If it helps just one person, then I will have succeeded. I’m completely confident that it will be good for me.
    When all the details of the story are known, and it’s all in context, it makes perfect sense.
    Having said this, I’m not really sure where this remaining doubt comes from. I think it will very quickly dissipate, once the writing gets underway. I have no doubts as to the validilty of my experiences, or indeed to my own sanity. I guess I just like to joke about it, because it’s not “mainstream”.
    Your pont is strong and undeniable.
    If I can take your passion and skill for dance as a role model, then I’m pointed towards success.
    I will do this. I will do it for myself and for others. Perhaps it can touch someone in a meaningful way, just as your performances have touched so many.
    Thanks for the support.
    You’re a good bloke and you are genuinely appreciated.
    Cheers mate.

  60. kei says:

    Thank you sooooo much Grandma Mil, Julie, Evelyn, and Whit!
    I am really greatful for your support! Things are a little better today.
    Grandma, my daughter is 8 yrs old. She’s been a big help too. Those big brown eyes just warms a soul. She told me that she wants to be an actress or an artist. She has even memorized the entire movie of The Lord of the Rings 1&2! Then for fun she goes through the movies and pick out all the mistakes the editor missed. To her that’s fun. Boy do I love her. She is truly a blessing to me.
    I have decided to take the given advice……I will write,……….and sing…………………..etc. Life maybe yruly what you make it, but at that time in my life it all came to a head. I felt like going out side and giving a big micheal jackson yell as loud as I could. Would that have worked. don’t know maybe I’ll try it some day. Although I think my neighbors might think , ok, she’s finally lost it! I think it’s ok to lose it every now and agin, as long as you don’t hurt any one or lose it all together.
    Life is too precious to waist it feeling down and all it has to offer is at your door step if you would only take the leap.( Jumping!) Feels good.
    When all is said and done, now that the frustration is out and the tears are gone, I can truly see clearly now. What’s really important. Moving on and never giving up. All things are possible to them that believe. I’m believing!
    Love to all my pc family and the new ones.
    Here’s that joke I promised!
    Picture it!
    There was this man who had been traveling on this long stretch of road for days. Hungry, thirsty, and extremely tired he manages to drag himself along the dusty road.
    Well, on his way to the nearest town he come across a mysterious traveler riding on a black horse and another white horse trotting by his side. The mysterious man yells, ” You there, would you like a horse to make your journey shorter?” The man responds,
    ” I don’t have any money and haven’t eaten or drank any thing in three days, how do you expect me to buy a horse?” The mysterious rider replies,” uhmmm……tell you what I’ll do…………I’ll let you have this horse, but I need to tell you how to ride em.” “In order to ride this horse you need to say hallelujah for it to move and when you want him to stop, simply say, praise the lord. OK!” “oK”,replied the man. He hops up on the white horse and says , “hallelujah” and the horse begins to move. The next time he says it twice. “hallelujah,hallelujah” The horse begins to move faster. While on his way to the nearest town, the man falls asleep on the horse. Meanwhile, the horse is still moving and suddently coming upon this huge cliff that dropps thousands of feet to this small river. Just before the horse reaches the edge, the man wakes up and yells, ” praise the lord! praise the lord! praise the lord!” The horse stops right at the edge of the cliff, so close the man could see the rocks falling down the cliff. Then he let’s out a sigh of relief, “wooo! Hallelujah!”
    Well, you know what’s next!:-)
    Hope you’ve enjoyed it!
    Have A Great Day to all!:-)

  61. Katalina says:

    Peter: thx so much for sharing the book info.
    I happen to agree that it’s impt just to get the story out “warts and all” as Paul encouraged.
    That’s so awesome that you are motivated to do it!You have a great attitude especially focusing on the things you’ve overcome and how your journey has shaped you..bruises along the way and all. Isn’t that kinda true for all of us?
    Regression sounds very interesting…I’ve been interested in perhaps exploring this myself..but have felt a bit hesitant.
    I don’t think your subject matter sounds weird or strange. Some may feel that way, but it shouldn’t matter. This is your journey, your exploration and your story. It’s going to be full of wonder! We all live amazing lives – if we have a sense of adventure, I think!
    Hugz a latte,

  62. Peter says:

    Just to set the record straight – It WAS NOT regression therapy that I underwent. These memories, or visions came to me under a few different circumstances, but generally unexpectedly.
    We tried hypnosis once, but found that I would suddenly snap out of it, with a vigorous physical jolt, just as I started to go under. I seem to reject external control. Its much the same with barbiturate type pain medication.
    I have no experience with actual planned regression therapy.
    And yep, you’re quite right about warts and all, in fact, much of the story is about the warty bits, it’s just that I don’t want to present it with warts on it!
    Oh, BTW, there are lots of good bits too!