Paul at DeBortoli’s

Paul Mercurio and Bob (from De Bortoli), cooking up a storm at our Hunter Valley vineyard




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  1. GRANDMA MIL says:

    Wonderful, Paul; reminds me of scenes from Food Network here in the states…you’ve come a long way from “Strictly Ballroom”; now it’s Strictlly Cooking..after all, you put your dance shoes away for a chef’s apron…

    “Toi, toi, toi”…from the opera world, meaning good luck, good fortune…Tara taught me that!

    Shalom and love,

    Grandma Mil

  2. Evelyn says:

    What were you cooking that day? Looks healthy and yummy in any case. I need to eat something, but I”m almost too tired to make something after the half-marathon race this morning. This was a really tough one because of the weather, hot and humid and it had not been hot and humid at all this year, so no training in these conditions, i.e. I’m extra proud of myself right now. What’s a good post race meal? Pre-race: lots of pasta the night before, did that, it helped. How come no-one talks about post race recovery meals that counter sore muscles? 😀

  3. Melody says:

    Congratulations on this opportunity, Paul. So good to see you get this wonderful exposure and notice!!

    I like that, Grandma Mil–Strictly Cooking–paraphrasing a previous post, “food choreography”.

    Evelyn–I can only imagine St. Louis considering how hot and humid we were in Chicago yesterday. We had 40s last week and it just shot up past 80! Today we’re more normal for April–50-60 degreed. Congratulations on your race!

  4. Evelyn says:

    Melody, thanks! it was almost mid 70s and super humid (dew point at 60) at 7 am when I finished it was 88 F. I found out later that they actually closed the marathon course 2 hours into the race because it was just too dangerous to run for that long. I’ve never seen so many people drop out off a race, and also not this early into the race. and towards the end people collapsed, ambulances pulling up on the race route to treat people and take them to hospitals etc. very weird experience as you keep convincing yourself that you can finish this while also telling yourself to back off and not push so hard.
    Oh and on post race recovery food: I had the same as I did before the race b/c I had so many left overs and my pasta sauce was so yummy, compared to last year I’m not stiff and can move normally and only have a few sore muscles. Or perhaps I did better training, who knows. I was half tempted to go run today … 😛

  5. Grandma Mil says:

    Oye, vey, Evelyn, summer is almost here; go to an airconditioned gym and work out; heat exhaustion can be very dangerous!!! Here in Florida the old folks stay indoors during the day, or go to the air-conditioned malls and walk around for exercise…don’t have to spend any money…

    Melody, that advertisement for the Spanish Dance show is just splendid! Will that be one of your shows??

    Shalom and love,

    Grandma Mil

  6. Melody says:

    Bravo, Evelyn–whether it be the training or food, you did it! I hope those that had to stop or were overspent will be all right. Sounds like they had a good medical care plan in place.

    Grandma Mil, that announcement you saw is for a benefit we’re participating in on May 7. It should be a lovely concert and it’s something to look forward to. We started planning it last year–cannot believe that a year has flown this quickly! We will also participate in a concert on July 23 at Chicago’s Mayne Stage which is an upcoming venue on the north side. It will be a collaboration with other instructors and students of Chicago’s Flamenco community.

    We’re almost at weekend, so wishing a good one to Paul and PCs!

  7. Paul says:

    I was cooking a Beef Pho Soup – which is a famous and traditional Vietnamese soup.

    Congrats on the running and surviving the race – I take my running shoes off to you! In fact they are only walking shoes as I cannot run – it hurts too much!

  8. Tariah says:

    What is hurting too much Paul?

  9. Paul says:

    My lower back and my knees – I am too old and possibly too fat to start running! lol

    I enjoy walking, Andrea and I will usually do a 40 minute walk every day when I am home, unfortunately when I am on the road filming it is too hard (read as: I am not prepared to make the sacrifice of getting up at 5 am in a strange and far away place to go for a walk for one hour before shooting an 8 – 12 hour day) Depending on where I am staying I will go for a walk if it is a walk friendly place. When I walk I can think and contemplate life – in the past when I have tried running I found I was too busy concentrating on running and trying to not feel the pain that I couldnt think or just observe the world pass me by.

    I do like the gym but due to finances havent been for a couple of years how ever I will be going next week and cant wait!!

  10. Evelyn says:

    Beef Pho Soup, have eaten it, never made it myself, but love it, I probably have a recipe for it though.

    If you have back and knee problems, running is not a good thing, but no one really is too old to start running … usually that is an excuse! You just have to do it at a pace that’s appropriate for your age and body ability, weather etc.–and it’s great for weight loss or maintaining weight too, and for me also ‘mental health’. I do a lot of thinking and contemplating and even meditating while running, esp. the on long runs and I love the fact that you can run everywhere and don’t need a gym, although I do go to the gym as well. Walking is basically the same thing, just lower impact 🙂

    I was going to go run today, but I indulged in extra sleep (needed that big time!) and now I’m going to indulge into therapeutic cleaning and celebrating some more with a dear friend of mine who successfully defended his dissertation yesterday.

  11. Tariah says:

    Hey Paul, this might be an answer for a busy person; Every morning before I emerge I do a set of yoga asanas, takes 10 mins. Covers all parts of the body and I bet you don’t know too many 71 year olds who can do a head stand and stretch out on the floor and touch their forehead between their knees n the floor.

    Have been doing this and walking for 35 years. I move like a teenager have mosty dark brown hair and when I’m asked my age they say no way! Not showing of (weeel maybe just a little) just want you to know how it can be. gET SOMEONE TO SHOW YOU A FEW SIMPLE

  12. Tariah says:

    Hey wa happen? I was correcting and it all disappeared. A few simple yoga and pilates moves and just do the ones you enjoy. I love a good stretch. It doesn’t have to be a chore like drag. You can also do stretches while watching tele. Paul, you will be amazed how such a little can yield so much.

  13. Paul says:

    Hey Tariah – if there is something I dislike more than running it is Yoga! Ha – difficult arent I? I have done a few different styles of yoga over the years but only ever one or two classes etc I just find it mind numbingly slow not to mention physically torturous!!

    Each to there own and walking is for me as is Tai Ji – I do do push ups and sit ups whilst watching TV in my hotel room and do a bit of a stretch also so I am not a completely lost cause.

    I will do a web search on the yago style you mention and have alook at it.

    For now though it is an absolutely glorious day outside so my lovely wife and I are going for a walk along the beach.

  14. Evelyn says:

    envious about the beach … why do I always end up in land-locked places? I hear the ocean calling me yet I’ve so far not managed to live there. I do like yoga too, but I’m not at the level of doing a headstand yet. Today is a cool, crisp sunny day here, quite nice. Last Sunday’s weather was a fluke …

  15. sophie cole says:

    hi paul,

    just been watching your show on telly.

    loved the beef pho soup! yum, fresh, delicious looking and ….easy:).

    but not quick enough to write the recipe down as you were doing it.

    also, give Bikram Yoga a go:). now there’s a challenge.

    always enjoy seeing you cook.

    regards, sophie

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