Paul in Kenya

Lipton’s YouTube channel has posted twelve videos of Paul in Kenya! Unfortunately, I can’t embed them here, but you can go watch on YouTube!

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  1. kelly haggard says:

    They were pretty cool! The lady showing Paul around was a tough crowd! She needs a better sence of humor! haha Thanks for posting them. Pretty countryside atmosphere.

  2. Lz says:

    The lady knew the operations well and was serious about taking care of the land. Kelly you must have missed the slurping part with the lady and Paul. Thanks for the great videos.

  3. kelly says:

    Liz, That is the only time I saw a scence of humor was the slurping scene.
    Pretty cool operation though.

  4. Melody says:

    Wow–will check these later when I’m back home (again, no sound here at work!). My mother always bought LIpton Tea, and we had tea for dinner every evening–she made it very strong, no milk or sugar, as well as no lemon. I still drink tea totally black as I can’t abide sweet lemony tea or tea with milk. (Yes, that means Chai, too!)

    Anyway, next to Lipton, I also like darjeeling.

    OH–she did make a lemon/honey tea when we had sore throats–otherwise it was her black strong Lipton!

  5. Lz says:

    I like black tea also, Melody. When you are at home, check out the video where Paul almost loses tea to a monkey. Note on the right side of the screen look at fence and tree stump, the monkey sneaked back in and was on the video the entire time.

  6. Evelyn says:

    I so totally didn’t see the monkey the first time! It is sooooo adorable!!!! too bad it didn’t have the guts to come attempt to claim the tea again 🙂 that could have been very fun & funny to watch!

  7. Liz says:

    I think it is trying to plot to get Paul’s tea. So clever and cute.

  8. Irene Njeri says:

    Jambo, NI ATIA? Hope you still remember this===when you were in Kenya.
    Paul, i was over the moon to see you explore my home country. I have always watched your cooking shows but to watch you cook with my brothers and sisters, damn i was very impressed. Currently, i am in Melbourne and i am now homesick to enjoying a cold Tusker Baridi with ugali and nyama choma. Thank you, that was pretty cool.

    Ahsante Sana


  9. narelle says:

    hi paul i have just started tuning into your program i love it and the kanya one i just watched was good i was going to enter my recipe into the competition but cant find where to do that can anyone help me thanks and i hope your show goes a long way i will be supporting it narelle

  10. Lucio Bellomo says:

    Hi, can anyone tell me the name of the brewery Paul visited in Nairobi, kenya? I watched the program on the 4th of June but could not catch the name of the brewery. I am in Nairobi at the moment and would love to visit it.

    thanks in advance

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